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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The victim of the critic Basner acquittal: falsifiers covered felon

Detective series about a fake painting by Boris Grigoriev, “restaurant”, which was acquired with the mediation of Elena Basner known collector Andrey Vasilyev, is approaching its finale. On Tuesday, the Dzerzhinsky court of St. Petersburg recognized art critic Basner (by the way, she is the daughter of the famous composer Veniamin Basner) innocent. Supposedly all this: and the picture is fake, and the conclusion Elena Veniaminovna issued lime, but… the intent was not, an unfortunate mistake, nothing more. And without intention there’s no case.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

So, no real term of four years, which insisted the prosecution and a huge fine… (Vasiliev, among other things, bought a fake for 250 thousand dollars in 2007). All hush-hush, and they even say the hall applauded. We decided to contact the chief “celebrant”, but on the other hand, the collector Andrey Vasilyev. He, however, was extremely correct.

— Mr. Vasiliev, what is your reaction to the justification Basner?

— First, I respect the decisions of all courts. Secondly, of course we will appeal this decision: to us it seems unfair and, largely, subjective. What else to say…

— I understand that by participating in the process, you don’t so much aim to return the money, how much you go on principle?

— Of course. You are right. Absolutely. Not even “go to the principle,” I’m sorry, defend their vision of the world. And in this vision it is impossible this behavior, when a former employee of the Museum, major art (and other-other regalia) sells fakes, which, firstly, she appears from nowhere, and secondly, cloned from a reference, stored in the Museum. That’s all!

— Surprised by the position of the public — applause in court, they say, we won… hurray, thank God.

— Well, it’s not public opinion, and the opinion, apparently, friends. I share their reactions: what people close to them had passed some sort of unpleasant fate… temporarily passed. But, you are right, I would like some structured public opinion, which at least knew good from evil.

— You humanly will be a pleasure to sit with the real term, or are you content with the wording of “guilty” and all?

Yeah I hate anybody else to plant, I have another profession, another mission in this world. It is important to me in this case that has been tampered with the thing from the Museum. Took this part… the sea Museum staff. There is no one random person. And when they took over the one place they hired — and I can tell absolutely definitely, being responsible for their words, — hired a felon, which they covered.

— It is clear that 90 years have changed the country — and academics are not academics, and critics are not critics. How do you think we will be able eventually to clear these Augean stables, and back to some traditional standards of morality?

— I would put the pronoun “we”. I care about what I do. Of course, I was also thinking — should I do that or not. Put yourself in my place: it’s quite a long period of life that was busy completely optional things for me. But I realized that I’d better be doing it, because the situation itself pushed to this… “We” starts with “I”. And when people, the most “we” applauded in court, I would not have applauded. Well, see for yourself: the court says here, sold fake, paid for it big money, fake are made with such things stored there, but there is no intent! Forgery is, and the intent is not. And all clap. Well, I guess it’s not quite right. Maybe we should reflect and not beat his hands.

— Hinted different media that the plant collectors could you put in a reproach — they say, take out dirty linen in public… decided to quietly.

— I don’t live in the house. I live in an apartment or in the country. Well, the truth! And do not trade in the market. And I do not belong in any shop. My life has its maxims, its own standards, which I try to follow. Yes, it happens that this is inappropriate from a pragmatic point of view. But what can I do, my friends? Well I can’t change in favor of some kind of shop. I’m totally with anyone connected to someone I could specify how I should conduct myself. I’m not to the bandits turned…

— Yes here by the way…

— …I went to court! This is normal behavior in a civilized country. The court acquitted her. Well. We don’t play football — I lost, she won. This is a real problem that the court has not yet been able to solve. Maybe the next court will decide. Ever. But we have no other way. No! There’s just so boring the way the court and public discussion, articles, some kind of expression. You know? Nothing is given…

— You will have to appeal and what hope of success?

— Listen, I don’t expect anything. I formulate an opinion. As I see it, and how he must do it. If I did everything by calculation, he would have made it all quite differently, though! They offered me to give the left the paper, and this picture I could sell. But it is not in my, albeit loudly, a code of honor. Well, I would have sold it to someone, people would be unhappy. This is, in my opinion, not normal.

— Where is fake?

— In court. It is also material evidence because the verdict has not yet entered into force. And I think we will return to this topic more than once.

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