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Friday, March 23, 2018

Gianluca Savoini: the EU is no more sovereignty

“We want to tell the world that Russia is actually a free democratic country, which is even better than Italy”, – said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW President of the Association “Lombardy – Russia”, the press attache of the party “Northern League” Gianluca Savoini. He explained why the number of Italian politicians and businessmen are defending this position.

The Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Renzi – the man can not be attributed to European leaders, sympathetic to Russia, but the generally accepted pragmatic on Tuesday said the European Union cannot be built “around a confrontation with its largest neighbour”. “Think about how to organize Europe’s confrontation with Russia, as do some countries that only recently entered into our community, is a tragic mistake” – quotes RIA “news” the statement of the Italian Prime Minister on a Christian forum “Meeting for friendship among peoples”.

“The current Italy is not a democracy. If you’re not politically correct, you’re done”

Renzi, among other things, said that he considers Italy a “media dialogue” and believe in its important role in international politics.

Earlier, on 18 October, Italian foreign Minister Paolo gentiloni in an interview with La Stampa said: cold war for Italy would be an absolute disaster. The Italian foreign Minister stressed that if the majority of the international community adheres to a “double tracking” – sanctions and dialogue, Italy “persistently insists on the path of dialogue”.

“Media dialogue” is one of the main victims of violations of the Russian-European relations since the beginning of the sanctions campaign. According to who in early August published the national Secretary of the Italian Confederation of agricultural producers Dino Scanavino, the damage to the country from Russia imposed an embargo amounted to 1.2 billion euros. Speaking to Russian journalists, Scanavino said that the year 2015 for the Italian farmers was tough, and the consequences are still being felt today.

Opponents of the current Italian government, including the opposition in Parliament, used the country’s participation in initiated by the Brussels sanctions as a pretext to attack the Cabinet Renzi. At the end of July, Manlio di Stefano, a leader of the party “Movement “Five stars” (having 106 seats in the chamber of deputies, 50 seats in the Senate and 17 in the European Parliament), stated: for many months, the party opposed the US-initiated sanctions against Russia, calling them “insane” and noting that they “do not protect the interests of the Italians”. At the same time di Stefano announced the trip of the party delegation in the Crimea and the intention to meet with the Russian authorities.

Matteo Salvini, leader of another opposition party – the “Northern League” (15 deputies, 12 senators, five members of the European Parliament), only at the end of last year, twice visited Moscow and the Crimea and declared about the intention to make another visit in the fall. “What other Italian politicians support our ideas in relation to Crimea and Russia, is a good trend, said Salvini in a recent interview with the newspaper LOOK. – Only idiots can support the sanctions and argue that they bring a positive effect for our relations.”

At the end of last week Moscow was visited by the press-attache of the “Northern League”, the President of the cultural Association “Lombardy – Russia” Gianluca Savoini. Italian guest told the newspaper OPINION about the purpose, headed by a non-governmental organization, shared his thoughts on the current politics of the Italian authorities and the prospects of cooperation between Moscow and Rome (or Milan – as the “true capital of Italy”).

VIEW: Mr. Savoini, remains in force if the intention of the leadership of the “Northern League” to visit Russia?

Gianluca Savoini: This fall, party leader Matteo Salvini and I will visit Moscow to continue the dialogue with our Russian partners. Last time we had a meeting with Vladimir Putin in Milan – and hope to have another opportunity of meeting with your President, now in Moscow.

OPINION: what do you see as the main goal of your Association?

D. S.: the Main objective of the organization “Lombardy – Russia” to fight Western propaganda, which takes the image of today’s Russia as a dictatorship and, consequently, Putin as a dictator, imperialist, eager to conquer the Ukraine and Europe – in particular Poland, the Baltic countries. Every day the media in Italy and Europe introduce readers to Russia just like that.

We know that’s not true, and want to tell the world what Russia is really that it is a free democratic country, which is even better than Italy, because the current Italy – this is not a democracy. If you’re not politically correct, you’re done, you to the Italian government – a fascist, racist, Nazi and so on.

In addition, we want to help our businessmen and entrepreneurs to contribute to the continuation of economic cooperation between Russia and Italy, as well as to establish contacts with the Crimea. Our businesses understand that anti-Russian sanctions are ridiculous and wrong, they are destroying the Italian and European economy. Italy has already suffered a loss of 5 billion euros because of those sanctions for two years.

I come to Moscow every month for a day or two, we cooperate with the party “United Russia” and some business men who want to have good relations with Russia.

OPINION: You emphasize that your Association created two years ago, was founded during a meeting of the Valdai club. Why is it so important for you?

D. S.: Yes, for us Valdai meeting is extremely important. There Putin talked about the protection of our individuality, the Christian roots of globalization, materialism and Islamic terrorism. And we fully share these ideas. In Europe nobody speaks like Putin. And this is the urgent problems primarily to Europe, not Russia.

OPINION: So you feel the support from the Russian President?

D. S.: he has, of course, many other Affairs, but to support our small Association. But I’m Matteo Salvini met with him last year, talked for an hour about our party “Northern League” in Italy. Vladimir Putin stressed that our Association contributes to the development of Russian-Italian relations. I think Putin was happy to chat with friends, and we – friends of Putin.

