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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Sergei Makovetsky is imaginary sick

Only twice this season showed his new premiere of the theatre. Vakhtangov — “the Imaginary patient” Moliere directed by French Director of Romanian origin Silviu Purcarete. Comedy classic hit the theater of the absurd, which, in turn, has highlighted the absurdity of today. Observer “MK” only came on the pre-show.

Sergei Makovetsky and Maria Berdinskikh. Photo: Valery Myasnikov.

Scene naked, naked like a hussy. From the depths of something majestically stands in the feathers, lush pants and silk stockings. Of course, with the Majesty follows the procession. It prisela, slowly, like in slow motion, pulled off a red wig in red curls, walked over to the mirror and in the mirror a tired man. He only played the play, undresses completely, puts on something else, takes up the play. Sits in a chair and a hoarse voice reads about clisteri, that is the enema, which are assigned to him by the doctor, plus another five klasterov to release… And you don’t notice the moment when the artist crossed the border and were in another space. And became a hectic gentleman Argana in the space of Moliere “the Imaginary invalid” directed by well known in Europe directed Purcarete invited in by the Vakhtangov theatre Rimas Tuminas — only true talent is not afraid of competition. The design of Moliere’s plays, and complex and simple at the same time. Similar to a box in which several different-sized boxes, and even with secrets and a double bottom. Here the main character, played by Sergei Makovetsky, knows the secrets, holds them all and easy, stress-free moves from one space to another, doing maneuvers, from which breathtaking. It Mr. Argan is sick, terminally ill, circle Dr pills and listyami, the young wife with the expectation of the inheritance after the death of the old wife, cheeky-saucy maid, a couple of lovebirds, silent brother of the patient — they all exist as if in the theater of the absurd. Despite the fact that the first output of the hero is the Museum and suiting the character, the tone it sets is quite different: the absurdity of unreality in the present day. Long ago I on our stage has not seen and has no sense of theatre in its main sense, where everything is easy and theatrical, tricks, irony, balancing between farce, Commedia Dell’arte and psychological drama and theater of the absurd. The audience laughs, although this is clearly not a sitcom. And artists unfold and unfurl before the viewer the luxury of the theater, as an expensive carpet, Maria Berdinskikh, Tomycine Olga, Sergei Epishev, Alexander Lysenkov, Mikhail Vaskov, Evgeniy Kosyrev, Oleg Makarov, Maria Volkova, Oksana Surkova.

After the performance I spoke with Sergey Makovetsky already in his dressing room. He did not agree with me that it is the theater of the absurd.

Is Marisha, good the European theater, ” he says, wiping herself in front of the mirror with a towel. Is the ease of which we spoke Silviu, the simplicity of presentation in the style of a French author. And not a sitcom, not Ostrovsky, Gogol and don’t Saltykov-Shchedrin is Mr. Moliere, which implies it is watercolor, not a fat oil paint. The Director is very talented, we talked about his vision of such a piece of improvisation.

Mikhail Vaskov and Evgeniy Kosyrev. Photo: Valery Myasnikov.

So on the stage there are dressing rooms tables, therefore, can be directly on the stage to change clothes, to make-up. Here you can enter the scene and out of her, drink a Cup of coffee, roughly speaking, or to smoke a cigarette. Performance-improvisation, rehearsal as if, like Moliere with his troupe rehearsing a play.

— On the theatre of molière can only be judged by the abandoned documents, memories. The rest is assumption, as it were.

“But one can imagine how they managed in a week to repetirovali new play by Moliere, he quickly handed the role — and went before the king is ready to play Comedy. Therefore, my role involves: if I see any escutcheon, can stop the action.

For example, I forgot the text?

— Not text. So it was on one run of the room where there is a kind of substance (you call it “spider-woman”), one of the girls leg fell into the hole of the curtain. I’m on the run right said, “Stop!”, stopped the music and after some time the room was fine. I’m allowed this: I am the actor playing Moliere, in turn playing the imaginary invalid. I’m not a king in the crown with the feathers — I shoot this magnificent headdress and I was in the space of an abandoned theater. The tired actor who played a character, and now on the table, he is a new play, and he changes clothes and gets to work — improvisation “Imaginary invalid”. It’s surprisingly subtle, intelligent theatre, we were offered Silviu Purcarete. Hence, spider-woman, doctors from the boxes — but in another theater, they would just come out of the scenes.

— The text is about medicine so relevant in the second act…

Is the text of Moliere, nothing thrown away.

— Why does it sound so relevant today?

— True, because at that moment the brother of argan says: “I want to show you a play by Moliere. And suddenly the lights went on in the hall: and here look, where the play of Moliere — in room or on stage?

— In the play a lot of tricks, witty, unexpected. It is technically difficult to play such a performance?

— No, it is very light, if it is to play, as requested by the Director, with drive, with passion, but very simple, nothing complicating, flexing internally, emotionally. “I suggest you do it’s very simple, so you’re not tired,” he repeated to us at rehearsals. Small imperfections of this performance (we did not have enough time) is dearer to me, and do not try to improve it”, — he said after the first run. From this simplicity, you need to have fun.

For example, from the enema, about which we hear in the play.

— Including from the enema. This theatre, Mr. Moliere. The play is not gagovski — Comedy, with enough of a smile, although the hall laughing. And our task — not to go on about. If we go, we will lose.

Himself, Mr. Moliere, having played four of the play “the Imaginary invalid”, came home, and his throat gushing blood. And not one doctor it has not come. And look here — in this piece he guessed his demise, as a genius, or was it a premonition? Indeed, in his monologue is: “And I’m so certainly with it will. If I were a doctor, I would have deprived him of all assistance. I’d tell him: “Die, die”. Next time will know how to mock the medicine. The way it happened. So he’s in his Comedy beat and lung disease, and his death. So what Homeric laughter can there be? Here are my feelings of this amazing performance of “the Imaginary invalid” directed by Silviu Purcarete.

The premiere of “Imaginary invalid” will play September 12 — at the opening of the new season.

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