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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Poles find out whether “freak” their defense Minister

In Poland broke another political scandal. Former foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski called the current Minister of defence of Poland mazarevica of Anthony “freak”, and the cause of their quarrel was the evaluation of prospects of Russia’s membership in NATO. All this would have remained an internal affair of the poles, if it were not for the degree of Russophobia in the current Warsaw.

This is not the first time that Radoslaw Sikorski is in the center of a big scandal because of his careless statements. For example, in June 2014 in the Polish media got the audio recording, in which the foreign Minister, in particular, said: “the Polish-American Alliance is worth nothing. On the contrary, it even hurts. Because it gives Poland a false sense of security… It’s full of shit. As we quarreled with Germany and Russia, and we assume that everything is super because we bless (Sikorski used a much coarser comparison of a sexual nature) of Americans as losers. Complete losers.

“The worst conflict is approaching, the greatest danger, the greatest threat”

This time the leak was not. Sikorski openly wrote in his Twitter that Macierewicz – freak. The full entry looks like this: “”the Minister of defence, Tony, freak, show the quote when I supposedly said that “Russia will soon become a NATO member”.

After Mazarevica supporters began to threaten the Sikorsky court, a retiree added: “If the Council will confirm that I was wrong, will apologize.”

Here we should recall the famous television series “Zucchini 13 chairs”, where the great Soviet actors played the poles. In one of the most famous series character by the name Himalayan was proposed to provide a certificate stating that he is not a camel. Thus, the art is once again anticipated life. From the Himalayas required a certificate that he is not a camel, and Mazarevica requested to provide a certificate that he is not a freak.

The reason why the former head of the foreign Ministry insulted current Minister of defence, in this case is not principled – it’s an interesting level of discussion. But because it was about Russia, to clarify the details necessary.

Macierewicz known, in particular, the fact that he believes the “Protocols of the elders of Zion is a real historical document and calls the crash of the presidential plane near Smolensk “terrorist attack”, acted in the diet with a speech, devoted to criticism of the previous government. And said the following:

“What has done this to you Poland, you left her so vulnerable? That this was going to happen in the armed forces, what was going to happen in your minds, so that when everything pointed to the fact that we are approaching the worst conflict, the greatest danger, the greatest threat to our country, you said about the safety on the Russian side, foreign Minister (Sikorski) in your government claimed that Russia will soon become a NATO member”.

As noted, a little calmer, Sikorski, Macierewicz actually attributed his own imagination. According to the former head of the foreign Ministry, in 2010, he was not talking about that Russia will soon become a member of NATO, and that Russia, like any other country in the world, hypothetically could be a candidate for NATO membership.

Apparently, the habit of Mazarevica to give out their fantasies for reality is obvious not only for outside observers but also for the poles themselves. This explains the sharpness of Sikorsky.

Previously, he and another five opposition politicians called on Mazarevica to resign, with charges similar to those put forward by the current Minister to their predecessors. According to retired Ministers, Poland, had “a strong position in NATO” and a reputation as a “stable country” is losing its weight in the European and Atlantic structures because of the policies of the ruling party.

Of course, call the Pro-Russian former Polish government, after the elections opposition is still more fantasy than statements of Mazarevica. But against Tusk, Komorowski, Sikorski and other members of the same party Jaroslaw Kaczynski seem really clinical Russophobia.

If this Russophobia and the case was limited, the EU has big claims to the Polish authorities would not be, as, for example, to the Baltic States. But the problem is that the ruling nationalists from the party “law and justice” (Pis) as regularly expressed against Germany and the EU in General. But it is quite another matter.

The situation in Poland is radicalized: the opposition often goes to rallies and politicians forget about rules of decency. To direct confrontation, as in Ukraine, it has not yet come, but all feel that the atmosphere is clearly tense.

Therefore, it is unlikely, Macarevich will go to court and will provide Sikorsky a certificate stating that he is not a camel, or rather, don’t freak out. The current Minister has called ex-colleague “insolent” and “one of the biggest pests of the political changes in Poland,” with whom “nothing to say”.

Sikorsky in response organized a Twitter survey to find out whether users of the social network of his opponent’s monster. “As some of you believe that I went too far, calling the Minister of defense freak, I kindly request to Express the opinion” – wrote Sikorski on the page, attach to a tweet is a poll. Internet users are invited to choose one of two options of response: “UM (Anthony Macierewicz) – a staid politician” or “AM a freak”.

Most likely, Macarevich will found the answer, so the debate about the political future of Poland with the use of the base vocabulary in the near future will continue.

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