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Monday, February 19, 2018

As Russia’s return to great story

Where the Parliament is not a place for discussion, where a hospital is no place for treatment, there is a formal social science — not a means to create a portrait of the country… we Have a systemic opposition — it is in the Duma, and there are non-systemic — it is at Bolotnaya and Sakharov. But social science exists in two forms: as a system and the formal (she does not answer the main question — what is the reason for the Russian catastrophe of the twentieth century, ” because it “does not notice”) and as non-systemic, unofficial. I want to offer insight into the Russian way from a position outside the system, independent of the researcher.

Over 70 years of subpropaganda the greatest success achieved in the falsification of the historical image of Russia. To this day, not only Khobzi, but the liberals, the red picked up the baton of hate to the roots of Russia believe that “the one”, pre-Soviet our homeland was “a miserable, ignorant, cruel, retarded.” Demystifying latent and open of Bolshevism is a serious and unresolved problem.

…The project of Gathering the lands, started Kalita in the XIVth century, was continued by Ivan III (the Great), ended in the 70-ies of the XIX century. Barely visible on the map the Moscow Principality has become, along with Britain, the greatest Empire of the world. Since the late nineteenth century and until 1917, the country passed to the new project — to the Great arrangement. In the twentieth century Russia was a part of with all deliberate claim to world leadership. The highest rates of economic growth first “economic miracle” — is Russia. The construction of the TRANS-Siberian railway and the CER (presented by Stalin and Khrushchev, along with Port Arthur and Chairman Mao) — Russia. The highest population growth is 1.5% annually — from us. The country’s share in world AgroExport — 40%. Rural and a large part of the city of medicine — free, since 1908 universal, free primary education. In St. Petersburg and Moscow worked, the Swedish and Finnish migrant workers, since 1914 the Metropolitan subways are built. About the spiritual rise, about Silver age poetry, about prose, theatre, ballet, music, painting to remind you I will not: the world does not forget…

What is the reason for the success of Russia? The reasons, of course, are many: vast natural resources, multiplied by the diligence of the Russian peasantry, on efficiency and scarcity of the layer of noble-managers. Important factor — the higher the level of education of emperors and their unity with their own people (for all the XIX century for political reasons in the country was executed 41 people, but for the first 35 years of building the “bright future” we lost 65 million lives).

The deepest reason for the success of the country before she started to build a “bright future” — a true identity, a proper understanding of themselves and the world. It is based on historical science, not due to censorship. After 100, 150 years, you can take any book on history and read it without stopping. The story served as a clear mirror, reflecting the society and the world, she was an accurate “map in time,” a reliable compass to the future. Russian identity is the “taken” story. Their country, our ancestors were called “Holy Rus”…

What happened in 1917? But no, let’s start with the idea, which existed until 1917. Russian, or Russian better, idea is the main national rules, shaped by history and have shaped our identity. At a certain historical stage of the ancient clans and tribes into Nations. Twelve hundred years ago, 14 different tribes — the drevlians, the northerners, clearing Vyatichi, Krivichi… reformatted to the Russian people. Values that become their “melting pot” and have a national idea. The Russian idea is Orthodoxy, collecting land and community collectivism. And to add, his native language.

The turn of the XIX–XX centuries in Russia were a period of economic breakthrough, which tragically coincided with the time of deep ideological crisis. Stopped working are our main rules. The community has become a brake on the agricultural sector and in need of dismantling, Stolypin said the resettlement of the community on the farm. The gathering of lands has exhausted itself, and Russia, the transition to the philosophy of quality development. Traditionally, the Russian authorities were legalised with the idea of God. Taking the power of the Emperor were in the process of Bogomazova. He perceived himself and was perceived by the society as authorized by the Creator himself. For a country where all were believers, this is the best method of legitimation, it determines the highest and the rules for the king and for his subjects. But at the end of the XIX century, Christianity was confronted with atheism. Slacking of faith gave rise to terror, Fyodor Dostoevsky warned: “If there is no God, everything is permitted”.

In the words of the prophet Russia responded to the February revolution, its goal is the transition from religious to civil legitimation of the state. The main slogan of the February elections to the Constituent Assembly. When the Kerensky government with the elections delayed, the Winter took the Bolsheviks, promising: “our government will hold elections”. Indeed, the vote carried: Leninists lost, gaining less than a quarter of the votes. When in January 18th, the deputies met in Petrograd and acknowledged the illegal decrees of Lenin, Lenin refused to give the Board elected by the people the most, Octobrie were dispersed, and came to his defense of citizens, security officers of the two capitals were shot with machine guns…

Is it possible to legitimize illegitimate power? The new government was neither logopolitans nor selected, it was not legitimate. The Bolshevik revolution meant a gap of history. As he wrote in 1918, Vasily Rozanov, “above us the iron curtain fell”. After half a century, Solzhenitsyn said: “the Soviet Union is correlated with historical Russia as a murderer with the victim”. That is why the new government was badly in need of legitimation. For some time it replaced the red terror and the Civil war. But destroying the White movement and the Bolsheviks once again dreamed of legitimacy. It is clear that the option of a normal election is not suitable. Conscious of the anti-state nature of the regime, summer 18, the year Lenin wrote: “Russia won by the Bolsheviks.” And the Communists had close historical and all other humanitarian branches of Russian universities and gradually to develop our own “Marxist-Leninist” and other historical and literary (anti)science. The change of state strategy that grows out of history and reformed the Russian idea came the Communist ideology and the Bolshevik surhandar. Its essence, if very briefly, that replicated every text supposed to prove the victory of communism is inevitable. Sacreligious were the two key terms — Lenin and socialism. It was legalized by the government, for “against the socialist Paradise only enemies”, and the Secretary General — his chief Builder and successor of the great Lenin.”

