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Saturday, February 24, 2018

In Donetsk banned the Communists

Oddly enough, but in Donetsk almost simultaneously with Ukraine began the process of de-communization. No, the monument to Lenin in the center of the city still standing, but local Communists threw out almost everywhere.

Republic day on may 11 in Donetsk: the parade on the background of the monument to Lenin, but no red flags. Photo: hromadske.tv.

All there is to know about the current Donetsk Communists, placed in a short range — their leader long ago removed from all his posts in the DPR, they were refused in the last elections to the registration of electoral lists, their deputies expelled from the National Council DND may 6. I have to wait resignations in the underground?

In the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic, it seems that the local Communists “multiplied by zero”. That is strange: without their support the “Russian spring” in Donetsk would not work. The Communists in February 2014 put the first tent city “in defense of Lenin”, and that they are disciplined and the past not one election elderly members formed the backbone of the electoral commissions on the referendum of 2014. In fact, in 2014 that no one is denied, and the leader of local Communists Boris Litvinov from July to October even headed the local people’s Council.

On may 6 the deputies of the Communists thrown out of this very popular Board with the phrase “for loss of confidence, and may 11, column KP DNR with red flags to local law enforcement tried to stop the demonstration. This, anyone knows, Donetsk is now a non-working day — Republic Day. In fact, at the demonstration on the podium Russia was represented by only two officials — just as the deputies of the State Duma from the Communist party Vladimir Rodin and Kazbek Taysaev. But this time the “them” column broke the red flags.

“It’s simple, in the Republic there will be two public organizations — “Donetsk Republic” and “Free Donbass”, — told “MK” a source in the government DND, all the rest let adjust! The Communists in the last year was not allowed to register their list, and they his people held a quota of the “Donetsk Republic”, but political activity is not stopped. Here’s the decision of the political Council and removed. Here we will do as you’re told and nothing else!”

Allowed public organizations connect with Alexander Zakharchenko and Pavel Gubarev, respectively. And the Communists at the weekend the DNR was collecting his Board and thought how can they now be.

Monday already Lugansk Communists on one of my sites has issued a statement in defense of the Donetsk party members. It was an emotional reaction to the expulsion of the Communists from the people’s Council DND. “Hiding behind the statement that such instructions come from Moscow, the authorities DND decided on the actual prohibition of activities in Republic KP”, — said in the statement. The implication is clear: like in Lugansk Plotnitsky did not repeat the experience of their neighbors. In the self-proclaimed LNR, the Communists allowed quite a party. Yet.

“This is a mistake, we exist, at present, our party is the only registered party in the DPR, — said the “MK” the leader of the Communists Donetsk Boris Litvinov. — It was such a small window of opportunity in October 2014, and we managed to get a paper certificate of registration. There are no parties, there are dozens of public organizations. We are now in may, checks the Ministry of justice of the DNI. As the party”.

— Is it true that you were arrested at the time, and that on 11 may in Donetsk your colon broke the red flags?

— Well, the kurtosis at the demonstration was. But it should concern individual zealous law enforcement officers. People 25 years brain washed, so they rush to red, like a bull to a rag. But from the National Council of us really removed. Our political opponents of “Donetsk Republic” do not really want competition in the political field. Now Denis Pushilin of authority more than it was ever ours. In the Republic the elections, and I attributed our troubles.

But I’ve never been arrested! Rumors have arisen in 2015. Then we came very close to deciding to launch your own money. They have even been printed, don’t ask me where — not in Donetsk and not in Russia. And there is a risk that our enemies will try to capture this burden. For this reason I had a very long conversation, hours 12, with competent people from the Department for combating organized crime. And rumors went about the arrest…

— Do you think the elections will be?

— We are real people and we understand that Ukraine is neither summer nor winter technically not able to make any changes to the Constitution and to agree with us law on elections according to the Minsk agreements. And this is the case, if it would wish to follow this process. And here I am a pessimist. But to develop its own local government in any event need, and by the end of July — beginning of August, I do not exclude the conduct of its local elections in DND no matter what. It can be.

How serious are our problems, we’ll know next week. Now conduct political consultations. I still want to meet with Gennady Zyuganov, to consult. But we’ll see.

And yet — we don’t need lawyers! Yesterday’s statement Lugansk Communists went on the website, which is controlled by expelled from the party people, one of them actually in the “Aydar” served. So this is an attempt to drive another wedge between us and the head of the Republic.


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