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Friday, March 16, 2018

Turkey demands an answer for the downed fighter and the death of Erdogan

The Prosecutor’s office of Turkey remembered the incident 20 years ago and demanded two life sentences for the Greek pilot Thanos Grivas, who is suspected in the destruction in 1996 of a Turkish F-16 over the Aegean sea. Then killed a Turkish pilot nail Erdogan. Ankara expects that Athens will be given your pilot after a trial in absentia in Turkey.

The Turkish Prosecutor’s office demanded two life sentences for the Greek pilot Thanos Grivas, whom she blames that in 1996 shot down a Turkish fighter F-16 in the skies over the Aegean sea. According to information TASS, the accident occurred on the arrest Grivas Greek authorities. In particular, based on the agreement on cooperation in legal matters. Name Grivas is also planned to bring in the most wanted list of Interpol. The trial of Grivas in absentia will be held in Turkey.

“Double standards in the statements and actions of Turkey are obvious. The Turks are not accidentally initiated this business ten years later”

Earlier, the Turkish Prosecutor’s office has provided the General staff studied the case and concluded that Grivas could be prosecuted for “premeditated murder”, “the actions aimed at weakening the sovereignty of the state” and “destruction of public property.”

Greek media reported that Ankara has sent to the Areopagus (the Supreme court in Athens) a letter with a request to initiate a lawsuit on punishment of the pilot, and restitution in the amount of one million euros. However, Greece does not recognize the fact of deliberate destruction of the Turkish aircraft. According to the version of Athens, a Turkish pilot reported that he lost control and leaves the plane. Therefore, the request of Ankara is unlikely to be accepted for consideration and will probably be left without satisfaction of the requirements of the Turkish prosecutors.

The Victim “Victorious”

In October 1996, in protest against the Greek Cypriot “Nikiforos” exercise (“Victorious”) to four Turkish bomber F-4 “Phantom” accompanied by two F-16 fighter aircraft crossed Greek airspace between the Islands of Chios and Samos. On the interception were raised two Greek military aircraft “Mirage 2000”. After the rendezvous with the aircraft of the Turkish air force, the Greeks began to recognize and intercept targets, not releasing any missiles. Such “battles” frequently occur in the area of the Aegean sea, but does not end in a shootout or strikes the aircraft.

After a hard evasive maneuver, one of the Turkish fighters lost control and crashed into the sea.

In that incident, killed a Turkish pilot nail erdoğan, the co-pilot Osman cicekli (in some media mention it as Cicekli) managed to eject. Erdogan and place of the fall of the F-16 was never found. The second pilot was picked up at sea in a zone of air responsibility of Greece, which is evidence of violation by the Turks of Greek airspace. According to the testimony cicekli, on the aircraft the missile was fired in international airspace without any preconditions during simulation of air combat between aircraft of the two countries.

“Take vengeance on the Greeks”

Ankara initiated a sham investigation into the incident a decade ago in order to get back at the Greeks for the downed themselves as Turks Russian plane over Syria, says the Director of the research center “the middle East – the Caucasus, Turkey specialist Stanislav Tarasov.

“Turkish military very often violate the airspace of Greece in the Aegean sea. Sometimes this happens several times a day. There are in addition to the aggressive intentions of Turkey and objective reasons. The fact that there is no clear dividing line between these countries. There are disputed territories that believe its Athens, Ankara – its. On the other hand, they both are part of the NATO military bloc,” – said the analyst.

The source noted that the incident of 1996 was the exception to the rule. “Usually the vagrants of the Turkish aircraft in the airspace of Greece is not ended, the parties were limited to the warnings. In many ways, the Turks initiated the proceeding for the domestic situation. The Turks to live can not without incident,” – said the expert.

According to the analyst, the requirement of a life term for the Greek pilot for the incident ten years ago is associated not only with the downed Russian bomber, but with increasing criticism of NATO in Turkey. “Double standards in the statements and actions of Turkey are obvious. The Turks are not accidentally initiated this case after ten years. They shot down our plane over the territory of Syria and say they are not going to conduct any investigation, but suddenly remembered the incident just as much as 1996. In short, the Turks take vengeance on the Greeks,” – said Tarasov.

Erdogan “gone too far”

Chief editor of the magazine “Problems of national strategy” the Russian Institute of strategic studies (RISS), a political analyst Azhdar Kurtov said in comments the newspaper VIEW that this time Erdogan “overdone”.

“The Turkish leader in recent times makes a huge amount of very strange, sometimes absurd statements. These statements somewhere else can be understood from the point of view of propaganda, but if we talk about objective analysis – they do not stand up to scrutiny. To give just one example. Recently, Erdogan said that the Black sea is an inland lake of Russia. But one need only look at the world map and see the coastline, to understand how absurd these statements,” – said the expert.

The interviewee sees the main motive of initiation of the criminal case in the growth of pseudo-Patriotic sentiments. “Erdogan is trying to divert the attention of the Turkish population from the main and important problems of the country. He tries to show himself as the leader of the nation. The fact that his statements on Greek aircraft does not correlate with the incident with the Russian bombers he no longer cares about. Moreover, in the EU and NATO countries, including Greece, increased criticism of Erdogan,” concluded Kurtov.

“Legal differences”

We will note, on the eve of the General staff of national defense of Greece reported that the country’s airspace last Friday was violated 42% 13 aircraft of the Turkish air force. Turkish aircraft constantly violate airspace regulations and intrudes into the air space of Greece. In recent years, the number of violations is constantly growing. In Athens also concerned about the increase in provocations by Turkey.

In March the Minister of foreign Affairs of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu explained repeated violations of the airspace of Greece “legal differences”. Turkey since 1975 does not recognize the 10-mile zone of territorial waters of Greece, but its planes invade and the six-mile area and often fly over Greek Islands.

According to the University of Thessaly, in 2014 alone, the Greek defense Ministry recorded 2244 incursions of Turkish planes and helicopters in the country’s airspace. In 2015, the Turkish air force violated the Greek border at least 1,300 times, including at least 31 flights directly over Greek Islands territory.

Due to the fact that the Turkish military planes frequently violate the airspace of Greece, Athens in November, reacted to the incident with the Russian su-24, which in November last year, was shot down by F-16 fighter jets of the Turkish air force in Syria on the border with Turkey. The crew managed to eject, but the parachute of the pilot Oleg Peshkov shot in the air fighters. Russian President Vladimir Putin called the incident with the Russian su-24 in Syria “stab in the back” inflicted on the accomplices of the terrorists. After that, bilateral relations between the two countries is actually frozen.

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