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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The attack on Navalny and Newton’s third law

From attacks by hooligan elements we have, alas, no one is immune. But, as rightly believed the hero of “the meeting Place cannot be changed”, the rule of law in the country is not determined by the presence of criminals, and the ability of the authorities to disarm them. Of course, Stalin’s Soviet Union, during which carried their dangerous and difficult service Gleb Zheglov, was still the legal government. But then, at least, be fair. As to criminal elements the government considered including (and even primarily) of individuals who are on the slippery slope of dissent, they didn’t have any reason to expect assistance and protection from the guardians of the law. Meanwhile, the modern Russian state gives a lot of reasons for such illusions. None of the law you will not find provisions under which those who do not like authority, should be treated differently to her ardent fans. On the contrary, affirms the full and unconditional equality of everyone before law and court.

In short, from whatever side you look, the behavior of Anapa police, gazes impassively at the beating of the “Cossacks” of colleagues of Navalny — and then refused to take statements from victims, is equally unflattering describes the current atmosphere in the country. Either the law is absolutely helpless and incompetent, or — at the same time with the attackers. More believable, frankly, it seems the second version. It is a lot of evidence in its favor. And not only in Anapa and not only with respect to the Bulk. The attack on “non-system” opposition as a rule, remain unpunished — can, unfortunately, be considered the hallmark of modern Russia. But to completely rule out a doubt is possible only when the opposition get tired of playing the role of helpless victim. Will the police the same unperturbed if the attacks will be “friends of the people”?..

Such a scenario may now seem fantastic. But keep in mind that Newton’s third law — force of action is equal and opposite reaction — is applicable to the political sphere. Those who are now inciting and organizing a “fifth column” latter-day “red guards” (aka “the Cossacks”, “the activists of the Patriotic organizations”, “antimaidan”), should not think that paving the road to stability and civil peace. It is, on the contrary, a direct path to civil war.

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