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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Moscow available Venice

View in Venice — the place, according to Joseph Brodsky, “for the eyes, where the senses play a faint second fiddle” now in the center of Moscow. In MAMMA hung a series of scenic and architectural photos of the city on the water, from the collection of Paul and Anastasia Khoroshilova. Vintage frames, made by the Italian masters of the NINETEENTH century brought Russian collectors. Located in the Venetian atmosphere of a bygone era will fail in the House of photography.

“Venice” By Carlo Naya.

The exhibition “the Grand Tour: a Russian version. Venice” from the collection Horoshilovym is the third in a row, the previous two old photographs of Rome and Naples — were a big hit here in December and February. This exposition should not cause less excitement, especially on the eve of the Venice Biennale of architecture. The exhibition demonstrated to the audience how charming are the pictures of the Doge’s Palace, Basilica San Marco and the Rialto bridge, which is Alexander Kushner has devoted almost the best poem “I a hole burned on the pants above the knee.” By the way, Russian literary and artistic “venetsiana” is very extensive. Pyotr Vyazemsky, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Alexander Blok, Mikhail Vrubel, Alexander Benois, Valentin Serov, were charmed by the town and created the images of his Venice.

Most photographs more than 150 years, they have remained in good shape. Yes, there is footage and tarnished by time or improper storage, but thanks to a good hanging and professionally configured light they look advantageous. It would seem, depicts a typical landscape scenes, but it’s all in the technique: the harmony between black and white, geometrically precise compositions. The play of light and reflections each frame acquires depth. Among the authors Carlo Naya, Carlo Ponti, Domenico Bresolin, Luigi and Maurizio Sacchi Lotze.

One of the first photographers, who created a series of images of landmarks in Venice, was a professional artist Domenico Bresolin. His large-format prints 1850-ies on salted paper, gradually superseded the daguerreotype, was highly praised by the art critics of the era. And the first photo of the Venetian species have created two Carl Ponti and Naya. The fame they brought pictures of the city’s architecture, internal decoration of basilicas and palazzos. In 1857 they opened a Studio, becoming the most successful masters in Venice.

After 20 years in Piazza San Marco, many photographers began to appear in shops. Thanks to the development of photographic albumen prints techniques became available a wide range of buyers: from art historians to wealthy tourists. They bought images of attractions in memory. So work came to us. But the artist presents images of Venice old not only photographers but also modern artists, architects. The strongest work is the “Chinese Venice” architect Sergei Tchoban.

“Chinese Venice” Sergei Choban.

— I drew her in the town of Zhujiajiao, which is an hour’s drive from Shanghai, ” says Mr. Choban. — This is an amazing place that emerged in the XVI century, where there are channels, bridges repeat of Venetian design, and the architecture is typical of Chinese architecture. Not by chance my sketch exhibited in MAMM: the vision of the artist-photographer and artist-painter can be mapped, since they both looking for interesting composition and place, inspired by the architecture.

The exhibition is organized with the support of MMC Norilsk Nickel.

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