The image of bogovadja was, of course, is fundamentally unlike the real morbid little man, and Soviet socialism, built on a monstrous exploitation of society by the nomenklatura, in the Gulag, artificial famines, and deportations of peoples, had nothing to do with the theory, where socialism is a society where the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all.

It ended. Today it is clear that the official history of the Soviet Union — not a reflection of reality, and myth, created by government for society, and not one of the Soviet “historical” book now no one republishes, because nobody is going to make her read the history of the Soviet Union is not the congresses and five-year plan, this is the story of Resistance of our people. It’s the Kronstadt and Tambov rebellion is a peasant war 20-30’s, that Vlasov and Lokotskogo Republic, is dissidence and samizdat, this informal period of Adjustment. Soviet 70 years — a loss of 5.5 million km (10-France), the population of the Empire in 1917 was $ 186 million, and in 2014 we became 143 million of the twentieth century Russia lost! Does it have a chance to win the new, coming age?

The population broken system from the bottom, smart people — from the top, and she almost collapsed in ‘ 91, but was revived ten years later. It turned out that the real mistress of the country — the nomenklatura — were able to revive and be reborn.

However, its composition has changed. Now it’s not so much the party members, how many new security officers and other security forces. As before, the “new class” does not fit in the euroelections. It is not able to legitimize post-Soviet version of the Russian Orthodox Church. The new system is very necessary ideology, but the creation of new offspring constantly delayed, exacerbating the problem of legitimation.

Since the new government — the successor and continuer of Soviet times and are also affected by the break with Russian history, she still needs to justify its mythology. The Kremlin has approved the development of a new concept of a common history textbook, with the key thesis of the unity of the historical continuity of Russia and Soviet times. So by hiding the gap and extend the power of their legitimacy before the time of Rurik, taking the responsibility for the 17th year.

The new ideology, the main words. The two main term of the renewed ideology — Stalin and victory in the war. The way the current government is constructed as the successor of the winners and thus partly legitimized every… the Name of Stalin, under the guise of “interest” from below”, is imposed in an infinite number of television and radio programs. Often the discussion is based directly on the method neuro-linguistic programming: discuss the question — “how can we explain the growing interest of people to the image of Stalin”.

Opposing Stalinism continues we have from the moment when the future leader was visible on the political scene. Today, his supporters remember the real achievements of 30-40-ies — overcoming unemployment, crime, industrialization…

Reply brief argument: Hitler also did a lot for the Germans built roads, provided employment, improved living standards… it would be nothing, but really, he burned in the ovens of 6 million Jews and lost the state. Therefore recognized as the main perpetrator of the twentieth century. That Stalin killed tens of millions of compatriots. Having won the war, the Soviet Union still suffered 45 years and also disappeared from the historical arena, together with the socialist camp and the international Communist movement. The diagnosis is simple: either we’re for Stalin together with Hitler, or against both!

The second symbol, forming post-Soviet identity, and legitimizing the power — the Great Patriotic war. The word turned into a neo-pagan totem. War mummified like Lenin in the Mausoleum, it is “sacred”, is unacceptable no disputes, no scientific discovery… And the real soldiers do not need power: the promised housing, they did not get 70 years, until they were consumed. The main thing was not the case, and to preserve the Stalinist mythology of the war: “we saved the world from fascism”. What to say in this matter?

But before talking about victory, I must admit that the Bolsheviks and Hitler started this war. Not be a coup in the 17-th in Russia, the Second world war would have been simply impossible. All questions would be allowed First.

In ancient times, the violation of tribal rules meant expulsion from the society and certain death. The Union was opposed by all world rules. Imposing red myth, the Bolsheviks have exhausted enormous resources, human and financial. Today, the Kremlin continues to support and creates absolutely hopeless regimes, whose debts are written off later. But today, the West announced sanctions against Moscow, Russia is in political isolation, she was expelled from the civilized community. And in response, robbing their own people, the authorities announce sanctions against the West. This Soviet ideology is completely unacceptable, it leads to the extinction of Russia…

There is a solution. We need a “Russian Nuremberg” and the legal assessment of the Soviet regime. Need to give recognition to those who broke off communication with thousands of years of Russia. We need elections to a new Constituent Assembly. We need a return to history, to the reformed the Russian idea, the main values which are now — historicism, improvement, spirituality, democracy.

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