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Monday, March 19, 2018

Bayanova immigrated to the USSR thanks to Gorbachev

This Wednesday remember the famous pop singer Alla Bayanova, she would have been 98 years old. She became famous for the performance of Russian songs and romances. Bayanov’s always stayed true to the musical tradition of the Silver age — the time when she began her career.

The head of the Center of Russian culture and arts, people’s artist of Russia, singer, Vladimir Devyatov told “MK” about the life and work of the celebrated singer.

photo: Artem Makeev

Alla Bayanova

Vladimir Sergeevich, what is Alla Bayanova in Russian musical culture?

Alla Bayanova – the legend of world and domestic musical Olympus, the emigrant of the first wave. The last of the singers survived to our time representing the great reservoir of musical and song culture of the Silver age of the last century.

– What about her family?

– She was born in the family of an Opera bass may 18, 1914. In the city of Chisinau Bessarabia province. Her father by the name of bayans (his nickname is actually his last name Levitsky), was an Opera bass, who studied in Italy with Antonio Cotogni. The most famous ancestor of the singer – artist Levitsky, he was famous in the 18th century, painted portraits of the Russian nobility of that time. The mother was from an aristocratic noble family.

– Probably, Alla Bayanova early to start singing?

– Little Alla from the early years, of course, heard the singing of the father. And in nine years with him, at his request, came on the scene. It was in Paris at the restaurant “Kazbek”. She has performed with the folk song. More precisely, he and his father sang a duet.

– How did the singer’s fate after the revolution?

– Born in Bessarabia in Russia, which was annexed by Romania, a Small Alla with his family went in search of a better life in Germany, and then to Paris in 1912. Professionally to earn a start in 13 years. It was there, in Paris, Vertinsky, seeing a talented girl, singing in the restaurant, helped her with engagement in Europe. She took the pseudonym Bayanova.

– What are the difficulties faced Alla bajanova in the war?

– In 1940, the year Alla Bayanova lived in Romania, in Bucharest. There she married, continuing to work in the restaurant of Peter Leshchenko, who was then a ballet dancer. By the way, Pyotr Leshchenko has borrowed a large part of the repertoire of Alla Lanovoy. Because she promoted the Russian national song culture, in 1940-m to year Bayanova was arrested for the execution of Russian songs, as an agitator. It was kept in the dungeons of one and a half years. With her first husband after the arrest of the relationship has been terminated. Only in early 1942, the year after liberation, Alla learned of the outbreak of war with the Soviet Union.

– As a further evolved her personal life?

– Due to the fact that Alla is constantly kept under control, she had come to the gendarmerie to report daily to. There she met her second husband Stefan, Sindri. He was from a rich and noble family. When she came out of the gendarmerie, fell under the wheels of his car. And so we became acquainted.

But their marriage was short-lived?

– After the establishment of communism in Romania, her husband Stephen, too, was arrested. Three years later he came out angry at the world and on Alla. His condition led to constant quarrels. In the end, Alla left him. It was two full-fledged formal marriage. The third marriage was a sham. She married a man named Cohen. They did this in order to immigrate to the Soviet Union.

– Why she decided to immigrate to the Soviet Union?

– This idea appeared in her late fifties, As the Alla is a negative attitude toward the line running Ceausescu. He reminded her of the Stalin system. But for a long time she could not immigrate. And only in 1976, the year in three weeks she goes on tour to Ukraine together with the Romanian pop band. There she recorded two albums. Later in 1984, she was again sent to the Soviet Union on tour. And in 1986, the year makes the final decision to move to Moscow. And in 1989, she manages.

– How did the Soviet government?

– In the Soviet Union she arrived even without things. But because she was a very popular singer of Russian exile, Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev presented her with an apartment on the Old Arbat. There she lived the rest of his days.

– Did you know Alla Bayanova what she was like in life?

– I personally knew Alla Bayanova and often met with her at concerts. Its distinctive feature was the incredible intelligence and in life and on stage. It was the strongest energy. Alla during performances danced, had a ballet show, just worked with the musicians: piano, guitar, violin. It was typical of the genre of early 20th – century Silver.

– She had some difficulties in obtaining the title of people’s artist?

The Ministry of culture Alla Banovo asked a work book that has made her a real delight, because she never had the work book. The absence of this document created the problem, and the Ministry decided not to give her any ranks and state awards. But, as you know, she stood up for the powerful. Here’s a brief history of the life of Alla Lanovoy. She died from leukemia, in Moscow. Those who knew her, who saw her on the stage, will understand me and will remember her as a unique phenomenon of our national song culture.

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