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Friday, March 16, 2018

May 22, Muscovites themselves will form the election list “ER”

United Russia” full swing preparing for the upcoming primaries for candidates in deputies of the state Duma, which will take place this Sunday 22nd may: Tuesday in the Moscow regional Committee had already received a ballot for early voting, and activists held a series of pickets, calling on Muscovites to participate in it. For agitation on one of the points was observed by the correspondent “MK”.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

“Pick up a newspaper, there is full information about party primaries, says passers-by a nice young man. — You can decide who will be the candidate from “United Russia”. Come to a preliminary vote this Sunday”.

In the paper really explains why this procedure is and why it is important. First, primaries are open, and to participate in them not only a party member, but a non-partisan person. Who gets on the list — decide not somewhere up in the political Council of the party, and the people who come to vote. Secondly, this procedure allows to objectively generate a list of candidates who will run in the elections to the state Duma.

“The situation this year is unique, — said the “MK” supporter of the party Stepan Toropov. — After all to try their hand in the primaries can a man who feels like a leader of public opinion, and not necessarily that he was a member of “United Russia”. Importantly, he didn’t have a dark past that he does not taint the party.” All the candidates, the primaries were in equal conditions: participated in debates and met with residents of the district. Who of them will participate in these elections to the state Duma on the party list or single-mandate constituency, will be determined by the residents of Moscow. This procedure, no party in Russia. As they determine their candidates, is unclear.

Newspapers fly immediately: during the first hour of work, the activists distributed one thousand copies. “Now all I read mostly on smartphones, the people missed the living Newspapers, on paper,” explains this success of one of the agitators. Those who do not know about the primaries, volunteers are ready to provide all the information. Activists tell not only about them but also about what was achieved of the party during the agitation stage of the preliminary vote. “For example, that in the primaries the idea to provide benefits for repairs and housing services for socially vulnerable segments of the population. Now we are working on organizing summer holidays for children” — says one of them, a man in his forties (we are talking about what to create a free summer camp at schools).

There are also residents who are aware of all details. “I will go in the primaries,” says a resident of Nagatino Ivan Patrocinan. — I believe that it is the duty of every responsible citizen, after all, primary elections allow us to identify candidates.”

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

But most passers-by know about the primaries, but interested in their details. “Many people ask, is it possible to take absentee ballots and vote in another place, as in a real election. We answer that it is impossible, — says Stepan Toropov. — Ask where voting takes place, — we say that all the information is on our website”.

The procedure of preliminary voting is very similar to a real election. Voters will receive two ballot papers: one will appear on candidates in single-mandate constituency, the other candidates in the Federal part of the list. For the opportunity to participate in the elections to the state Duma will compete for about 300 people. The only difference is that opening in the capital: 700 polling stations — about 5 times less than in Federal elections. And unlike elections to the state Duma in early voting residents can cast their votes for multiple candidates: the voting system is secret and rating. To choose the best Muscovites will be able to their polling stations from 8.00 to 20.00.

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