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Friday, September 22, 2017

Kiev librarians themselves have given the thief a copy of the “Apostle” of Ivan Fedorov

In Kiev declared about the theft of the famous “Apostle” of Ivan Fyodorov. This theft is a new clear evidence of the rampant crime that began after independence. By the way, at the same time the Kiev Prosecutor’s office has recognized the myth of the famous “Golden baton” Yanukovych, who was used by supporters of the Maidan, to justify the overthrow of the legitimately elected President.

Copy of “Apostle” by Ivan Fedorov, printed in 1574 in Lviv, disappeared on 10 may from the Department of early printed books National library of Ukraine Vernadsky, announced Monday its Director Vladimir Popik. A criminal case under article “Theft”. “The expertise is carried out on the valuation of the stolen edition. Militiamen establish the persons involved in the Commission of the offense,” – said on the website of the Kyiv Directorate of the national police.

“To sell such a book on a normal auction is difficult enough, but on the black market its price is measured in millions of dollars

Library staff described the man, who is suspected in the theft. This was reported to UNN in the press service of the Kiev police Department. According to the library staff, along came a man who identified himself as a representative of the Supervisory authority and provided copies of documents to conduct verifications of the books are stored. Then called a list of those publications which he would like to check out. When it asked for a separate room, where he was able to work quietly. During the day the man went out several times from the room, leaving their things. At the end of the day he left and never came back.

“When the library staff began to check issued to him for review of the publication, they found a lack of printed books”, – is told in the message. Library staff who had contact with this man, gave the police a rough description of his appearance. The man is about 35-40 years, height of 170 cm, a thin Constitution, hair fair-haired.

According to the head of the Museum of rare books Nizhyn state University named after Nikolay Gogol, Alexander Morozov, from the Ministry of culture had previously received warnings about the threat of theft of old books. “Among the books preserved this book is a rarity. Therefore, the theft is to disclose, to draw attention to a more careful storage of rare literature,” Morozova was quoted by UNIAN.

Pioneer either Moscow, or Lviv

“Ukrainian historians have actually constantly dispute the affiliation Fedorov, whose history of this character, – said the newspaper VIEW, candidate of historical Sciences, member of the humanitarian Council under the President of Ukraine Kostyantyn Bondarenko. – It is known that it does occur from the Podolian nobility, that is, from the territory of present-day Ukraine. In Muscovy he arrived after he was expelled from the Commonwealth. For what sins, is unclear. Therefore, some historians say that he was a pioneer of Ukrainian and some Russian. But the fact remains – “the Apostle” he first printed it in Moscow. Then a long time he lived in Lviv, where he was buried. It is also a fact. So in this sense, the Ivan Fedorov – a figure that more unites the two peoples than divides us”.

Russian historians Ivan Fyodorov is considered one of the first Russian book printers, publisher of the first exactly dated printed book “the Apostle” in the Russian Kingdom, founder of the printing press in the Russian province of the Polish Kingdom. The first edition of “the Apostle”, which is the Church Slavonic translation of the Acts and Epistles of the apostles, dates from the years 1563-1564. Stolen now the book was printed in 1574 in Lviv, which then belonged to Poland (the Commonwealth). It is considered the oldest book printed in what is now Ukraine.

As reported on the library website, the “Apostol” was published with a circulation of 1-1,2 thousand copies, in present, there are about 120 extant copies. The book is published in large format, the original edition consisted of 278 sheets, including 264 numbered. In the collections of the library Vernadsky kept 5 copies, but they are all incomplete. In addition, there are copies in the libraries of Lviv, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, and also in other countries – Belarus, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia and the United States.

“The Apostle” went into the black market

The actual crime Bondarenko proposes to consider the background of General growth of crime, including theft of historical monuments in Ukraine. “Also, as there are only about 20 books from Gutenberg all over the world, today, still have a few copies of books printed during the reign of Ivan Fedorov, – by him and his disciples. “The Apostle”, “book of hours” – every such book of account. You know, where is stored each of which library or collection. To sell such a book on a normal auction it is complicated, but on the black market its price is measured in millions of dollars,” – said the expert.

As the newspaper VIEW, in November, in Ukraine came into force the law on the national police, which took over the streets of towns and villages familiar to the police. Interior Minister Arsen Avakov promised to replace “dirty cops” credible “cops”. The reform has caused discontent among police officers. The head of the national police Khatia Dekanoidze in late April said that the concerned factor to the sharp growth of crime in the country. One of the factors she called “Savchenko’s law”, which from the prisons was released almost 6 thousand people. While in Kiev for the first quarter, compared to the same period last year, the crime rate has risen by 45%.

Secretary of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on preventing and combating corruption, the leader of the public movement “people’s control”, the MP Dmitry Dobrodomov said the newspaper VIEW that police reform could not by itself stop the rise in crime. “The establishment of the national police is a showcase of reform. Right, correct, but display. This patrol is a good first thing against bullies, but not against hardened criminals She’s not can dramatically influence the overall drop in crime. Reform is needed of all the police itself – all directions. The anti-drug, criminal investigation and so on. Therefore, the increase in the number of crimes. In the other services do not, they are, so to speak, in decadence – from all these reforms. There does not pass inspections, employees are in limbo. Need very urgent to address this issue”, – said the Deputy.

As to the Prosecutor’s office, her office until the appointment of a new Prosecutor General Dobrodomov regards as “a complete absurdity and corruption”. “How now, under the new Prosecutor? I hope he’s smart enough and desire to reform it and to take up a specific case”, – said the Deputy.

Coincidentally on Monday in Ukraine boomed and another sensation related to the activities of the Kiev detectives. It became known that the Prosecutor of the Kiev region in December closed the criminal case about disappearance of the “Golden loaf” of Mezhyhirya residence of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych. This was reported by the MP Dmitry Dobrodomov, received from the Prosecutor’s office response to the inquiry about the looting of the residence, which the new government promised to turn into a “Museum of corruption”.

“I was shocked by the decision of the Prosecutor to close the case due to the lack of evidence. Were there no values? It’s not just in the “Golden baton”. There is a list, and things more expensive, worth millions. Just “baton” has become a symbol of the regime of Yanukovych,” said Dobrodomov the newspaper VIEW.

“Therefore we have a dilemma: either there was not a “Golden baton”, or other jewelry from Mezhyhirya, which saw the whole country. After all values have disappeared, and the culprit is not looking for. Moreover, the Prosecutor’s office does not even see the “evidence” in the disappearance of jewelery worth millions,” said Dobrodomov.

Recall that the “baton” was used by supporters of the “revolution of dignity” as a symbol of the overthrown “corrupt regime” of Yanukovich. Now, from the message of the Deputy, it follows that the Prosecutor’s office admitted its nothing more than a myth. In may 2014, the then head of the presidential administration of Ukraine Serhiy Pashinsky acknowledged that Mezhyhirya, as well as giving the ex-Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka, were looted by “activists of the Maidan”.

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