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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Witness the fight with the Bulk in Anapa: “Started the guy in red”

17 may in Anapa attacked the Creator of the Foundation for fighting corruption Alexei Navalny and his accompanying group. The locals were going “as it should” to say goodbye to the Bulk, before his departure to Moscow pouring his milk, but it has gone further.

photo: youtube.com

According to reports Navalny, his group was beaten by about 30 people. Also, he States that participated in the beating of the Cossacks and the police. “The perpetrators of the attack “Cossacks” and the police”, wrote the founder of the FBC on Twitter.

The record shows that in a fight, indeed, was attended by the Cossacks. Some of them were in uniform with epaulets of the senior Cossack ranks: captain and captain. On the form is also adorned with stripes: the state register of Cossack societies of Russia. Commentators from Anapa saw in the video, Deputy ataman of the Cossack Society of the city Nikolay Nesterenko. Apparently, these group had a “farewell” Bulk.

Watch the video on “Attack of the Cossacks on Navalny and his associates were caught on video”

In the Internet appeared the frames, which depicted the attack of the Cossacks in Bulk and employees of the Fund of struggle against corruption at the airport of Anapa.The video shows how a group of people in Cossack hats first slings hung with heavy backpacks guests with milk, and then starts to beat them. After some time in the situation of trying to interfere with two police officers, but organized attackers cease their action. Read how to respond to the incident web users.

Video posted on the website Youtube.com user Dmitriy Slaboda.

The details of the incident near Anapa airport, “MK” told “sympathetic to the Cossacks” Dmitriy Slaboda, Kuban blogger, photographer.

According to him, the action with “wires” Navalny was planned in advance: “I got a call the morning of 17 may. Said I came to the airport, there’s something planned.. I didn’t even know that there will be Bulk..”.

According to Sloboda, the situation developed as follows:

– When a group of Navalny got off the bus and went towards the airport, they began to pour milk. And someone from his company in the red shirt was hit by the elbow of an old Cossack. This can be seen at 31 seconds into the video that I posted. Saw this young Cossacks and a fight ensued. The Cossacks tried to grab the guy in the red shirt who punched pensioner..

– The police had not intervened?

After the police ran out, major, and began to separate. The verbal sparring continued for another seven minutes.

– That now with the Cossack, who was hit in the beginning of the action?

– As far as I know, he will write a statement to the police and to take a beating. I saw the blood. The only thing he didn’t fall to the ground, as a man from the group of Navalny in a blue t-shirt.

When this blogger said that has no idea who exactly was the organizer of the action “Farewell to Navalny”.

But a man in a blue t-shirt from the band Navalny, who got the most from the object in the Cossack kubanka and camouflage, was Artyom Torchinsky, host of “Rain”. He later told his colleagues that the doctors discovered he had serious injuries. Although the survey shows that hit him hard was first dealt a blow to the right temple, and then , when he was lying on the pavement, and finished off his feet.

As for the young man in the red shirt, first succumbed to the provocation of the locals, then this is how it turned out – the newly made spouse of the employee FBK Anna Litvinenko. Press Secretary of the organization published a photo of the pair with an ironic caption: “Anna got married, took my husband camping with the FCO. He now, ETC. Here, noted in the campaign of new friends.”

Anya @Litvinenko_aa1 got married, took my husband camping with the FCO.He now, ETC.Here, noted in the campaign of new friends pic.twitter.com/nksY7vH0wf

Alexey Navalny (@navalny) 17 may 2016

It is known that the Cossack brigade take part in maintaining public order in Anapa along with the police. Despite this, we attempted to find out why near the airport, operating high risk, was only one police officer, who eventually broke up a fight.

In anapskaya linear Department of the MIA of Russia on transport in the comment “MK” has refused. However, as the press service of the airport. From media reports, it follows that none of the participants of the brawl were detained. The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said that has no information about the attack on Navalny

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