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Friday, March 16, 2018

Russian scientists have questioned the emergence of zika virus in Russia

The world health organization reported the news, forcing to shudder: the zika virus this summer could spread to Europe. And the most susceptible to the spread of the virus of the Black sea coast in Russia and Georgia. However, who said that the probability of a serious outbreak are low.

photo: pixabay.com

In addition to the Russian and Georgian coasts are among the most vulnerable to hit the island of Madeira. In France, Spain, Italy and Greece, the severity of the outbreak is assessed as moderate. The least risk of spread of the virus in the UK.

The who has called for the elimination of breeding sites of mosquitoes, as well as to educate the population about the negative consequences of the disease — primarily this applies to pregnant women. For them all the ZIK is the greatest danger — being is not fatal, it causes severe congenital malformations (e.g., microcephaly) in newborns.

Vaccine against the virus recognized by the world health organization global threat has not yet been developed. Meanwhile, according to a study by Brazilian scientists, in total, areas under the threat of an epidemic Zeke, is home to 2.2 billion people.

However, Russian scientists urge not to fall in panic:

– To be honest — I don’t believe it – said “MK” doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, member of the Presidium of RANS, member of new York Academy of Sciences, Vice-President of the International Academy of Sciences on nature and society, a virologist at the Institute.Gamalei Victor Abramovich Zuev. – I think that the assumption on the distribution of zika virus in Europe — pure guesswork. There is no reason for such a distribution: the virus is transmitted by species of mosquitoes that we have not found, as well as sexually. But sexually transmitted many diseases such as, gonorrhea. However, no outbreaks of gonorrhea no. To compare with the human immunodeficiency virus zika virus also can not be: HIV infection is characterized by a very long incubation period — up to 12 years and the slow nature of the flow (if started, will not stop). This is very conducive to its spread. Reason for the spread of the virus Zeke I can’t see. So that you can sleep peacefully and reassure the others.

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