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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

“The Imperial house of Romanov” discreditied the monarchical idea

In the Crimea honorably accept “the head of the Russian Imperial house of Romanov Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna and Tsarevich George Mikhailovich”. Numerous publications on this topic in the Russian media cause the majority of readers at least surprise, and indignation – what is this throne on our head?

“In Crimea with official visit there arrived the head of the Russian Imperial house of Romanov Grand Duchess Maria of Russia and Tsesarevich Georgii Mikhailovich,” reports state news Agency “news”, followed by hundreds of Newspapers and websites also call guests from Spain, “the Grand Duchess and Tsesarevich”.

“We need to recognize the obvious, a tragic Romanov dynasty cut short”

Editors of news agencies can understand – they want to emphasize the recognition of the return of the Crimea to Russia by Russian emigration, and of all raise the importance of the news. But the problem is that “the Russian Imperial house of Romanov” exists now only in the imagination of this “Grand Duchess”, her entourage and a number of sincere monarchists, not delve into the origin of media titles. However, if the paper says “the heir apparent”, the readers begin to wonder – do we have a bride on the Royal place, Putin decided to restore the monarchy?

Social networking is seen that the perturbation mass and wide enough – and not only from the left, the Communist and Soviet flank, but also from the patriots and even most monarchists. Despite all differences of views both red and white agree on one thing – a king we don’t need. If the figure of the last Tsar, Nicholas the Second hotly debated, in respect of a granddaughter and great-grandson of the self-proclaimed “Emperor of Cyril First” society demonstrates almost unanimous rejection reaction. Regardless of familiarity with the history of “Grand family”.

The General public now as if for the first time learned about the existence of 62-year-old Maria Vladimirovna Romanova and her 35-year-old son Georgy Mikhailovich. And despite the fact that the mother and son for more than two decades occasionally come to Russia to get Russian citizenship for themselves and handing out their awards. In the current surprise there is nothing strange about them before, of course, also wrote, but the reader’s interest was much less.Who has any right to the throne

Now, after the return of the Crimea, has increased interest in everything connected with the Peninsula – and the “official visit” has attracted attention. In addition, after observed in 2013 (although more modest than) the 400th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty, the monarchical idea was to gradually infiltrate the public debate. And, of course, played a role, and a week ago the controversy surrounding the act of Natalia Poklonskaya, released on the “Immortal regiment” with the icon of Tsar-Martyr. And then – “Royal visit”.

“Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna would like to open in Crimea, his residence – according to her, Crimea is very well suited for a Royal residence, as the Peninsula is rich in its landscapes and unique nature”, news Agency, adding that the Romanovs have no claims neither status nor property in Russia. This is so – but these Romanovs have specific titles and claim that they are “hereditary vozglavila family Corporation that holds the ideas and traditions of the millennial monarchy-Families”.

That is, the continuity of the Russian monarchy, the keepers of the continuity of the dynasty. It would seem that all the monarchists would have to rejoice that these people have preserved for Russia a dynasty. That is all done to facilitate the restoration of the monarchy – of course, in the case that it is the will of God and the Russian people. But there is no joy, no gratitude – and here’s why.

After the murder of the Royal family and many Grand Dukes and duchesses in 1918, some of the Romanovs managed to escape in exile. Among the survivors were the mother of Nicholas II Empress Maria Feodorovna, and his uncle, the former chief of the Russian army Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich. Immediately began arguing about rights to the throne – a 20-e the fall of the Bolsheviks and the restoration did not seem absolutely unthinkable. According to the laws of succession right to the throne passed to Grand Duke Cyril Vladimirovich, cousin of the last Tsar. In 1924 he proclaimed himself Emperor Kirill the First. But most of the monarchist wing of the emigration, including the Dowager Empress and uncle of Nicholas II, did not recognize it as such.

Monarchists have had two main objections against the rights of Cyril. First, it is a betrayal of the Grand Duke against the Emperor during the February revolution: before the abdication of Nicholas II, he with a red bow on his chest brought his military unit to the Duma for the swearing of the new government. And secondly, in 1905 Nicholas II had deprived him of all rights of a member of the Imperial family after Cyril married his cousin, divorced and non-Orthodox. And although two years later the king acknowledged the marriage (spouse Cyril had converted to Orthodoxy) and returned to the Grand Duke the right, many believed that the return did not concern the rights of succession.

All these arguments are now interesting only from a historical point of view – because even if you count Cyril rightful heir, since his offspring is nothing of the sort happens. After the death of the Grand Duke in 1938 he was succeeded by his son Vladimir – and he even managed to visit the disintegrating Soviet Union in late 1991. The following year, “the head of the Imperial house” died – leaving the place to his daughter Maria Vladimirovna, who had an only son George. The marriage of Vladimir with the Princess Bagration of Mukhrani not all believe raverdy, and this is a prerequisite of preserving dynastic succession. And even more impossible the transfer of succession in the female line, that is, through Mary, so George’s opponents “K.” often called the “Prince Georg of Prussia”.

The European monarchs as the ruling and deprived of the throne, however, recognize Maria Vladimirovna “head of the Romanov dynasty” – unlike most other descendants of the Romanovs.

In exile, the lives of several dozen descendants of the Grand Dukes and duchesses, who had to leave red Russia. Most of them included in the “Association of members of the Romanov dynasty”, which consistently denies the rights of “K.” to the Russian throne, and not counting any of the other descendants contender for the vacant throne. Heads the “Association” Prince Dmitry Romanovich (17 may he turned 90 years old), grandson of Grand Duke Peter Nikolaevich, the brother of the commander-in-chief of the Russian army. These the Romanovs, by the way, do not arrogate to themselves no titles – the Grand Duke could only be called the grandchildren of the king, and the last Grand Duchess was, of course, who died in 1960, sister of Nicholas II Olga Aleksandrovna.

We must admit the obvious, tragic – the Romanov dynasty cut short. She had huge service to the country, but the laws of succession of the Russian Empire did not include the revolution and the physical destruction of the greater part of the dynasty. The surviving Romanovs are unable to maintain any continuity of the dynasty – stringent requirements raverty marriage and the male line of succession – or the Russian spirit. Born in exile Dmitri Romanovich and his older brother, Nicholas, was raised by the Russians and kept love to Russia, but the next generation has lost that connection.

As for Maria Vladimirovna and Georgii Mikhailovich, even if they are wonderful people who truly love Russia (and not the work of Advisor to the General Director “Norilsk Nickel”) – but they were foreigners. And this is the most important obstacle to recognition of their “keepers of traditions” and “heirs”.

That is why from the sight of them on TV so many Russian people is born not of interest to the monarchy, not understanding its sacred meaning, but very different feelings. Alas, it is a medical fact.

But monarchical, that is autocratic, the form of government is not only part of our history. It is quite possible form of existence of Russia as an Empire, as a self-sufficient and fair, “the Kingdom of truth”. Of course, the monarchy of the future can only be in the new edition – “king and Council”, “people’s monarchy”, “Christianity and socialism” – and can only be done as a result really popular selection.

And new, national, Russian in spirit and life the dynasty can, of course, to have continuity with the family of Rurik, from which they came and the Romanovs, can be firmly associated with a millennial history and tradition of Russia. But not through the family travelling now in Crimea, “the Grand Duchess”. About this can be relaxed as the monarchists and their opponents.

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