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Friday, October 21, 2016

Year without Eugene Menshov

A year ago, became Eugene Menshov. The man who always came to us on 1 January. Well, right after Santa Claus — the watch has passed, the watch has taken. Evgeniy Menshov together with angelina Vovk were “Song of the year” for almost 20 years.

Evgeniy Menshov with Vyacheslav Tikhonov in a film “Adventure” in a role of the captain of the ship.

It was probably his best role. Because despite all the scenarios, there on stage, he was still the Director himself. Built mise-EN-scenes, improvised, sang… Yes, he sang beautifully, sang.

He personified the Song. Exactly, no exaggeration. Along with angelina “gone” in 2007 — and the Songs did not.

He was a very good school. Gorky theatre school, Studio School of the Moscow art theatre, actor of Theatre of a name of Gogol. And in the movie played a lot, dozens of roles. Maybe not the biggest, loud, but always memorable. Know what the first part? “The dawns here are quiet…”, 72nd year, tourist, almost wordless. Well, remembered? And immediately the image of the character. Only a few seconds on the screen.

Had a son Alexander. And wife such a beautiful wife. All the Actresses. First, Natalia Seliverstova, he spent 18 years. With the second, Larisa Borushko, deceased, also 18. TV presenter Olga Formidable, the latter the wife of Eugene Menshov. They have lived together for 8 years. Managed to survive…

People’s artist of Russia. Truly national. Because it was waiting for. Loved. And untimely death it was seen as their own grief.

The bright memory.

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