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Friday, March 16, 2018

An additional contingent of troops near Russia’s borders NATO is not needed for defense

Coming in July, the NATO summit in Warsaw will be approved the concept of placing in Eastern and southern Europe for more troops for “operation Spearhead”. Five elite battalions should be the rapid response team and a psychological deterrent to the enemy – Russia, but even the Americans admit that we are talking about fiction.

The idea is that these five multinational battalions will remove the fears of some countries in the region regarding “Russian aggression” and partially legitimizing the presence of new high-tech U.S. missile defense system. However, American experts say the meaninglessness and futility of this plan. Just due to the fact that “the super-fast response force”, by definition, unsustainable, not pull “ultra-fast deployment to ensure someone’s safety can’t. This military group is a product of the old concept of “defense through the threat,” which draws on the ancient idea that a pair of American soldiers must by the very fact of their presence is to stop the hordes of barbarians (once Communist, now Russian). But NATO really believe that stretched in front of almost two thousand miles, five thousand soldiers (of which the Americans on the strength of a thousand) will be an effective weapon immediate reaction. Polish General Krzysztof Krul, however, stipulates that this group is still formed mainly to combat “internal unrest” according to the article 4th of the NATO Charter. That is, in the case when internal unrest escalate into a dangerous conflict.

Someone has

“To die for beauty Kadriorg Park boys from Nebraska are not ready to determine, and to withdraw the buffer countries in Eastern Europe as bait – it’s very American”

Now in the strategic command in an unusual situation: for the first time in the history of the Alliance NATO was dominated by representatives from Eastern Europe. Immediate supervisor General Krol – the Czech General Peter Paul (Peter – the name Paul – name), an ex-spetsnaz with Soviet education, who served as commander of the subversive groups in Czechoslovakia, then in Czech Republic and really distinguished themselves in some very dangerous and technologically complex operations in Croatia. He personally commanded the operation to rescue 50 French soldiers, stuck between Serbs and Croats with no chance of survival. But his personal qualities, and personal qualities Krzysztof Krul, do not guarantee the survival of the newly created army group, which lobbied for just the countries of Eastern Europe.

Overall command of the rapid reaction Forces of NATO (NATO Response force – NRF) belongs to the Supreme allied Commander of NATO in Europe (Supreme allied commander of NATO in Europe – Supreme Allied Commander Europe, SACEUR). Passion of the Alliance for compound abbreviations English – a bad dream interpreter, and the relevant Russian agencies are forced once a year to re-release the voluminous dictionaries of all this Newspeak, but it’s not about that. Two of the headquarters of the United NATO forces based in Netherlands Brunssum and Italian Naples, this is the operational command of the NRF, funktsionirovanie on the basis of annual rotation. It requires a format that helps member countries and partners to ensure the standards required for defence and expeditionary operations. As a result, participation in the NRF is preceded by a six-month program of NATO exercises in order to integrate and harmonize the various national contingents. In General, countries continue pre-training period from six months to eighteen months before you give their units in the NRF Forces.

In other words, all this economy requires for numerous exercises on the territory of the countries contributing troops in immediate response. This partly explains the wave outwardly unmotivated and in practical terms meaningless “mini” and “micro” exercises involving toy soldiers dwarf their countries, like Georgia now, but a couple of weeks ago in Estonia. In Brunssum and Naples whether seriously believe that this kind of five-day exercise will enhance the combat readiness of one hundred Georgian rtveli-Rangers” and fifty Estonian farmers, whether fulfills the bureaucratic “action plan” for show than toothache reminiscent of the Soviet army of the Marshal Sokolov.

The trick is that the USA is not ready for deployment in Europe of additional troops – it is not trite troops. The us army just ended, although it sounds strange, and the active involvement of PMCs has to do with the lack of active forces (primarily ground forces), not conspiracy reasons. The Pentagon recently erupted serious “war of ideas” between the supporters of the physical increase in the number of land forces and supporters of technological modernization. This is a separate discussion topic, the main thing that at the moment the US army is not ready to raise a new force to create relatively capable of rapid response teams in Eastern and southern Europe. Furthermore, some large European countries (Germany, Spain) would not increase the number of American troops on its territory, although not always Express it openly. While supporters of the two “ideological” groups in the United States army, including four-star generals, together attack on Angela Merkel did not mince words. This is especially differed Philip Breedlove before he left the post of commander of forces in Europe.

