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Sunday, March 18, 2018

“Anti-tramp” and her house of cards: the strength and weakness of Hillary Clinton

If nothing extraordinary happens, it is already clear: in the battle for the White house will come together to Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton. Given trompowsky extravagance and dislike the Republican establishment, it is likely that the next President of the United States can become a woman. What are the strengths and weaknesses of Mrs. Clinton — tried to figure out the “MK”.

photo: AP

Hillary Clinton

* * *

— You know… ” said Clinton, when asked in February whether the United States for a female President. — I really don’t know…

Sociologists know: in theory, America is not opposed to the head of state was the representative of the beautiful half of humanity. Published in early spring the results of the CNN/ORC public opinion research showed that 80% of Americans feel that the U.S. is ready to ensure that a woman was elected President (over the last decade the number of people who hold this view has increased by 20 percent). And by the way, Democrats among the respondents, 90% agree that the United States is ready for a female President, the Republicans of these smaller (68%).

By and large, the tradition of nominating women for President of the United States for many years. Another thing is that they were all female candidates from “third parties” who have no chance to bring his representative to the White house. First in 1872 became a suffragette and a supporter of the ideas of “free love” Victoria Woodhull, who represented the Party of equal rights. Then there were a few instances when ladies put forward their candidacy for the position of head of state. You may recall, for example, the first African-American woman, dared to do it, is a Communist, serlin Mitchell (1968). In the last election, held in 2012, at least three women said about the nominations. But these were attempts aimed rather to “show the flag” than to achieve at least some result.

But Hillary Clinton’s chances of getting into the White house is, and considerable. To throw to the sidelines while his main competitor for Democratic party Senator Bernie Sanders — it’s a question of technique. And the reputation of an enfant terrible,” which earned Republican Donald trump, can do a good service to Ms. Clinton, when the election will be at the finish line.

* * *

The action of the fourth season of the cult American television series “house of cards” (who did not look — recommended for viewing, because the film is not just interesting but also tells a lot about the nature of power and the struggle for the most power) takes place in the spring of 2016. On the screen, as in real life, are holding their presidential primaries. And the main character of the series, the President of the United States Frank underwood is fighting for the right to nominate his candidacy from the Democratic party. And not only succeeds at that, but even manages to push the candidate in Vice-presidents of the United States his wife Claire.

Nepotism in the White house is no surprise — after presidents have been Republicans, Bush the father and Bush the son. Now (in reality, not in “house of cards”) there is going to be the wife of the 42nd President bill Clinton — Hillary.

Although the role of Claire underwood Robin Wright says that her character does not have as a prototype of Hillary Clinton, if you want you can find a lot of similarities between the main female character from House of Cards and real democratic candidate.

Especially since the Creator of the original (British) version of house of cards Lord Dobbs and said that the main female character of the series closest to Hillary Clinton.

— Hillary is a full — fledged political figure, she is behind the scenes, but now more and more on the front of the stage, said Dobbs BuzzFeed. — It has much more character, Claire, than, for example, Cherie (wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. — “MK”), which, as far as I know did not actively engage in politics as such… I am fascinated by Hillary, of course, because it comes with so much baggage. This Luggage is its strength but also its vulnerability. We just have to wait and see where the balance lies here. Although it is strange that the system, which was derived from the rejection of the monarchy, made the bushes, the Kennedys, the Clintons, the Roosevelts…”

So, what they have in common — Claire and Hillary? First of all, the position of the first lady. Both supporters of the Democratic party. A well-known experience in the sphere of diplomacy (Claire underwood visited U.S. Ambassador to the UN, and Hillary Clinton led the state Department). A long married life with their husbands-politicians (the Clintons have been married for over forty years, the Underwoods are about thirty). Willingness to support her husband in political battles — who knows what cost Hillary to stay married to bill after the story in “oral office” with Monica Lewinsky.

And, by the way, if you believe the conspiracy versions, the aggression of the West against Yugoslavia was a “sound curtain”, designed to smooth the scandal with the sexual escapades of bill Clinton. Exactly the same as at the end of the 4th season of “house of cards” has appeared under the threat of exposing a corrupt President underwood with the active assistance of his wife deliberately sacrifices the life of American hostage to declare total war on the jihadists.

