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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Andrew Lesik: My position – establish relations with Russia

“For what, in fact, exclude? Because I was on 9 may in a column with the veterans who marched with orders, medals and St. George ribbons”, – told the newspaper LOOK Deputy of the Kharkiv city Council Andrey Lesik. After the attack nationalists on Lesik’s city Council decided to punish him by depriving of Deputy powers.

Kharkiv city Council on Monday voted for the early termination of powers of the Deputy of the seventh convocation Andrey Lesik, who was elected according to lists of party “Vidrodzhennya” (“Revival”), which may 9, came to the Memorial of Glory with the St. George ribbon. Activities Lesik mayor Gennady Kernes called the meeting “subversive”. For deprivation of the mandate voted 63 deputies, against – one.

“My exception and welcomed the Governor Ihor rainin, who also advised the authorities of the SBU to deal with me”

As the newspaper VIEW, in may last year, a law banning the public display of the tape made in the Ukrainian Parliament Deputy, adviser to the interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko. Similar bills were introduced and deputies of the parliaments of Moldova and Latvia. In January of this year the group of deputies has submitted to the Seimas a bill to ban St. George ribbon. The reason for this was the act of their colleagues from Klaipeda Vyacheslav Titov, who came with a ribbon for a meeting of the city Council.

But in the end none of these republics, these initiatives supported by a majority of the Parliament were not.

As writes RIA “Novosti”, the Lesik at the meeting expressed the belief that he is deprived of the mandate because participation in the ceremony of laying flowers to the memorial on may 9, along with the veterans. But barely Lesyk began to speak, his microphone was switched off. That he would like to say to colleagues, the head of the city branch of the movement “Ukrainian choice” Andrey Lesik said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK.

OPINION: Andrey, how legitimate was the decision of your colleagues? As the lawyers say, if you don’t come to the party, you can’t apply the law on the imperative mandate?

Andriy Lesyk: It’s all a mess! We have already submitted an application to the County administrative court. A copy of the application filed in city election Commission – that suspends the decision of the session, has not yet reached its decision the court. We will also apply in the Dzerzhinsk regional Department of internal Affairs regarding interference with my parliamentary activities. Mayor Kernes by force in the presence of deputies and TV cameras and removed me from the audience, violating my rights to parliamentary activities.

OPINION: AND what if Gennady Kernes is based with colleagues from the legal point of view, if the law to deprive you of the impossible mandate?

A. L.: They are just based on your desire. That is in fact now pushing at the monastery members of the city electoral Commission. They want to make scapegoats.

A. L.: Of Course! Only a year and only on the initiative of voters. But they spit on the law. I mean, in what system we live in? As I have to fight to a man with his position. For that, in fact, exclude? Because I was on 9 may in a column with the veterans who marched with orders, medals and St. George ribbons. Natsik tried me there a little break, because I’m a brave kid. Saying what people want to hear.

OPINION: At the meeting you reproached that you may 9 not went at the head of the festive crowds, where there were other deputies, officials, and the tail – together with the veterans. And there, they say that you provoked the fight…

A. L.: it’s not my fault that cling to me Natsik?! Yeah, between me and the other deputies there was a distance. But I didn’t bother, went there, where I feel comfortable. Was in the convoy with the veterans, I walked with those who came along to the party with workers of the plant “Kommunar”, with ideological people. When they started chanting “Fascism will not pass! Thank you grandpa for the victory!” it’s not like these comrades who call themselves patriots.

After I laid carnations at the memorial, moved away, met Yuri Mikhailovich Poyarkov. It is honored Kharkov, twice Olympic champion, the Deputy of the city Council of last convocation. I just hugged him. Am going – and then run out some guys and shout: “Lesik ribbon!” And try to disrupt. But I dodged. I helped one policeman. He suffered, but before it had time for the head to grab one of those on me ran. Then I will tell him personally thank you. With me were guys who were able to insure. I can protect myself. And who will protect veterans?

Today from the podium I told the following story. Came veterans in one of the educational establishments of Kharkiv at a ceremony on the eve of 9 may. Speak to the Director: “Hello! You know, because we come to you today in raincoats,” the “Why?” “Because we are afraid to show their medals”. What is this?! The most important thing is the issue of security for every Ukrainian, every citizen of Kharkiv.

OPINION: How come you with this Outlook went according to party lists, which is identified with the name of the oligarch Kolomoisky? And in Parliament, for example, your party voted in February against Yatsenyuk’s resignation, and in April for the appointment of Prime Minister Groysman?

A. L.: we can be elected only on party lists. Until the end of August it was known that I go to Kharkov first number from the Opposition bloc, a candidate for mayor. But the mayor did everything to block not registered in the elections – thereby to bury the electorate that shares my views. Their task was to neutralize me as a potential mayoral candidate. That is, I will not ask. They suggested: “Andrew, we’re taking you with me”. I say, “I respect you, but, maybe I’m taking you with me”. In the end, I went through the list of “Revival”, but their position! Position – establish relations with Russia. So in the shower I think and 90 percent of the rest of the members of the city Council, I am sure. But another thing is that they are cowards, traitors to their country.

And what was the first position of “Revival”? At the party Congress as a key thesis was the establishment of neighbourly relations and allied relations with Russia, with the Eurasian Union. But now everything has changed. I was the only one at the meeting of the city Council have not voted for recognition of Russia an aggressor.

I was not a member of the party, although there was pressure, so I joined it. It was just in February. But just then the deputies from the party not to vote for Yatsenyuk’s resignation, they then simply left the room. It angered me, then we have the conflict began. And I am grateful that they threw me out of the faction. But now they want to deprive me of the mandate – to others it was nepovadno. I told them: “Just try!”

I myself am madly in love with Ukraine, dearly worried for her fate, for the people who live here. For me I am being bullied?! I always advocate the fact that the Russian people has always been and remains the brotherly people. If someone doesn’t like? We have common values. We brought up about the same. We have nothing to share.

OPINION: what proportion of residents of Kharkiv, according to your feelings, think about the same as you?

A. L.: most of the townspeople. In fact, I am sure that every MP thinks the same. And the mayor thinks the first. Another thing is that he now wants to please Kiev.

My exception was greeted by the Governor Ihor rainin, who also advised the authorities of the SBU to deal with me. And I appeal to the authorities of the SBU: where were you looking when the criminal regime signed evroassotsiatsiyu? Why didn’t you warn this crime?! I read it. This is death for our economy. What is the point to take – starting with the fact that we shall at his own expense to redo all the rails. There is good in Europe? by far. But who is there waiting for us? We need to build Europe here.

Remember how we had a trade turnover with Russia! Kharkov was the key transportation hub. And now few trains go through us to Moscow or Peter. I knew a guy from Belgorod reminds me of: “All weekend we always spent in Kharkov”. For us it was profitable. We have a great Gorky Park, which all are proud. It would be great if the Russians brought their money back. And he would not have been subsidized. And since we are 70 million from the budget allocated for this Park.

Attitude to Russian most people have a normal. Similarly, in Russia – we sympathize, people ask me: “How much can you tolerate?” I am sure that Russia and Ukraine will be good-neighborly relations, mutual respect. And politicians who are doing all that we clashed, once for that answer.

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