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Friday, February 23, 2018

Dardenne in Cannes showed a film in the style of Soviet production dram

At the 69th Cannes film festival showed “the Stranger” by Belgian Directors the Dardenne brothers. She lifted for them in the corporate style and production picture reminds of the Soviet times and even “the Days of surgeon Mishkin” with Oleg Efremov as a doctor of the district hospital, selflessly dedicated to the task.

Dr. Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne could sing a song: “Our service and dangerous and difficult”.

photo: youtube.com

Shot from a film “the Stranger” (La fille inconnue)

The jury of the contest headed by Australian Director George Miller’s “the Stranger” might be palatable, especially if none of its members before seen pictures of Dardenne. And other current films of Cannes were told about the representatives of different professions.

The heroine of “Personal shopper” Olivier Assayas was a girl, purchasing in the boutiques of trendy things for its customers that they themselves are not hindered on this account. She travels from Paris to London for some jewelry for rich ladies. Although the film is not about that. “Paterson” Jim Jarmusch is about a beautiful and pure life of the bus driver…

“Stranger” is a fine example of it production movie. It depicted the harsh working life Dr. Jenny. She is young and full of energy. All my life recklessly gives to patients. She has a small office, where she is receiving patients, which is the ordinary and poor people of the suburbs.

You can call Dr. Jenny social a doctor, in the sense that its services are available to any most humble and needy patient. And they get more and more nervous — dedicated and threaten this fragile girl, if that is not so.

Dr. Jenny almost never takes off his plaid coat, even at home when visiting patients, so it will be remembered. Professional doctor probably many things will seem wild and strange. The activities of the protagonist is more reminiscent of a nurse’s job. Hands she never does, even when treating wounds. They are very active.

When there’s an incident with one dark-skinned girl to the doctor and the police come, she will begin an independent investigation, and it is bad for her will end. Her car will break a piece of iron, to push it into the pit from which it is difficult to get out. All life on the razor’s edge. But all this dangerous doctor’s life is not convincing.

Starring 27-year-old French actress Adele Enel, which is behind more than 20 paintings. Talisman of Dardenne Olivier Gourmet, who starred at them since the first film “Rosetta”, contains a small hotel in Belgium. Not to say that he is not an actor. With a childhood interest in theatre, played in the school circle, and then became a student at acting school. Now Gourmet is not only Dardennes, but also French Directors. It is as natural as life itself. The same thing can be said about almost all actors that are Dardenne. They do such recognizable people from across the street.

The 66th Cannes film festival. Chronicle of events

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