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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

With middle-aged fathers are five times more likely children are born with autism

A study conducted by experts from Georgetown University in USA, showed that men are more likely to give birth to healthy children, if its age has not yet reached forty years. In the future increases the risk that the child will suffer from autism, increased risk of schizophrenia and several other problems.

Scientists compared the results of many earlier studies, including various statistical analyses, animal experiments and so on, and then made sure that the age of the father, not just his genes, has a strong impact on the health of his future children. In particular, according to the researchers, the probability that father above 40 years of age a child will be born with autism, more than five times higher than in the case that the man was not yet 30 years old. In turn, the risk that a man’s children will be predisposed to schizophrenia, begins to increase after 25 years and reaches quite high values to 45 years.

The study, published in the publication, American Journal of Stem Cells, also showed that a lot depends on the lifestyle of the father — for example, if he suffers from alcoholism, it is with considerable probability will affect his future children negatively, while the right diet, on the contrary, can positively affect the health of descendants.

Studies on the significance of the age of the father for the health of his children, are significantly less than those devoted to the influence of maternal age. The specialists, for the most part, recommend women not to postpone the birth of a child, however, the issue of “optimal” age remains open. In March, researchers from the UK have noticed that for the health of the woman she should give birth to up to 30 years, otherwise the increased level of estrogen may have her own dangerous consequences. Another group of scientists called the perfect for childbearing age from 25 to 40 years — during this period, the bones of the pelvis women take the most appropriate form.

Somewhat apart is a study recently conducted by experts from the society of max Planck and the London school of Economics. They concluded that kids parents should be as late as possible. The researchers drew attention to the fact that progress does not stand still, and the later the baby is born, the more developed in terms of education, health and other aspects of the world he will live, that is, ultimately, a late child to be “more profitable” than the earlier a child from the same parents.

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