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Monday, March 19, 2018

“Khovanskaya battle” showed how corruption kills

Slaughter on the capital’s cemetery was a reminder of the problems of illegal migration and national criminal groups. Despite all attempts to restore order, inter-ethnic situation in the capital preserves the explosive potential. By itself, the picture of how “Asians with Caucasians fighting for the right to bury Russian”, causing huge damage to national security.

On Saturday in Moscow for the first time was involved Regardie – former internal troops were deployed at the Khovanskoye cemetery, the largest in the capital and the second largest in Russia.

“Saturday’s massacre at the cemetery khovanskoye should not remain without serious systemic consequences”

Around noon there began a fight involving several hundred people – estimates range from 200 to 500. He heard shots, came to visit the graves of relatives watched with amazement the crowd with fittings in hand, disappearing from the chase car at full speed and ran over two people – there was a battle for the cemetery, where are buried more than one million Muscovites.

The result – three dead Tajiks, more than two dozen wounded (some of them in critical condition, including one of the guards), more than a hundred detainees. Was removed from office, a new Director of a cemetery Yuri Chuguyev, and on Monday the court arrested the former Director of the graveyard of Yuri Chabueva and Sergeant of the patrol service of the Khamovniki district who participated in the attack. And it was a bandit attack in the 90s.

Two hundred acres of Khovanskii graveyard located near the Moscow ring road, near new metro station “Salarevo”. No one, of course, was not going to capture the area, find out who has the right to work there and how much you have to pay. Officially employees of the cemetery less than a hundred, but in reality, there works several times more people. Only one Tajik workers employed on any auxiliary works and cleaning, about 300, of which only 50 are registered in the state. And that they were attacked by a few dozen guests “shiners” under the guidance of the natives of Chechnya.

Managers of the cemetery (and there were also their changes – for example, the head of the Northern section Khovansky cemetery in February was arrested for the illegal trade of land with the graves), we can assume, at least were aware of the impending showdown, and how high they themselves initiated. But concerning the reasons of this version differ.

Version of the administration state budgetary institution “Ritual” is very strange. There is stated that this guard was just trying to expel from the territory of penetrating to one of the nearby construction sites of migrants, and they resisted. While in the Tajik Diaspora tell a different story – Yes, many migrants were working informally, but the massacre happened due to the fact that the chiefs of the cemetery sent him to the Chechens with the requirements to increase the dues. That is used to pay 10 percent, and now it was about 20 (and some call and 50) percent or fixed amount.

The Tajiks resisted, Caucasians warned it will use force – and in the end on Saturday and held a “Khovanskaya battle”, in which applied force the Chechens were rebuffed by armed with crowbars Tajiks. All of this could be attributed to shootouts, but in this story there are some very bad things.

First, everyone knows that the funeral business is highly criminalized – it is estimated that about half of the total money turnover is in black. It and manufacturing areas, and the burial itself, and the manufacturing sites. While all the cemeteries in Russia are state institutions, that is, nothing prevents the authorities and security forces to restore order there. Not to say that nothing was done for the decriminalization of funeral Affairs, but Saturday’s story showed what a state of neglect continue to be “funeral services”.

You need at least a clear assessment of the situation in this area (and not only from the city authorities, but also at the Federal level) – with proposals on how to reform the management therefore, to exclude the criminalization of that top that bottom. Moreover, such recommendations are, just attention to them, nobody was paid.

Secondly, we have seen again in the ruinous impact of corruption on governance as a particular area of life (even if it regards the last act), and to life itself. In this case the corruption of the managers of the cemetery cost the lives of several people – that is, corruption is killing in the literal sense of the word. The fact that the victims were not citizens of Russia, does not change anything. Especially that suffered in the conflict and citizens – they are among the wounded and beaten. So the burning out of corruption is a matter not just of national security but also the security itself.

Third, illegal migration is not eradicated, it only pounded deeper underground. Despite the fact that the resonance after the previous stories in the capital have been eliminated various hotbeds of illegal immigrants like different markets and underground factories, illegal immigrants are left in the suburbs. It is impossible to restore order in Moscow, not putting it in the suburbs is a long one region.

What Khovanskoye cemetery is located on the territory of New Moscow, does not change anything – illegal immigrants should in principle be excluded from the socio-economic life of the region and the country as a whole. Yes, you need to deal with corruption among municipal authorities, among the security forces, to press greedy merchants, using a slave force, but the alternatives still there, and as time in order to do all gradually, slowly. Especially if we remember about the steadily-reaching radicalization of migrant background, among which are active supporters of the “Caliphate”.

Fourthly, it became evident that the still strong ethnic criminal groups. Yeah, not like ten or even five years ago – but worried about the fact that a few dozen Caucasians think they have a right to gather in arms in the capital of Russia. That is, the very fact that they are not afraid to do it, should call the security forces deep dissatisfaction from their work. A couple of years ago, after high-profile stories in Biryulyovo, Metropolitan police promised to firmly engage the national criminal communities – and that work must be brought to an end.

Because, fifthly, and most importantly – in itself a picture of how “Asians with Caucasians fighting for the right to bury Russian”, deals an enormous damage to national security and public peace that there are no such measures, which it would be impossible to go to prevent its occurrence. Crimea and the rise of the national has removed the interethnic tension with the first lines of the agenda – but they did not cancel it as such. On the contrary, that suddenly left in the shade, may suddenly jerk – and therefore for the capital and the Federal government is more than relevant is work on the decriminalization of national diasporas, on the elimination of illegal migration, to burn the corruption in the field of work with migrants and ethnic communities.

It would seem, what relation of the cemetery to the order and security of the country? It turns out that the most direct – “khovanskoye carnage” showed that that’s where we see the intertwining of all the sick issues of our mortal lives.

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