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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Russia should not intervene in the conflict of African leaders with the West

The patriarchs of African politics go into open conflict with the West, refusing to recognize the authority of the ICC, and in advocating the creation of a private Tribunal, the first of which defendants should be George Bush and Tony Blair. The temptation to record these patriarchs as an ally of Moscow, presenting a large anti-Western front in Africa, but it would be a huge mistake.

The scandal broke after the ceremony of his inauguration, the President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni called on the international criminal court (ICC) “a bunch of unnecessary people, which should not be taken seriously”, stating that he was biased against African leaders. After that the delegations of US, EU and Canada left the ceremony. It is not just about assessing the work of the ICC – statement by Museveni meant the failure to arrest came on the same inauguration of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, whom the Hague accused of crimes against humanity. The ICC has issued two warrants for his arrest, and Uganda, as a member of the court had to give al-Bashir to the Hague.

“Together, they finished off the Obote supporters, someone even ate (Museveni was once talked about such a thing), and then grappled with each other”

Ovation at the ceremony and met another fierce critic of the court in the Hague – Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe, who had earlier proposed to establish in Africa the ICC for the trial of Western leaders on charges of crimes against African people during colonial times. In particular, the court proposed to bring the former U.S. President George W. Bush and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair for the war in Iraq.

Here, as always in Africa, a lot of personal. Museveni has lived a long and very controversial life that is characteristic of African leaders, “the critical generation” – most of them had the Declaration of independence, two or three civil wars, a series of ethnic cleansing and shifts in policy. Museveni and the flesh of all of this. He worked in the administration of the first President of independent Uganda, Milton Obote’s, and after the coup of IDI Amin was forced into exile in neighboring Tanzania. Museveni, by the way, not a surname, and nickname of the total Ugandan soldiers of the seventh battalion the king’s African Riflemen of the regular army of His Majesty king George during the Second world war (singular – Acevedo). All uncle of the current President of Uganda served in this unit as IDI Amin, and the whole political elite of this generation in the English-speaking States of black Africa. The overthrow in 1978, Amin made Museveni (real name Yoweri Kaguta) Minister of defense – he came from Tanzania with his personal army, then began an endless and animated brutal civil war.

In 1981, Museveni led a revolt against his former patron the Obote, with only 40 people and 27 old guns, that by the standards is not an uprising but a public suicide. “The army,” Museveni went into the Bush, where he acquired the “meat” and are characterized by exceptional brutality against the tribes of the province of Buganda, who were sympathetic to Obote’s government. The basis of a new military coup amounted to the troops of General Tito Okello, who relied on achoti tribes in the North of the country. Together, they finished off the Obote supporters, someone even ate (Museveni was once talked about such a thing), and then grappled with each other. In the spring of 1986 Museveni troops entered the territory of the tribes acote and threw the army of General Okello in neighboring Sudan. All parties worked towards the civilian population to unspeakable atrocities, and the mass burning alive and the mass rape of both women and men, not the worst. While Museveni was in the eyes of neighbouring peoples and countries of the something like the “architect” of a new “Tutsi Empire”, which partly provoked the events in neighbouring Rwanda and Burundi.

At this point, and has formed a personal attitude of President Museveni to the international criminal court in the Hague and the President of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir. It seems they have nothing in common. Museveni – a devout Christian Afro-Protestant, that is, in fact, pagan, and Omar al-Bashir – a staunch Muslim, almost Salafi. Religious clarification is important. So, the main opponents of Museveni inside Uganda, the so – called “Lord’s resistance Army”. In theory – it’s religious fanatics, coming from the remnants of the army of General Okello and requiring the establishment on Earth (but first in Uganda) “the power of our Lord Jesus Christ”, that is, the creation of a theocratic state based on the precepts of the Bible. In practice, it is the cannibals from the same tribe achoti, practicing it is not biblical acts, including mass murder and ritual cannibalism. Their reference points are now formally in Christian South Sudan, which further brings Museveni and the President of the “big” of Sudan Omar al-Bashir.

Museveni had no practical relationship to the genocide in Rwanda rather supported the aggrieved party of the Tutsi, but harbored a dislike to the Institute of international investigations, since all that was going on in Uganda since the proclamation of its independence, can be called total genocide, because “genocide”. Each military ethnic group, at some time seized power, began to consistently kill the members of rival tribes. Even if within the same nation were changed by the power of the clans, this has led to the loss of the same clan up to a third shower and all political positions. For example, the clan Ira had no right to bear arms, to occupy administrative posts and to get married for the representatives at the time of the winning clan of the chemical, and they are the same bantuannya ranchers, like everyone else.

