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Thursday, October 27, 2016

There was a video of a meteorite in the United States the size of a refrigerator

Police in the United States from Maine accidentally shot the fall of a meteorite on video of his car. Judging by the brightness emanating from the object, we can assume that he was the size of a refrigerator, when it first came in.

Photo: Portland Maine Police Department

The footage, which depicted a flying ball of fire, was published in Facebook of the police Department of the city of Portland. “You never know what you will see in the performance of official duties”, – noted in comments to the video.

The police joked that landed on the Ground alien ship, where, possibly, could arrive friends known science fiction writer Stephen king, who was born in Portland.

According to preliminary data, the meteorite fell in a wooded area in Northwest Maine. A bright flash in the sky noticed in several American States – new York, Vermont, new Hampshire, Rhode island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, new Jersey and Pennsylvania, as well as in some regions of Canada. There were only 400 cases.

At the naval Observatory in Washington the Associated Press reported that, according to the brightness of a space object, it was about the size of a refrigerator, when it first came in. The celestial body could burn. However, the local Museum of Mineralogy announced a reward of 20 thousand dollars to anyone who can find a piece of meteorite weighing at least a kilogram.

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