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Thursday, July 20, 2017

A nuclear war between NATO and Russia over the Baltic States this year

Nuclear Apocalypse on earth needs to happen in the nearest months. Russia and NATO countries will exchange bombing attacks from the camp of the Baltic States. This is not the script for the next sci-Fi blockbuster, and the forecast is quite a present, albeit a retired British General Richard Shirreff. He said that the Russian authorities are drawing up plans to seize the Baltic republics, which will inevitably lead to a nuclear exchange. Russian military experts have commented on the “MK” the logic of these statements.

photo: youtube.com

In order to avoid such deleterious variants, Shirreff proposed to increase the NATO forces in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The General is convinced that Moscow is aware of NATO’s weakness and uses it as a pretext for invasion, to uphold the rights of Russian-speaking residents of the Baltic States.

Military expert Mikhail Khodarenok

The presence of stars in General does not guarantee the presence of mind. What we can agree with this man, really, any war between NATO and Russia will go nuclear, it’s understood. After all, what is NATO, it’s not the Baltic States with three battalions is first and foremost the United States. As with the United States of possible war by conventional means? In such a scenario is only possible nuclear war and no other. The General is right in only one, any conflict involving the United States and Russia develops into an exchange of nuclear missile strikes. Here and do not mind to predict it. The fact that this conflict will be in the course of the year, and we attack the Baltic States is heresy. No real background for his predictions there. I think he himself knows it. A person has decided to earn money on General hysteria, which is now turned into Europe around Russia.

Military expert Viktor murakhovski

Survivor of mind is difficult to comment on the generals. It is clear that from the political circles of Europe, especially from the Baltic States constantly blown tantrum. The military needs to look not at words, but in actions. Actions are now such that we don’t strengthen the troops on the border near the Baltic States. Any additional funds we did not transferred and the plans for this either. Therefore, these plans for the invasion it is difficult to comment on. A statement this General looks like, lap examination, rather than a serious military intelligence.

This Baltic hysteria sounds for a long time. However, if you look seriously, in response to our Ministry of defense has not taken any steps. In fact, the North-West direction, which includes the Baltic sea and the Baltic mills, they are generally minor. Therefore, we are not deploying there are no serious groups. Here we can recall that the s-400 can generally be positioned close to the border with Estonia. These complexes were to be blocked all the airspace of the Baltic States, but this is not happening. Missile brigades, which are located in Kaliningrad, is still equipped with obsolete complexes “Tochka U”. and the latest “Iskander” there still does not appear, but NATO will continue such a policy, they will live to see that in this region appears and noventia anti-missile systems and anti-ship systems that completely block the Eastern part of the Baltic sea , will be s-400, which completely block their airspace.

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