“Che Guevara stopped issuing Simba machines – they discharged the whole clip into the air and fled to the positions of government troops of the Congo with spears, believing that all opponents have struck the wonder weapon”

When retreating in Sudan part of General Okello and the people achoti asked for support from Khartoum, Omar al-Bashir said. This, primarily, explains his friendship Museveni, although it is not a favor, and rationality: a private civil war tore Sudan apart, and in the appearance of another potential part of the conflict, al-Bashir was not interested. By the way, the carnage in Darfur oasis that led to the excommunication of al-Bashir from the international policy and sanctions against the Sudan, is largely determined by his origin: his mother was an Arab, but the father – the representative of the tribe falata. Nomads from West Africa, traditional Muslims who migrated to Sudan in the nineteenth century. Islamic historiography maintains that they are the descendants of the Moorish pilgrims to Mecca, who did not return to him, and hovered in Darfur. Rather, it is a legend, however, for Omar al-Bashir oasis, Darfur has been a place so personal that it clung to him all the forces, manifestly tending to the destruction of the local population. By and large, Darfur twenty years ago we had to just “unhook” from the “big” of Sudan, as eventually happened with South Sudan. Now independent, recognized by the UN, the government with the oil economy. And oasis Darfur – a place of endless war and total genocide in the middle of the Sahara.

In the end, the stars aligned so that General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has taken under his protection of the President of Sudan, sending to hell and the ICC, and the Europeans, and Americans. And he’s not alone. Zimbabwe since 1994, refuses to extradite Ethiopia’s former President Mengistu Haile Mariam awarded in 1980, order of the October revolution, zakapusi the remains of the last Emperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie himself in the bathroom and put on top of a gold toilet. By the way, Mugabe in his more than respectable 92 years of age expressed a desire to re-nominate his candidacy for another presidential term. And he wins, the more that the full political Museveni copy, just older. Both under age were staunch Maoists, both belong to the people-the”majority”, which, Dorval to power, zagenotsidil former “masters of life”. In the case of Mugabe it is the people Shona (mashona), who for 150 years had suffered from the oppression of the matabele (Ndebele) – a breakaway from the militant Zulu group of renegades under the leadership of chief Mzilikazi invaded Zimbabwe and subjugated the local pastoralists-Sean. After coming to power, Mugabe gave the matabele a hell on earth with concentration camps, sterilization, rape, castration and other particularities of the African national policies.

The idea Museveni and Mugabe on the creation of African Tribunal is also racist in nature. Museveni proposes to consider as crimes only the actions of white colonial administrations, but not what happened in black Africa after 1961, when former colonies in droves were granted independence. If this plan something you can show to Europeans, only that they are several decades watched everything crumble and fall apart, and then decided to put out a fire with kerosene, supporting one against the other cannibals. That there is only one “Simba rebellion”, which unsuccessfully tried to lead Che Guevara. These people eat a defeated enemy on the battlefield and believed that firearms affects the sound. Therefore, Che Guevara stopped issuing Simba machines – they discharged the whole clip into the air and fled to the positions of government troops of the Congo with spears, believing that all enemies already hit wonder weapon. The white population of the major cities of the Congo was saved by the efforts of the Belgian and South African mercenaries during the operation “Red Dragon” mostly under the command of Mike Hoare, the legendary South African “dog of war”, asked hundreds of Europeans in Stanleyville, when Simba began to kill hostages in the hotel “Victoria”. Later Mike Hoare and Belgian Jeanne Schramm, who commanded the paratroopers in Katanga, the same civilized Europe outlawed for reasons of political correctness.

Now there is a danger of falling into the usual trap of the Soviet era and to examine any anti-Western statement by the Africans as a gesture in its favor as a condition for extension of anti-Western front in black Africa, which was exhausted by the dictates of a unipolar world with Washington at the head. Generation “natsionalizatorov”, which came to power on a wave of anti-colonial wave that has gone nowhere. It is the patriarchs of local politics, often very old, but local specifics will retain their power until the last. In some places their power is limitless, and the influence is undeniable, but to trust their statements – error, which was bought by Soviet intelligence back in the Brezhnev era. She eventually made a bet at the wrong person in Zimbabwe (then southern Rhodesia), which led to power of the Maoist Mugabe with all their attendant consequences. She had no idea about the internal life of South Africa, supporting the ANC and Yak and imagining South Africa “fascist state”.

Attractive statements of certain African leaders in no case could not be the basis in order to record them to friends. Africa is much more difficult than you would think, focusing on the statements of politicians of the old generation.

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