Now somehow it is necessary to collect 30 000 people operational contingent (not only infantry, but everybody, including Navy and air force), but they are not. The Americans did not help, they would have the garrisons in Iraq to save. The British, maybe I would, but Germany will not allow the reincarnation of the Rhine army in any form. Thus of the thirty thousand it is necessary to allocate five thousand “untouchables”, the joint task high readiness force (VJTF), which can be deployed within a few days. It will comprise a multinational brigade – to five battalions, supported by aircraft, naval and special forces. Some units will be ready to move within two to three days at the first sign of a threat, thereby acting as a potential deterrent to further escalation. Quick arrival of this small but efficient military unit would send a clear signal to any potential aggressor: “any attempt to violate the sovereignty of one country NATO will lead to a military participation of all 28 NATO countries”. Quick response time VJTF is something that should distinguish it from other components of the NRF.

Cheese and carrot

It’s time to think about Georgia and Estonia. Georgia is not part of NATO and will never but a hundred of its fighters to send to Iraq or face their main enemy – Russia. Yes, you need to stop playing word forms and clearly understand that the whole system is aimed exclusively against us, other potential opponents of NATO in Europe is not – and never will. Thus, after the June NATO summit in Warsaw, the five battalions should, if not to restrain the Russian army in a conventional conflict, then at least “send a very clear signal” for two or three days when flight time “Iskander” up to 15 minutes, and bombers – to 20 minutes. Not surprisingly, those losses, the Americans I would like to shift this honorable task on the shoulders of Balts, poles and Romanians.

The upcoming NATO summit in Warsaw was a landmark event. In Moscow perceive it seriously, prepare for it. It is clear in advance that no “road map” and exercises in Vaziani will bring Georgia closer to join NATO, but the Warsaw summit have significantly improved cultural relations of the Georgian nation with the Russians.

At different levels were given the go-ahead to conduct in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Sochi and Vladikavkaz tour of Georgian folk and pop representatives, sometimes politically highly questionable. In rating the show on Federal channels suddenly appeared Vakhtang Kikabidze, in recent years actively opposing the “Northern barbarians” that led to jumps on the Maidan, and the partial loss of restaurant business in Moscow. Now, with the blue screen, he once again confesses his love to the Russian people along with Nani Bregvadze. In Moscow sold out meet the “Trio Mandili” – khevsurian funny girls, a few months ago speaking on the same Maidan. Except that in North Ossetia the Tbilisi touring dance groups caused a surge of indignation, reached up to physical protests. All these activities are carried out in the framework of the cultural policy of the “carrot” as some statements of the first persons of Russia against Georgia. “Whip” was the re-equipment of South Ossetian military base with “Points”, “Iskander” and T-72 to T-90.

All will continue until the last day of the summit in Warsaw, and then “the month of the Georgian culture” is minimized. The same thing happens with the poles, Romanians and Balts.

Strange but true: the US and NATO have never proved themselves faithful allies and protectors of someone in Europe, while Russia has openly proved its commitment to friendship and partnership, sometimes to the detriment of own economic interests. It is strange that in principle it is possible not to understand and reason about even the theoretical possibility of “withdrawal” of Russia from Eastern Europe or from the Caucasus.

NATO also managed to quickly set up on a system of five battalions of the huge bureaucratic and managerial structure. Specifically, the so-called “rapid deployment” VJTF will contribute to the small command and control on registration of objects known as organizational Units for the integration of NATO forces (NFIU). As an initial step NFIU created in Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania, and will work in shifts and in conjunction with host countries to identify logistical networks, transport hubs and infrastructure support, to give Forces high-readiness NATO the opportunity to turn in the region of destination as quickly as possible. Using the NFIU some units of the VJTF will be able to move for two days, while the main part will be ready for deployment in less than seven days. “To stand, be afraid!”

In fact, to calm restless minds in Eastern Europe created a bubble, not able to effectively support the defense within two hours, but consists of many small staffs. Two years ago, this idea does not provide for rapid deployment of troops, and consisted of a headquarters, which would be English-speaking officers, quickly transmit orders to local troops. You know these officers are Estonian or Bulgarian – it does not matter, but it seemed reasonable, for he reduced the time of decision-making at the local level. Now the system is heavier at times and is only puzzled questions.

The participation of a few American soldiers and officers in these forces, super-fast response seems not only a symbolic gesture, but a caricature. The notorious five tanks in Estonia – the material for the satirical sketches or heroic comics (for Estonian consumption), and not a functioning unit. And the Baltic States we would have to seriously think about how real all this assistance, since they sincerely believe in the myth of “Russian threat”. To die for beauty Kadriorg Park boys from Nebraska are not ready to determine, and to withdraw the buffer countries in Eastern Europe the role of bait is very American. The role of cheese in a mousetrap is not so honorable, especially because the cheese still eat, and then – as it will.

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