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Monday, March 19, 2018

The organizer of “Eurovision” will consider a petition for review of the outcome of the contest

The results of “Eurovision”, which was won by the Ukrainian Jamala, Russian Sergey Lazarev took third place because of the opinion of the professional jury, although dominated in the popular vote, has sparked numerous protests. A petition on the website Change.org a proposal to revise the results of the contest have already collected more than 230 thousand votes. The European broadcasting Union EBU promised to consider the petition on Tuesday. A commentator of Eurovision from Russia called his version of the incident.

Will consider, but does not revise

“I can’t understand why only five people from one country can have such impeccable musical taste”

The European broadcasting Union (EBU) on Tuesday is scheduled to consider a petition demanding revision of results of “Eurovision-2016”, published on the website change.org. According to recent reports, it has been signed by more than 230 thousand people.

“We are aware of the petition, the issue will be discussed today, and the EBU response will be published later,” – told RIA “news” a press-the Secretary of the EBU Floor Jordan. However, he believes “it is unlikely that the results will be reviewed.”

The author of the petition Arthur Hovhannisyan from Yerevan proposed to revise the results of voting of the professional jury.

“We understand that the voting process for the jury and TV viewers is difficult and emotional, but the number of people who signed this, shows how many people believe that the “winner” was not the one who was supposed to actually win this competition”, – said in the petition.

Earlier it was stated that the required number of votes is 150 thousand, but after that number was dialed, the bar is increased to 200 thousand After reaching it, the required number of signatures has changed to 300 thousand people, reports TASS.

In explaining the administration Change.org it is stated that the petitioner can set up an automatic increase in the number of votes, if the campaign is spreading fast. The final plank is not installed, so it’s unclear how many signatures will still be collected. In this petition, published on Change.org not legally binding, and the European broadcasting Union could not to consider the appeal.

On Change.org also posted a petition demands: “to Boycott the contest “Eurovision”, “to Deprive the winner of “Eurovision 2016″ first place for breaking the rules of the contest”, “Give victory to Sergey Lazarev, Deny Russia to sponsor the “Eurovision-2017” in the Ukraine, “send to group “Leningrad” on “Eurovision-2017″ from Russia.”

Previously, such appeals appeared in other countries. The initiative was supported by residents of the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, Serbia, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine and other countries.

Need 15 people in the jury

Commentator “Eurovision 2016” from Russia Ernest Mackevicius in conversation with the newspaper VIEW noted that the judging system at the competition “really weird.” “What is the popular vote and the people’s love is understandable. And these estimates, as we have seen, often do not coincide with the opinion of musicians, the opinion of the jury that assesses the professional quality of the performers and not just their rating and charm. It is also clear,” he said.

However, commentator “Eurovision” believes that the organizers of the competition need to decide what to put at the head of the corner: the opinion of the jury, which can hardly be called objective and representative, or national and even international will.

“I can’t understand why only five people from one country can have such impeccable musical taste to understand where the contractor performs well and professionally, and where it falls short… And how to keep these five from outside influence? It is clear that the fewer the judges, the more opportunities to manipulate them”, – he said.

To the results of the contest caused less questions, Mackevicius offers to put in chairs of the jury members, not five, but 12 to 15 people. “And so it seems that we like again returned to the arts Council, which previously sat with the aunties and hull decided to sing the person is able or not able. Only now the members of the jury sit now without Hal, but the essence remains the same,” says commentator.

Mackevicius sure that the already announced results, no petitions will not be affected. And even the recognition of the Danish side that they made a mistake when voting, too. Reverse the results of “Eurovision” have no, such precedents have never been. However, in the future as the present situation and the “people’s” petition with a demand to cancel the results and change the system of refereeing has forced the management of the European broadcasting Union to think about the rules.

“Reputation is an important thing. Let me remind you, the basic principle still an Eurovision song contest was called the Association of people in Europe, not separation,” he recalled.

By the way, Jamal expert believes a great artist with a great voice. That’s just it submitted repertoire “absolutely fell outside the scope of “Eurovision”. However, the song left, and then she won.

Mackevicius does not exclude that the EU and the USA on the eve of the competition, seeing the data of bookmakers, which promised the victory of Russia, just got scared and pressured several judges in several countries. “If defeated Lazarev, whatever that meant for them? That next year, in spite of any sanctions would have to go to Moscow and “grist” for the mill of Moscow. I can’t know exactly, but can imagine. Otherwise difficult to explain why the jury members from some countries, and are friendly to us, give 2 or even 0 points,” he concluded.