Match the initials of the two women — HC (Hillary Clinton) and CH (Claire Hale is the maiden name of the heroine of the series). Even financially there are total: revenues Hillary Clinton much higher than her husband. A Texas heiress million Claire Hale married-looking at her background poor Frank underwood…

No doubt — differences between Claire and Hillary more than coincidences. After all, cinema is cinema, and life is life.

Between the 68-year-old Clinton and underwood (more precisely, the performer of the role of her 50-year-old Robin Wright) nearly twenty years difference in age. They have a completely different background. Clinton had a much richer experience in elected office and in government. In “house of cards” the wife’s second husband. However, the nomination for Vice President could theoretically bring it to post # 1 in the White house. So even in this two women are similar. Although it is unlikely that Mrs Clinton as an unprincipled Machiavellian, as Mrs. underwood and her husband bill are clearly not journalists pushed under a subway train.

But if the fourth season of “house of cards” ends so that it was unclear whether the couple of Underwoods to break through to victory in the elections of 2016 in the White house, in the real world prospects of participation of Hillary Clinton in the final presidential race is more definite — because Senator Sanders can help only a miracle. Although the types remain unclear on whether she will be able to get past his Republican opponent.

* * *

— The weakest side, Hillary Clinton is her position in the American establishment, — says a senior researcher of external sector and domestic policy, RAS IMEMO Victoria ZHURAVLEVA. — Trump is the reflection of the wave against the status quo, that is, waves for change. And his victory demonstrate it, whereas Hillary, why fight against people who vote for trump. It is the most weak position, for it it will beat trump. If they go one-on-one, it will show it as the face of the authorities that need to change. Yet her weakness is that she is a woman, therefore she is not particularly popular among the male electorate. Trump has already started work to pick up the voices of male voters. He goes for it because he has little chance with women voters. You can get the picture: a man against a woman and hence men vs women voters-voters. Hillary is not a very strong position in this match. However, the first reason for its weakness, and the most significant is that it is associated with the current government.

— Her political past, experience of the Secretary of state could affect voting?

— Just like Clinton for the “gossekretar”. During this period she had a high rating. This, of course, applies primarily to the democratic electorate. But among Republicans before the events in Libya as Secretary of state she was very popular because it maintained a relatively hard line close to the Republicans. In this sense, gossekretar for her, plus more. Moreover, she successfully fends off all attacks, shows himself very strong, acts as a tough leader. It gives her popularity among Republicans who do not want to vote for trump.

— What are its advantages?

— Its advantage is the diversity of the electorate that supports it. This so-called Rising American electorate, which consists of African Americans, Hispanics and women. Now he is the driving force, and 70-80 percent, he supported Hillary. Here her position is much stronger than trump. Second: on the one hand, its weakness is that it is the status quo, and on the other hand is for the democratic electorate she’s the anti-trump, and this is its strength. She — the personification of stability for those who are afraid that trump will win. This is its strength.

— What is the advantage of its political program?

— In the case of Hillary it is hard to say, because this is a political chameleon. She tries to incorporate all the demands of the electorate, appearing during the campaign. In particular, was left-liberal bias in the peak Bernie Sanders. It has always seemed to be a centrist candidate, and now she is clearly shifted to the left. How it will look in its final program to the exit on the national stage, I think they need to watch. If, nevertheless, she will win the competition with Sanders, will be the candidate, it will go back a little bit centrism, because she will need to win not only Democrats but also Republicans. So the rhetoric will become less leftist. It is clear that the programme will remain the social sphere and the problem of women. It basically will be a continuation of Obama — in the social and international agendas. Hillary’s not even trying to distance themselves from him, despite his unpopularity. It has positioned itself rather as a continuation of the same vector.

— What is its fundamental difference from Sanders?

— It is more fundamental in the issue. Clinton immediately said that he supports all of Obama’s initiatives. But Sanders more than moderately relevant to this question. He’s a little more left, he has a refrain of social justice and appeal to the youth. Sanders is the work for young people. This is his core constituency. To a lesser extent, his support of minorities — blacks, Hispanics and women. This is Obama’s block, which Hillary managed to pull himself under. Now this is the main electoral force, so Sanders and behind. Although it is quite popular — so much so that it should be taken into account. The latest victory shows that he does not lose momentum and can win.

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