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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Ministry of Finance announced a new pension system to be implemented from 2018

The Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov announced the preparation of a new pension system, which will be completed in the second half of 2017 or beginning of 2018.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

According to him, the system will be designed to restart a “frozen” now funded pension, but will be fundamentally different from them in key moments.

Under the new approach, the citizens themselves will determine how much will be earmarked for future retirement in addition to the 22%, which the employer pays. Siluanov explained that the Russians, in any case, can expect to retire in 12-13 thousand rubles, but any increase will require additional expenses from the working citizens.

Read that offers the Russians the government.

It is expected that the Russians will generate yourself “pension wealth”: the special account in commercial banks or pension funds, which will, on conviction of an official, reliable, because they will be protected by the same means as current deposits (speech, apparently, goes about the system of insurance of contributions ASV).

Upon reaching a certain threshold value a part of the accumulated funds will be allowed to withdraw and spend on treatment, and all contributions will be possible to bequeath. The Ministry of Finance proposes “a gradual transition” of Russians in the new system. Assuming the previous statements of the sources in the Department, at the end of April published by “Kommersant”, we are talking about the scheme, according to which in the first year after entering the new system of salaries of the citizens in their retirement account will be deducted one percent, the second — two and so on to six.

In the framework of the 6% (which will be like to give up, and to lower the percentage) the government will be able to co-Finance the expenses, and allow to reduce slightly the contribution to the pension Fund.

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