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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Ethnic issues are used to undermine Russia

International problems will attempt to use to undermine Russia from within

September 30, 2014, 21:50

Text: Peter Akopov

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After the “Russian spring” nothing will be the same. The blood that was shed for the unity of the Russian world in the new Russia, and the conflict with the West will accelerate changes in both external and domestic Affairs. In the first place – in international relations. Because it is potentially the most explosive topic, as evidenced by recent events in the Moscow and Caucasian mineral waters.

Russian national feeling escalated to the limit – trying to tear Ukraine away from Russia has become a serious challenge for the whole country. Both Putin and the people took up the challenge – the ongoing confrontation with the West and the civil war in Ukraine with the participation of our volunteers has raised the degree of public sentiment and exacerbated a sense of justice, and so are main for our people.

The struggle for the new Russia now has moved from the military to the political plane – and after a few months of the war in the Ukraine, when all the attention of Russian society was occupied only what is happening in the Donbass, the political themes again come to the fore. And the most difficult and painful of them – ethnic relations. Two videos have caught late last week on the Internet, showed how easy it is to escalate the ethnic situation.

One of them – the incident on Friday in Moscow near the mosque on Bolshaya Tatarskaya street. Young Caucasian was detained by Riot police after he had driven his car onto a police officer – for refusing to obey the police, he was handcuffed and placed in police standing in the same bus. After Friday prayers, a large crowd of Muslims surrounded the bus, outraged that the detention of their “brother beat”. Although then one had been in the bus said that he was not beaten, but only tightly twisted, the crowd, not paying attention to it, still demanded the release of their co-religionist.

After the cries of “Allahu Akbar!” were heard grows fiercer, and the bus entered a few excited “liberators” and there was a real threat of assault, riot police were forced to release the detainee – several police still have not been able to do against thousand crowd excited. The guy ran off, without even taking off his handcuffs.

An obvious violation of natural law has caused outrage online – moreover, all too reminded of last year’s story of the attack on the police near the Metropolitan MATVEEVSKOE market (then Caucasians also trying to recapture his detained relative, with the result that he crushed the head of the police). The reaction of the authorities was, however, quick enough – on Sunday evening, the Metropolitan police Department announced that “all the troublemakers who resisted the police were detained, and in respect of them in accordance with protocols drawn up by the court, the decision on administrative arrest, and in respect of two persons criminal case under article “violence against a representative of authorities”.

Second video was from the hospital Mineralnye Vody – on recording camera footage shows that the crowd of almost forty people breaking into the emergency room, after being there a guy literally clog feet. In the night of Monday hackneyed – Petersburger Andrey Larionov – died, and the day of the Stavropol police announced the arrest of the most active of the beating, a native of Minvody Andranik Tsakanyan. Earlier, four were detained partner and established the identity of most attackers.

Even before the death of Larionov several hundred people staged a rally in front of the police in Mineralnye Vody – they are required to detain all participants of an attack and to deal with the lawlessness of the Caucasian Diaspora. Deputy chief of police region Vadim Means tried to calm the crowd, saying that this is a domestic conflict between inebriated people, in which the part of the attackers was attended by representatives of at least three nationalities.

Indeed, the incident began with the fact that in one of city cafes, local Cossacks and Armenians had a physical altercation with Larionov and his companion, which previously conducted any commercial negotiations – as a result the friend received a bottle on the head, and carried him to the hospital caught up with Larionov already there. But the story took place in the beginning of last week – and before the video of the beating appeared on the Internet, no arrests were made. Locals explained by the fact that the attackers were associated with the police (security forces deny themselves), and the fact that “all Caucasians”. The Russians immediately arrested, and these begin to understand only when it becomes impossible to hide – that’s the essence of the claims that people expressed at the meeting in Mineralnye Vody.

Why did the authorities allow the situation, when someone needs to feel impunity and permissiveness? The issue in connection with inter-ethnic problems sound not for the first time. Blame in any case, the authorities – because it is responsible for the observance of the law. It does not matter, at the household or ethnic grounds clashes – in the current of history in Minvody the occasion and in fact was not a national – most importantly, how they are perceived by the society itself. And if such a conflict becomes a cause for claims to national politics in a particular city, region or country – so this should speak. And if society is clearly unhappy with the behavior of law enforcement – so the problem is not in society, and in the actions of the authorities.