During this visit I met with the same politicians with whom we meet every month to strengthen the cooperation of the “Northern League” with the “United Russia”.

OPINION: You emphasize its regional Northern identity. Italy is not United, from your point of view?

D. S.: In fact, there are two Italy: the North and the South. Northern Italy – part of the country is more developed, while the South is much poorer. In the North of the country concentrated industry, large factories and many small and medium-sized businesses. They work and help the Italian economy amid a global economic crisis to stay afloat. Without them, Italy would be lost.

Only two provinces – Lombardy and Veneto – provide 40% of the GDP of Italy. Then Piedmont, Liguria, Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Genoa and Turin together give 60%. But the South now is very difficult, it is fundamentally different from the North, and to make them identical is impossible. Our party really wants to help the South of Italy. But there reigns the mafia – Camorra… This is another problem in Italy.

Milan, birthplace of Matteo Salvini, it is the capital of Italy, including economic. And Rome is the political, there is a Parliament. Today Rome is also filled with mafia, crime.

OPINION: How do you see the main directions of cooperation on inter-party and inter-state level?

D. S.: Cooperation has already been established – agriculture, construction, manufacture of furniture. In Moscow every year in October there is the furniture show with the participation of many Italian manufacturers. In the North of Italy the cooperation with Russia takes place constantly, and in all areas. And to end it would be a real crime.

And I, as a journalist, head of the new news Agency in Italy, Agiellenews, hopefully including cooperation with information agencies of Russia.

OPINION: how much You personally lost as a result of the policy, which is already two years continues in relation to Russia from the EU?

D. S.: personally, I once again lost hope to see a Europe that defines itself, had lost hope to see a future where people, citizens make decisions about their future. When Italy imposed sanctions against Russia, nobody knew why, why?

Because he was hit by a Malaysian “Boeing”, or because the situation in Ukraine, or because Russia had annexed Crimea? I’ll tell you why Italy have imposed sanctions against Russia, because in Italy the government is not on people, but on the lobby.

OPINION: the EU is now facing a crisis, given the situation with Greece, financial debt, a growing number of eurosceptics. What, in your opinion, the future of the European Union?

D. S.: the Future of the European Union is the end of the European Union. Because the Board, the centralism of Brussels, the EU foreign policy – all this, in fact, a crime against European citizens. It is important that we can change the EU. We want to build a Europe for people, not for banks, which remembers its history, its roots, now we are ashamed, want to forget them. Why?! So is told the economic interests. We have to change it as soon as possible. Probably too late, but I believe that there is still a chance, because the EU is really close to its end, as noticed by Oswald Spengler, who saw the decline of the West, we can say that now Europe is in a state of deep night.

Some, for example, I want Turkey to join the EU. But this is not possible, Turkey is a Muslim country, we can’t see it in the EU, it will be the end of the EU.

OPINION: What, in your view, should happen to Brussels realized that his policy is fundamentally wrong?

D. S.: you Need to replace these politicians. Because they are puppets of the economic interest of large financial groups, globalization, and so extreme in degree that are destroying our individuality. The EU is no more sovereignty, and democracy. Where is she? Politics is no longer defined by people, by Parliament, decides all major banks lobby policy-makers in Europe.

LOOK: You mentioned the lobby, what can you say about a lobby in the EU, in particular who is lobbying for the interests of the EU in Italy?

D. S.: Yes, some lobby can be called American. A very significant problem in the face of Obama is very negative, President of the United States. The foreign policy of his administration destroyed North Africa, Libya, Syria, now we do not understand what he wants to do with Iran, Afghanistan. Everything Obama touches falls apart. We hope that the next US President will be the opposite of Obama.

LOOK: Autumn in the Italian Parliament will discuss the agreement on Association between Ukraine and the EU. Can the bureaucrats of the EU to push through this agreement? Are there any skeptics who are ready to do everything possible to prevent this?

D. S.: can’t know the results of this vote, but I think that the majority in Parliament will say “Yes”. “The Northern League” says “no” because we know that the current situation in Ukraine created by the external foreign forces and their interests, not Ukrainian citizens. In addition to foreign soldiers, some governments are funding the Ukrainian government and the army, fighting against the Donbass. Ukraine has no sovereignty, it is driven by international lobby, not the Kiev Parliament. So we are against this agreement.

VIEW: How, in your opinion, sovereign Italy?

D. S.: After Silvio Berlusconi’s we had a government that was not elected by the people. This is three Prime Ministers: Mario Monti, Enrico Letta and Matteo Renzi – they were chosen by Germany and the United States, because these people had a policy that meets the interests and strategies of Germany and of globalization in General, the partner on the other side of the ocean. And I repeat – where is the democracy?

LOOK: have You been in Moscow several times already. What is your impression about the capital?

D. S.: I First came to Russia when there was still a Soviet Union, in the 1980s, then came here under Yeltsin and Putin. I saw the situation in the development, after the collapse of the Soviet Union international lobby tried to “buy” Russia. But, fortunately for Russians, Putin appeared.

For me, this man is a vivid example of the head of state, which cares and protects primarily the interests of its citizens. And Italy should follow suit. Because now we are only puppets someone’s interests, lobby. Russia is a great country, I am happy when I come here.

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