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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Come may 22, to choose candidates from the “United Russia”

In Moscow last weekend hosted the final debate of participants of preliminary voting “United Russia”. Open primaries “United Russia” will be held across the country in a single day — may 22. According to its results will form a list of candidates from the party in the elections to the State Duma in September of this year.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

To find your polling station, you have the pre-voting http://pg.er.ru/ click on the tab “search area”, enter your County, district and address. Only in Moscow will open the 700 polling stations which will operate from 8 am to 8 PM. To vote for any candidate will be able adult citizens who have a Moscow residence permit and the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation. No absentee ballots are not provided.

The State Duma must come people with active civil position, true professionals. To bring out the best of the best, “United Russia” for the first time in Russian political history, held primaries. An open debate took place at the site of the United editorial Board of the Moscow mass media “Moscow Media”. They started on 3 April and lasted until may 15, 2016. Over eighteen months have passed 117 rounds of electoral debates for the five most relevant for Moscow and the country in General topics.

Just to participate in primaries signed up 307 people. According to the Regulation on the conduct of the preliminary voting, each participant had to appear in at least two debates. There were 289 people. Debate participants were politicians with more experience to existing members and people not previously connected with political life, students, members of youth and public associations. To become a member, you didn’t have to even be a member of “United Russia”, it is enough to share her ideology and not to join another political party. “Primaries give candidates an understanding of what is election, election campaign, how it should and shouldn’t be — told “MK” the Secretary of the Moscow city branch of party “United Russia”, state Duma Deputy Nikolai GONCHAR. Primaries are important for all. And for candidates without political experience and candidates with political experience. I’ve been so nervous before a debate. The situation is constantly changing. Understanding that people care about right now, what are your opponents, it is extremely important. Participation in the primaries and debates, supported me and other candidates in the form of”.

The main purpose of the regional organizing Committee for the primaries was to create for all candidates equal conditions. Therefore, were developed fairly strict rules. The participants presented in alphabetical order. They were forbidden criticism of the opponents, it was forbidden even to speak directly to each other with questions. The participants were asked only supporters of the opponents. And questions without the false information and insults. In the debate prohibited self-promotion, advertising commercial organizations and enterprises. Main objective: to hold a debate constructive and interesting. The rules: each participant was allotted 2 minutes each for opening remarks, then a dynamic session of questions (no more than 1 minute) and responses (not more than 3 minutes), at the end of 2 minutes for the closing speech. In case of violation of the rules raised the question of further participation in the primaries. So the debate turned out to be informative and interesting. Not as overexposed all the talk shows on television, where often the winner is the one who can shout louder.

By the way, anyone can see for yourself. To watch the debate on the site of the preliminary vote (http://pg.er.ru/event/item/id/104/), a social network “Classmates” (http://ok.ru/video/302194421 and on a video hosting “YouTube” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-My93rBxpYY&feature=youtu.be%20%5Ct%20_blank).

But for the primaries of “United Russia” were not just intra-party candidates struggle for a higher place on the party list, as the Western parties. Much more important that the United Russia party during the inner-party discussion was able not only to identify, but in many ways to solve the most pressing problems of our lives. In March, at the initiative of “United Russia” was adopted the law on additional benefits and contributions for capital repairs. Over 80 and living alone seniors have been completely liberated from them, a 70-year-old, also living alone or with pensioners, was granted a 50% discount. Moreover, party members managed to achieve that the contributions paid by this category of persons in 2016, must be fully returned to them.

Disabled people and Chernobyl victims received privileges on payment of utilities, regardless of the amount of resources consumed, and overpaid after 1 January 2016, the funds should be compensated for them from the budget. More than 31 thousands of Muscovites will receive this benefit, and 106 thousand Muscovites will get more benefit than was.

The acute problems of children’s summer holidays kicking in right now — the party seeking the organization of free children’s summer holiday on the basis of the Moscow schools. “As a representative of the social protection of the city, working directly with the preferential categories of Muscovites, I can say that I’m very familiar with the situation in our urban families. And as a member of the provisional vote, the party “United Russia” at the end of most meetings with the parent community, I can say that today in the first place is the problem of summer vacation with point of view full coverage of all pupils”— said in the primaries in single-mandate district No. 200 , Deputy head of the Department of labor and social protection of population of the city of Moscow Tatyana Barsukova. Thus, the primaries is not only the selection of the most worthy, but also a mechanism to identify and solve problems.

“The regional organizing Committee is very attentive to the proposals of the participants of preliminary voting. The debate in this case is a unique opportunity to hear those Muscovites, who are passionate, who want to change something. Who not only speak about problems, but offer solutions, — considers the head of the Executive Committee of the Moscow city regional branch of party “United Russia”, member of the regional organising Committee about the conduct of early voting Oleg Smolkin. And don’t forget that these suggestions can enter into the electoral program of the party” Even the choice of topics, which were discussed in the primaries, shows how “United Russia” understands the lives of not only the capital but also the whole country. Hardly in the Russian public and political life now there are topics more important and topical. And each of them is participants in the debate have their own opinion. Here are some quotes from their presentations.

1. “Saving the nation: education, health, social policy”

Barsukova Tatyana Mitrofanovna, the Deputy head of the Department of labour and social protection of population of the city of Moscow. Nomination in single-mandate district No. 200 (Medvedkovsky single-seat constituency): “I have over 20 years working in the social sphere, so the theme of savings of the nation is very close to me. Indeed, social policy, nobody will deny. We very much today is spent on those who need support, help and raise. However, in the current situation, if we talk about the future, that the people who today are prosperous, who are well engaged in the education of their children, do not fall into the category of “disadvantaged”. For this we need to create normal conditions”.

