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Sunday, February 18, 2018

“Legal bludgeon” U.S. targets Russian sport

Chapter IOC Thomas Bach said that the Russian team may be suspended from the Olympic games in 2016, if confirmed allegations of the existence of a special doping program. On the same day a confirmation of these charges has decided to engage the U.S. justice Department. The US entry into the game may mean a new turn not only for the Olympic movement, but also for world politics in General.

On Wednesday it became known that the U.S. Department of justice joined the investigation into a doping scandal in the Russian sport. As reported by the New York Times, as part of the investigation will examine the activities of officials of the Russian Federation, athletes, coaches, anti-doping organizations and “all who could obtain illegal benefit from the use of doping”. It is assumed that we are talking about the allegations of criminal conspiracy and fraud.

“Revelations Rodchenkova most resemble militants Comedy like “Austin powers”

Recall that the Federal courts of the United States allow prosecutors to bring proceedings against foreigners on the basis of even the most superficial ties to the US, such as the use of American Bank or stopping in transit in an American airport.

As you know, people accusing Russian athletes in the mass doping, is currently just in the United States. The statements of the former head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory of Gregory Rodchenkov press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov has called “completely unfounded” and described them as “slander defector”. Equally skeptical of the words Rodchenkova official representative of the Investigative Committee Vladimir Markin and the Minister of sport Vitaly Mutko.

The prosecution of the former head of the Moscow laboratory really resemble an excerpt from the script of an action Thriller. In an interview with New York Times he said that every night during the Olympics-2014, the representative of the Ministry of sports of Russia had sent him a list of athletes whose doping samples should be replaced. Rodchenkov also claims to have developed a special cocktail of the three illicit drugs, which gave dozens of Russian athletes – participants of the Games-2014. In this case, the concealment of doping was allegedly carried out by Russian special services.

These charges easily believe a person who grew up on the movies of 007 and his struggle with the insidious KGB, but in reality, revelation Rodchenkova most resemble militants Comedy like “Austin powers”. And this is the point of view of not only Russian representatives.

“I was very surprised by the news about the use of doping by members of the Russian team at the 2014 Olympics and often repeated that the provision of anti-doping at the Games was at the highest level. Don’t know if this could be a provocation, but again, very surprised by the news,” said, for example, the President of the International ice hockey Federation (IIHF) Rene Fasel.

Anyway, to make a decision on the re-examination of Russian doping samples, and the suspension of our athletes from the Olympics in Rio and other responses and effects is entitled to only one organization – the international Olympic Committee. The U.S. justice Department has absolutely nothing to do with it.

The Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, speaking at the opening of the VI St. Petersburg international legal forum, in particular, said: “confidence in the law is the path to the resolution of global crises, and, in all likelihood, it is the only way. The credibility of the law – not only the Foundation of international security and global stability, but also to a large extent the Foundation of the modern global economy”.

Extending its jurisdiction to the whole world, the US is seeking to undermine confidence in the law in other countries, as well as, arbitrarily and forcibly treating the “democratization” and “human rights”, has achieved the compromise of these terms.

Perhaps the main question here – do the US citizens, promoting legal Pax Americana that they have no monopoly on such behavior? As well as they have no exclusive right to the possession of nuclear weapons, peacekeeping operations in other countries, the division of political regimes into “progressive” and “bloody”, and to participants in civil wars – “insurgents” and “militants” and so on and so forth.

The ability to judge the citizens of some countries for alleged acts in other countries, at first glance, is not as dangerous and bloody as “humanitarian bombing”, not to mention the nuclear bomb. But as a result it may trigger a loss of confidence in the law in principle.

Imagine the situation when half of the officials of one country to another are officially recognized as criminals. In fact, Ukraine has already announced a significant number of Russian managers at different level of criminals in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation, but the opinion of Kiev on this planet a little interested.

But what happens if the US, Russia, China, European Union and other global players will massively use the “truncheon law”, declaring colleagues from other countries, “corruption,” “war criminals”, “thieves” and “murderers”? The world situation is quickly radicalized to such an extent that “humanitarian bombing” of third countries it may not just be on the horizon loomed a nuclear Apocalypse.

Of course, the intention of the American Ministry of justice to participate in the investigation of the doping scandal before the start of nuclear war the path is long, but in stiff military rhetoric it can be completed much faster than you think.

So, British General, former Deputy commander of NATO forces in Europe Richard Shirreff predicts that a nuclear war could begin as early as next year. The concept of placing in Eastern and southern Europe an additional contingent of NATO troops is called “Spearhead”, and the spear, as we know, weapons are not defensive.

You should also not forget that the Olympic games have always been a symbol of peace. And the attempt to exclude Russia from the Olympic process with the use of American jurisprudence may indicate aggressive intent much more clearly than even the emergence of the American missile defense system in Romania and Poland and additional battalions of NATO in the Baltics.

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