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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Will Britain out of the EU: before the referendum had about a month left

About a month remains before the referendum in the UK about the UK remaining in the EU. This question raises a lot of controversy in British society (and even beyond). Dissatisfaction with the policy of the EU is growing among the population and among politicians. At the same time, a large number of Britons see the pros to continue to live in a “common European home”.

photo: AP

According to a source known British tabloid The Sun, even Queen Elizabeth II supports the withdrawal of Britain from the EU. In a private conversation with the ex-Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, whose contents became known to the interlocutor of The Sun, she said that the European Union is in the wrong direction, although officially Elizabeth II maintains political neutrality.

All new and new scandals begs the question of a British exit from the EU , this time – talk about sending more than 3 million EU citizens back to their countries. “If the UK will vote for secession from the European Union, the government will do everything possible to maintain the positive situation in the country, however, the EU law rights of such citizens will not be guaranteed,” – said in the house of lords.

The policy of the ruling Conservative party took a different position on the idea of leaving the EU. “The reforms we have made to date, Britain will be richer if you decide to leave the EU” – says, for example, John Longworth, Director General of the British chambers of Commerce.

However, not everyone shares the view that leaving the EU would be a useful step for the UK: “the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. Of course, no. We are inseparably woven into the European fabric. In everything: culture, history and geography we are a European country,” says British politician, leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg,

Many in the UK are not satisfied, first of all, a large number of arriving migrants from Eastern European countries and restricting the powers of the Parliament of the Kingdom. “We set a new “emergency brake”, in which migrants have to wait 4 years until they will have full access privileges”, – said Prime Minister David Cameron. “This will finally end the idea that people can come into our country and get something just because” – said the politician.

The decision on an exit from the EU affect not only social problems but also economic.

According to the expert of the Centre for British studies of RAS, Elena Ananieva “economic and political welfare of the country depends on the outcome of the referendum, but to predict it is hardly possible, as the gap between supporters and opponents of a British exit from the EU is not so great: about 5-6%, although the statistical percentage is 3%”. This does not take into account the percentage of those who undecided c response regarding the referendum. As currently the attendance of one can not predict, but according to the polls of supporters of Britain’s membership in the EU more also added.

“UK loses 11.5 per cent of GDP, or almost 185 billion pounds a year just because is a member of the EU, instead of having to be a fully independent sovereign state”- a well-known economist Tim Condon.

According to polls carried out in 2016, the majority of Britons believe that the UK’s exit from the EU will lead to the fact that by 2020, the Kingdom will lose hundreds of billions of pounds. Losses equivalent to 5% of annual UK GDP. Even if the actual damage will be less, withdrawal from the EU will be a serious shock to the British economy.

“According to our estimates leaving the EU will cause heavy costs to the UK economy, and in General this decision –a very risky gamble, ” – said the Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron.

From comments on this situation not abstained and the leaders of other countries. Earlier, President Barack Obama said that the United Kingdom should remain part of the European Union to maintain its influence in the world. According to him, membership of London in the EU “gives us a lot more confidence in the strength of the transatlantic Alliance”. And Angela Merkel for the first time admitted that the separation of Britain from the EU is possible, writes the German magazine Der Spiegel, citing sources in the Federal Chancellery and the Ministry of foreign Affairs. According to sources in the government, during a meeting tete-a-tete with Cameron at the recent EU summit, Merkel made clear the British Prime Minister that, if he continues to insist on its migration initiative in the relations of great Britain and the EU will be reached “point of no return”.

Recall that the discussion of the need for reform began with the promise of the current Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron during his election campaign. Holding such a referendum before the end of 2017 was one of the campaign promises of Cameron and as soon as the Conservative party came to victory in the parliamentary elections in may, he first declared that the referendum will take place.

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