Dmitry Sablin, member of the provisional voting district 202: “When we talk about saving the nation, you need to understand what a nation is. Undoubtedly, the nation is not the people. In the world formed two main nation: a single Western nation and Russia, the Russian nation. The feature of our nation is our traditional values, the supremacy of spiritual values over material. It’s what separates us. When we talk about spiritual values, such as the right to freedom, to work, to justice, the most important functions of the state are issues of education, health, social protection and culture”.

2. “The fight against corruption, wastefulness, openness of government, efficiency of budget expenditures”

Elected Anatoly Chubais, the Deputy of the state Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. Nomination in single-mandate district No. 210 (Chertanovskaya single-mandate constituency): “Why corruption is threat number 1, and not only for the state in terms of our national security, but also for each individual? Because we do not want our case was considered by the judge, who bought the position. We do not want to be on the operating table from a surgeon who bought his diploma. And what is the cure for this evil is effective? I see three main: the certainty of punishment, no one is untouchable — one law for all, and the third is a unified view among government, business, our whole society, to live honestly — is profitable and prestigious. And then we will live in a just society, and in a safe state, and according to uniform laws.”

3. “Economic and industrial policy, support of entrepreneurial initiatives”

Anatoly Vyborny, member of the state Duma. Nomination in single-mandate district No. 210 (Chertanovskaya single-mandate constituency): “My performance comes down to one word — trust. Where there is no trust, there is no development either in the economy or in social sphere. Even the President talks about the need for confidence-building and overall improvement of the business climate in the country. Here Vladimir Putin has given some figures. In 2014, it was opened 200 thousand criminal cases on economic crimes, and before the trial came only 46 thousand. Another 15 thousand collapsed in court. It turns out that of the 200 thousand criminal cases, only 31 thousand ended with the verdict of the court. What they say the remaining 169 thousand criminal cases? It is best to say the words of the President: robbed, opressively and released. But for every such criminal case the destiny of people”.

Andrei Pichugin, a member of the provisional voting district 201: “the Theme of economic policy and support of entrepreneurship is very relevant. I think that in dealing with these issues, numerous other issues will disappear by themselves. So in my campaign I propose to introduce a number of national projects. First: the introduction of fallow lands (25-30 million hectares). This will allow you to buy Russian agricultural machinery, to help related industries. In addition, from the sale of grain for export you can get about 600-700 billion rubles. The second project: the construction, at state expense, sugar and oil plants and their subsequent transfer to the owners of the surrounding land with installment payment for 10 years.”

4. “The quality of daily life: housing and communal services, housing, facilities and urban environment

Onishchenko Gennady Grigorevich, assistant to the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, D. A. Medvedev, the Nomination in single-mandate constituency №206 (Tushino single-member constituency): “Quality of life, comfortable living environment is not a literary cliche, and not a figure of speech, is absolutely clear mandate, which was set back in 2008, when it adopted the concept of socio-economic development of our country until 2020. There are time parameters, and the parameters of achieving health, yield of the population. In my opinion, these priorities should be primarily issues of health, education. It needs to be the issues related to combating such negative phenomena detrimental to our health as tobacco, alcohol, etc. In this area (Smoking) after a long struggle, almost 20-years of lawlessness, which our country was after the collapse of the Soviet Union, we have open field from the point of view of legal regulation of the turnover of tobacco products. Come to us multinational companies that wrote the law for us, and we are seriously lost in this. Today, thank God, the situation improved. The Ministry of health of Russia just two years ago took a very hard, modern law, and the challenge for this stage is his to perform. Not to succumb to moaning about the fact that it needs to be changed, loosen. Nothing like not to do. Moreover, to clarify and to tighten the law. If we execute it, we get the appendage in the life expectancy of almost ten years. Because 400 thousand premature deaths every year we pay for that immoral people are cashing in on our health. Alcohol is a more complicated issue. Here laws are made, regulated, but alcohol is more outside the legal field, and there to be much simpler: there and adulterated alcohol, and obviously alcohol is deadly. We need to give freedom to the businesses, not the criminals preying on our health.”

5. “Patriotism and traditional values”

Tolstoy, Pyotr Olegovich, broadcaster. Nomination in single-mandate district No. 199 (single-member electoral district of Lublin): “the Attempt to apply to our reality Western values have failed, and the fruits of this fiasco we all unfortunately see today in the form of the cooling of our relations with the Western world. It remains to understand what is important to us. I think it is important that our children decide for themselves the fate of their country, what it will be, and thus relied on the centuries-old Russian traditions. Do not try to destroy them for the sake of words about modernisation, innovation and reform. Do not try to step on the rake again in a circle repeating the historical path that Russia has not just passed. A large part of our population considers the preservation of their way of life is more important than the results of labor”.

Zharkov Anton Viktorovich, Deputy of the state Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. Nomination in single-mandate district No. 205 (Preobrazhensky single-mandate election district): “we All remember how after the fall of socialism, we almost lost our nation. We looked at the West with admiration and took all his valuables. The revival of the country is through faith in country, faith in the people who proudly consider themselves Russians. We’ve been looking for a national idea, and the President very clearly has defined it — that our present and future in patriotism”.

And that’s just what we have heard several opinions. So the candidates are very interesting: there is someone to choose. And invite anyone in the primaries 22 may quote from the speech of the Deputy of the state Duma and the candidate in single-mandate constituency №201 (Nagatinskaya single-mandate constituency) Yelena Panina: “Today many parties in Russia, although I believe that there are only two — the party of those who for Russia, and those who are against her. Our task today is to unite those who support Russia.”

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