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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Prime Minister hampers

Mr. President, you’ve probably heard that Prime Minister Medvedev ordered to restore strict order in such an important and intimate matter, as gifts to officials. All know that such gifts — the most common form of a bribe; and we have the same fight against corruption.

But if you cheered the strengthening of the fight, to no avail. Medvedev ordered to develop rules (what gifts can take, and what is necessary to pass the state) — by September 2017. It would be better, of course, by November — the 100th anniversary of the great October revolution.

photo: Alex geldings

A year and a half on the development of elementary instructions? What is there to develop — was cast in granite, and all things. Any competent lawyer will write for 5 minutes. No, the Prime Minister believes that it is necessary to spend a year and a half, to create a Commission, to involve specialists, allocate the budget, make the schedule of trips abroad to study international best practices… He’s always so slow?

Mr. President, you certainly remember occasions when Medvedev acted promptly. For example, he suddenly and strongly suggested one and a half times to increase the presidential term (for you tried). The most important question! Amendment Of The Constitution! And managed a few days. He moved time zones and daylight saving time, been painted a rainbow of colors, promoted badminton, ordered to buy an aircraft abroad; standing in the background toned subsidiaries of the German car, announced that he would introduce half a million in fines; all the stations are made of a metal detector — and all these issues were solved in one minute. And for such stuff as gifts to officials, — a year and a half?

Mr. President, you have repeatedly said that never made a mistake (during the leadership of Russia). Except you, many say — on TV, in the corridors of the Kremlin, at party meetings of the “United Russia”, for a friendly table.

But if you never made a mistake — so the appointment of the Minister of defense Serdyukov was not a mistake; the appointment of Medvedev as first President, then Prime Minister — not a bug…

How to be? As people to combine their thoughts with faith in your infallibility?

Very simple. These assignments seem to be a mistake only to those people who have misconceptions about the purpose of such appointments. And you do not doubt in correctness it is because know exactly the purpose. If people knew your purpose — he’d make sure to achieve it no one is better than the current Prime Minister. So, it is only in our mistaken understanding.

Stop! But the goal is one, it is written in the Constitution, the presidential oath: the good of the people!

How to be? As people who walk the earth, ride the subway, work, food shopping, — how to convince yourself that you assigned the government does everything for the public good?

Very simple. Here is how to argue:

1. It is clear that our country (especially now in the crisis) need the best Prime Minister as one could find.

2. The President is obliged to do everything possible for the happiness of the people.

3. The President, fulfilling his duty, he put the Prime Minister this person — so he is the best.

Just people do not understand his happiness. He is a fool, do not understand why to translate hours in one direction and then the other. Do not understand why to introduce a “zero ppm”, and then cancel, after hearing from scientists to doctors that it is enough to take a few drops of valocordin below it (in accordance with the request of the Prime Minister) considered “drunk driving”.

photo: 1tv.ru
Coming out of an expensive German car, Medvedev announced fines of 500,000 rubles.

The people did not understand his own happiness, when Medvedev was renamed the police to the police. People foolishly think that even suffered a loss: the unimaginable number of institutions that were supposed to change the name, the sign, replace all the blanks, print, repaint the car — an incredible cost and dubious benefit. (We can’t call this use “zero” because it seems negative.)

The metal detector poke everywhere: in the subway, in malls, in courts, in theaters and concert halls, — Medvedev Russia became world champion for the framework. Most of them are not working. Frame — a symbol of the Russian bureaucracy: the Ministry is, expensive, to move prevent, inhibit, no good, the damage is obvious.

Harm? It is still a case of misinterpretation. Look at the question from the point of view of officials who are friends with the producers, they have great success. And people just do not understand his happiness. Judging by polls and ratings, it is generally little understood. But suddenly the ratings are wrong? Remember, Mr. President, how wrong I was cashier in the USSR? They were given short change, and if they were caught — in response to: “Oh, I was wrong!” Somehow they were always wrong in their favor.


Mr. President, our Prime Minister and official leader of the party in power. It consists of all the Ministers, the prosecutors, almost all mayors and governors…

Imagine, in Russia, nearly 80 Ministers of culture, and they all believe they are Ministers and that they are the Ministers of culture. And you, Mr. President, believe that they are the Ministers of culture?

Not a day goes by without a message that such and such a Governor arrested, a Minister was caught stealing, the police robs and tortures…

Of course, you know that automotive companies have an iron rule: if, say, a hundred machines some kind of wonderful (say, German) the brand revealed the same lack — withdraw the entire batch. Withdraw a million cars! The firm suffers huge losses, but it goes on for the sake of reputation and avoid loss of life.

Scandals with members of the ruling party are innumerable, constant and typical: theft and corruption — the same “flaw”.

In good, would have to stop.

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