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Thursday, March 15, 2018

“Against the rebels”: as in the state Duma discussing the creation of the national guard

The state Duma adopted in the first reading a package of bills of creation in Russia of the National guard — votes “United Russia” “Fair Russia” and LDPR. During the discussions led to the original interpretation of the reasons for the emergence of a new structure.

photo: Kirill Iskoldsky

7 bills Vladimir Putin submitted to the Duma after he signed a decree on creation of national guard troops and a new power structure – the Federal service of national guard troops (Regardie). Guide service by the President, and operational management – Director, it – chief of the troops of the national guard. The presidential envoy to the Duma Harry Minkh reminded: this Department is sent internal troops, SWAT and riot police, which were previously the responsibility of the interior Ministry. Regardie, not the interior Ministry, will now deal with the control of arms trafficking and the activities of PSCs, and she transferred FGUP “Protection”.

Tasks of Regardie defined as participation together with the police in the protection of public order, public security and state of emergency, participation, together with special services in the fight against terrorism, extremism, territorial defense of the Russian Federation and its borders, the protection of important state objects and special cargoes. “Guards” may be attracted “to other tasks by the President and in accordance with Federal law”, said Mr. Minh.

Irina Yarovaya (“United Russia”) has assured that the members of the relevant Committee for security and combating corruption “fully endorse and support the President’s proposals”, and to the bills they have “no comments”.

Sergei Ivanov (LDPR) said that the title of guardsman was given in the army for meritorious service, and “in Soviet practice in the internal troops do not always recruited the highest quality recruits,” and said, “Not if we sow discord between the army and guards of the Internal troops?”. Mr. Minh’m sure that hatred will not be because “troops of the national guard, and Armed forces – all military personnel,” and Internal troops have been given the right to formulate its own requirements for recruitment during the call, and “in comparison with Soviet time, there was already some change.”

Nikolay Ryabov (KPRF) said they cannot understand why a new structure: “the bad Or border guards protect the border? Or MIA can not cope with their responsibilities?”.

The answer he gave in his speech, the leader of LDPR: “Against the rebels, against the revolutionaries of all stripes, against the extremists!” From the words of Vladimir Zhirinovsky indicated that the first were national guardsmen, the guardsmen of Ivan the terrible, and from the beginning of the 19th century the same function, which will perform the National guard, performed the gendarmes. The tsarist secret police did not prevent the revolution of 1917 because of the small numbers, he said.

Vyacheslav tetekin admitted that the faction of the Communist party “there is a sense of the crudity of the question”: the interior Ministry loses combat units, and Regardie does not receive operational authority. “At the same khovanskoye cemetery had information about the impending showdown, but so far the authorities have agreed on who and what to do, got 3 dead and 30 wounded. Departmental barriers are likely to continue to hinder the work on the detection and prevention of crimes,” he said.

“We’re not little children and we understand that we are talking about the concentration of all power systems of the country in the same hands, but history shows that excessive concentration of power is never good arguments,” continued Mr. Tetekin. In the Communist party believe that the establishment of the national guard connected with the deterioration of the socio-economic situation in the country and with the need to prevent excesses during the upcoming elections”. But, said Mr. Tetekin, participants of the street protests, the Communist party in the regions to have experienced violence against oneself, and the police appears “suspicious mind”. “Not going to be like if the National guard under the nipple, which passes air only in one direction?” “he asked.

Doubt prevented the Communist party faction to push the button “for”. The package was adopted by a vote of “United Russia”, LDPR and “CP”.

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