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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The report Golikova in the state Duma: 516,5 billion down the tube

If you hire a crew to do repairs in the apartment, you be careful how to spend your money. You give a work a specific amount for a specific task and check the result – that your funds were spent the way you want.

photo: Alex geldings

The state budget also your money. Rather, our. To control them, we have the chamber. Once a year she reports on how our money was spent. Yesterday was just such a day.

Language does not turn called his best day of the year. The Chairman of the accounts chamber Tatyana Golikova called the state Duma a considerable sum: 516,5 our budget billion rubles in 2015, the year were not spent and not on what was planned.

516,5 billion – about one thirtieth of the total budget expenditure in 2015.

This is more than the amount, which in 2015, the year stood out for all the health care in our country (479 billion), but less than all of the education (564 billion).

Returned in the budget of 10.3 billion (negligible compared to the fact that prosvetno).

In this regard, the investigating authorities of the accounts chamber of the material 44 is directed, in General the Prosecutor – 74. How many criminal charges – is not very clear. Golikova said that 44, the majority (21 criminal case) – for special construction, Federal Agency for state and Federal Customs service. But in the paper version of the Report of the accounting chamber called another figure – only initiated 13 criminal cases.

Brought to administrative responsibility of officials. 79 For failure to perform the requirements of the accounting chamber fined 8 high-ranking officials, everyone is on 20 thousand roubles (sobbed, I suppose, parting with such huge amounts). 65 people laid off. Most people dismissed the Russian space Agency (for 4 people), Rosstandart (also 4) and the Ministry of health (3).

Most of the violations revealed during the formation and execution of budgets, for 152,8 billion (this is when money intended for one thing and spent entirely on the other) and in public procurement – 126,1 billion (when the money is spent as intended, but “purpose” is acquired three times more expensive than the market price).

Speaking about anti-crisis measures, Golikova called the two decisions of the Government, which has led to obvious budget losses – capitalization of banks and advance payments.

On the capitalization of the 25 banks were allocated 722 billion that the banks had money and they could give loans to businesses in hard times. However, 12 banks finished the year with a loss of 187.5 billion, that is, budget funds were invested in vain. Somewhere they had gone, not in the horse feed went.

The other “school” – a decision about the advance payments on individual contracts up to 80%, state contracts – up to 100%. Advances for other purposes is not used, so do the organizations to which they were issued, has now formed a debt to a budget of 3.2 trillion.rubles (about a fifth of the total annual budget of the country, by the way).

Trivia Golikova also said something interesting. About the chain of dealers, who sold the villagers the tractors “Kirovets” 20% more expensive than the manufacturer. About the Minister of a transport complex of Omsk region, causing damage to 841 million in the “wrongful expenditure of budgetary funds”. About the fact that in the Railways hovered 61,3 billion of budget funds that have been allocated for investments in any projects, but instead just lie in the accounts, twirling for the Railways interest.

Same, by the way, there are many state corporations. Receive money from the budget, but does not invest, the funds remain unclaimed. From the chamber in this regard, the question arises: “Why take them?”

He is especially acute on the background of the auditors information about the availability of medical care. Golikova has led to dismal figures.

Of the 130 thousand rural settlements only 45 thousand in medical assistance is available at least in some form. Yes, and the accessibility to it is shrinking every year.

Because of this, the mortality rate in rural areas is much higher than in the cities. The average death rate in Russia is 13.1 per thousand and, for example, in the Pskov region already 22,6 people. The average life expectancy in the country – 70,1 years, while in rural areas it is barely more than 66 years.

Can finally built the cosmodrome “East” such a misfortune for us to compensate? In the Report of the audit office there is no answer to this question. And we are not.

Now, if the team hired to do repairs in the apartment, planted in a marble tub with gold, but sikos-nakos, laid tile, warped doors and Windows, and the remaining money from those that she was given for the purchase of materials, put it to the account at interest, then we would know what to say. But it is better no one to hear.

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