The consequences of mistakes of the authorities in this subject can be disastrous for everyone, because ethnic conflicts – this is a bomb that will try to blow up in our country. Understanding that the ethnic issue will heat up as opponents of the authorities and Putin within the country and external forces interested in the collapse of Russia, should lead not to gloss over the topic, but rather to be honest and responsible conversation about the contradictions and problems, to finding ways of their mitigation and solution.

In Minvody the police behavior was absolutely outrageous – and their inaction, it makes a huge contribution to the aggravation of the severe inter-ethnic situation in Stavropol. The huge growth of the Caucasian Diaspora (especially Armenian) in the region in the post-Soviet years, and most importantly – they occupied a prominent position and “bread places” (of course, through the replacement of Russians), combined with a disregard for local mores and customs – all this is a natural resentment of the indigenous Russian population. The authorities of the neighboring Krasnodar region have called Stavropol “revolving door” – but it is dangerous not only for the South of Russia, but for the whole country. In the case of the detainee’s release at a Moscow mosque, the police acted correctly – opened the crowd nothing can be explained, and forces to disperse it was not (the help just did not have time to come). To release the detainee meant to save lives – both police and the attackers. But after that it was necessary to quickly and harshly punish the instigators and the Moscow police did. Let’s hope that she began to search for them before the video is widely spread on the Internet and came to the head of the interior Ministry or the security Council.

The punishment should be harsh and public – as it was in the case attacked the police on Matveyevskoye. And the Caucasian Diaspora, as the Muslim clergy (which, however, has already made a calming statement), must understand that they are the first interested in curbing the radical part of their flock and to explain her need to restrain a sense of entitlement, accustoming her to the fact that the respect for state laws and social mores and values of the Russian people and its way of life is essential to their own security and freedom of movement throughout Russia.

This is especially true for the capital – although in recent years the Diaspora are somehow trying to affect too aggressive representatives of their own youth, and authorities have become less prone to corruption, still interethnic situation in the capital continues to be difficult. To blow up Moscow, and then – and the country, in fact the only possible way – by triggering large-scale ethnic conflict.

To outline his script very easily. The murder of another Russian guy visitors is superimposed on another illegal release from liability any representative of the “Golden Caucasian youth” and the rape of the girl by migrant workers from Central Asia – all this unwinds both media and bloggers (like honestly Patriotic, and “bulk”), then pretending to be “Russian nationalists” fighters against the regime accuse the government of inaction and indulging in “lumps”. And begin the real Russian riots – evicted all because got.

The people will be right in his anger – and then it will be too late to explain that it’s not just magnate, but in the corruption (it is, of course, plays a huge role – but when wounded national feeling, and indignation against her fades into the background) that “we work”, and “all will be punished”. The skillful hands of the manipulators of public opinion, the revolt is directed not only against minorities but also against the government – this, indeed, will be the main goal of those who want to overthrow Putin, presenting him as “the protector of those who oppressed Russians.”

Not to say that the government does nothing: the Federal centre has been actively set up local authorities that they should pay close attention to interethnic relations that is the area of their responsibility that they should be the first to notice any potential problem areas – this was Putin said last year (at the same time it was decided to establish a special monitoring interethnic situation in the regions). In Moscow, after the incident on Matveyevskoye started to clean the markets and national criminal groups, strengthened anti-corruption purge in the police. But after the beginning of Ukrainian events, the very topic of inter-ethnic relations left in the shade – and many even enjoyed it, saying that its value is greatly exaggerated, exaggerated by the press, nationalists and antiputintsami.

But she hasn’t gone anywhere – just the new Russia overshadowed everything. Now international problems will again fall on the agenda – more and more often. As because they have really a lot of pain points (both cultural and social, both economic and corruption) and because they will play those, whom Putin called the fifth column. With one hand (using pseudo-patriots) they will accuse Putin of delivery of the Russian world, the betrayal of Novorossiya and the other to indicate ethnic sores, to wave them at every opportunity, accusing Putin in support of national minorities and the unwillingness to curb migration, in disregard of the interests and demands of the Russian people. Carving a spark – in the hope that the cry of popular indignation fanned the flames from it.

Not to give them a chance on this, the government needs not only to defend the interests of Russians to return to Russian civilization, to nationalize and to decriminalize its own ranks from the bottom up (Yes, corruption goes hand in hand with betrayal of the interests of their own people, not only in the geopolitical altitudes, but also at the municipal lowlands), but also not to suppress any uncomfortable incident, and honestly and directly to speak about their causes, about the ways of their solution. Everything that returns the Russian faith in the fairness of government and a sense of ownership in their land.

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