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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Sanders is confident wins in Oregon and achieves almost a draw in Kentucky

On Tuesday, may 17, took place the democratic primaries in Oregon and Kentucky and Republican primaries in Oregon. Speaking after the vote in Carson, California, in front of thousands of excited young audience, Senator Bernie Sanders said this: “We need to win the Donald trump. But before that, you need to defeat Hillary Clinton.” That was the whole point of primaries on may 17.

photo: AP

First, a few figures about the results of the primaries, and then about what lies behind them. Primaries in Oregon ended with a convincing victory Sanders. He scored 53.9% of votes against 46.1 per cent from Hillary Clinton. As for primaries in Kentucky, they ended in almost a draw. Clinton received 46,8% of the votes, and Sanders was 46.3%. Thus, the votes of delegates from Kentucky, is divided almost in half: 26 for Clinton and 25 for Sanders.

From what position began to these last primaries, Clinton and Sanders? In this respect, Clinton was 2243 votes, and Sanders — 1465. But, as we already wrote about it, it is necessary to consider that among the super-delegates, i.e. representatives of the establishment democratic party, is leading Hillary Clinton, she superdelegate 521 vs 41 superdelegate Sanders. If you throw super-delegates, the difference in votes between Clinton and Sanders significantly reduced. Moreover, if Sanders wins in the remaining States June 7, ie the largest state California, new Jersey, Mexico city and others, he can garner enough votes to oust Hillary Clinton. However, arithmetic is not quite accurate. The fact that the votes the Democrats are divided accordingly to their results in the voting. Therefore, Sanders could win in the remaining States, but still, Clinton will be ahead of him. About it should not be forgotten.

So, Hillary Clinton, who had before the primaries on may 17, 2243 votes received 2294. But Sanders, who started the race 1465 votes — 1523 votes. Clinton needed to win to gain 2383 votes. This means that after the primaries on may 17 to her cherished numbers is not enough just 114 votes.

Now, how are things with Donald trump. He essentially acted in the primaries in Oregon in the singular. His rivals Senator Cruz and Governor Kasich already out of the race, so that their presence in the primaries was the presence of ghosts.

Trump is also close to the sacred figure – for it is 1237 votes. He scored after the “victory” in Oregon 1173 votes, i.e. 66,9% of the vote. Trump not yet have 64 voices in order to make the Republican Convention a machine for stamping his unquestioned victory.

And even though the primaries were held in Oregon and Kentucky, all eyes were drawn to a different state such as Nevada. In the capital of Nevada and the gambling capital of the United States held session of the Nevada democratic party. She has been very violent. Supporters of Senator Sanders “broken chairs” demanding a fair distribution of votes.

Events in Las Vegas were as apprehensive of the representatives of the democratic leadership, only a reflection of what can be seen in Philadelphia at the national Convention of the democratic party.

The democratic party leadership, worried by events in Las Vegas, demanded that Sanders, that he did reprimand his supporters that “broken chairs” in Las Vegas. But Sanders refused to do so. He said that his supporters in Nevada were absolutely right when they pointed out that the system of counting votes is flawed, that it leads to victories of Clinton supporters contrary to the actual election results.

Speaking in Carson, Sanders urged his voters to support its occurrence in California. As for Donald trump, may 18, he met the chief “sage” of the Republican establishment — former U.S. Secretary of state Henry Kissinger. Taught trump the old Kissinger I don’t know yet. But, probably, he advised him to be more careful in their foreign policy statements. However, let’s wait and see.

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