VZGLYAD also learned opinion about the contest the Russian singer Anastasia Stotskaya, excluded from the national jury a few days earlier due to the fact that I broadcast dress rehearsal of semi-final in the social network Periscope. Her place was taken by the star of the television series “Voronin” actor Stanislav Doinikov.

“I don’t know whether to call the refereeing at the Eurovision proper. I have been afraid to say anything. Because then you can inflate this what was not, she confessed. – In short, do not judge me. But that the jury put a zero, and the population of the country which they represent – 10-12 points, is an element of bias of some kind. Why now on this is especially noticed? Because this year started to show separately: as the jury and vote, as ordinary people, before all this is summarized immediately and we only saw the result. And when we see the figures separately, the difference between the professional rating and the people’s vote is very conspicuous”.

“As for the Jamala… In my opinion, in itself it is outside the format of this contest. It was very different from everyone there,” added Stotsky.

Concert of Sergey Lazarev Director Michael Butler told the newspaper VIEW that the artist comments, and proposed to refer all questions to the press attaché of the VGTRK Maxim Cranio.

“You can agree or disagree with the results, but they are are what they are. To challenge them, unfortunately, already it is impossible, – said the newspaper VIEW Cronin. – It so happened. It is the opinion of the jury. But the jury sitting creative people. And as in any creative contest, the artist has the right to their point of view different from the rest. And if these people see the situation, nothing to do, very difficult to prove that they can look at something from a political point of view”.

“We are no different from other”

“Each member of the jury from each country should have a newsletter with 4 positions – song, room, vocal, interpretation of the image. Each item is on the evaluation and summed the total score. How, then, Lazarev may get zero? No way. After these results are posted on the website of the “Eurovision”, and as soon as some delegations have questions and complaints, they come to the site and see how people voted,” she explained.

“I agree that Lazarev incorrectly evaluated. But our judges also put Jamal 0, but the viewers appreciated her 10 points… it Turns out that we are no different from other, so to arrange a misconduct scandal”, – said the producer.

However, the Russian senators strongly oppose the outcome of the contest. “We need to revise the results of the competition, but to convince the organizers to do will be difficult. In this competition policy took precedence over art, and so frankly it was the first time”, – said the member of the Federation Council Frants Klintsevich.

According to him, on the background of this petition is especially “juicy” look to the words of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko about the fact that the victory of the Ukrainian singer Jamala in the contest “Eurovision 2016” would facilitate the return of Crimea to Ukraine.

The European broadcasting Union (EBU), organizing the Eurovision song contest, reacted to words of the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko about what cultural figures of Russia from the black list will not be able to perform at the “Eurovision-2017”.

“The selection of performers for the next contest hasn’t started yet. Eurovision is an event that promotes such values as tolerance, diversity and openness. We have continued to encourage participants and owners of the competition to adhere to these values”, – noted there.


On Saturday in Stockholm was the final of the Eurovision song contest. The audience gave the most votes to the representative of Russia Sergey Lazarev, however, the addition of these votes with the judges scores, he took third place, and win the jury gave to the representative of Ukraine Jamal, who performed the song about the deportation of Crimean Tatars by Stalin in 1944.

Users of social networks from around the world protested the new voting system at the Eurovision song contest and called it a political view. In their opinion, the winner of the contest was to be Sergey Lazarev.

In Ukraine, the victory Jamala was received with a stressed a political point of view. The leader of the party “Batkivshchyna” Yulia Tymoshenko and ex-Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk called for the finals in 2017 in Crimea, implying that he will be the territory of Ukraine. In addition, in Ukraine already there are calls for the APU and NATO to ensure the holding of “Eurovision” in Sevastopol.

Crimean authorities, in response, said that Ukraine may hold “Eurovision” in the Crimea, but only in the case that rename one of their regions in “Crimea”.

Meanwhile, the politicization of Eurovision after the victory of Ukraine recognized both European and overseas media.

No country has failed to challenge the results of this contest.

At the same time Russia participated in the Eurovision song contest 20 times. Russians debuted in 1994, Maria Katz under the pseudonym Judith took ninth place. In “Eurovision” noted Alla Pugacheva (15th place), Philip (17-e a place) and others. The highest results were from the group “Tatu” (3rd place), Alsou (2nd place), Polina Gagarina (2nd place), “Buranovskie grandmothers” (2nd place) and Dima Bilan, who took second place at first, but then climbed up to the first.

The only time Russia has not got on competition in 1996, not passing preliminary selection. And in 1998-1999, Russia did not participate because the organizers of the show gave too low a rating and the Russian television refused to broadcast the Eurovision song contest.

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