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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Abroad instead of “Eurovision”: the revision of the results would be a joke

“Eurovision 2017”, Yalta, Ukraine! The heel with the inscription in one of the issues of the Ukrainian television news would make me laugh all the 18 and a half minutes, while at a speed of 205 km/h I was racing in the ultra-modern commuter train from Central Stockholm to Arlanda airport and hastily turned the phone the latest news on the trail finally ended the contest Eurosong.

Photo: eurovision.tv/Thomas Hanses (EBU)

In Moscow I had much more time to delve into information “aftershocks” which are like after a powerful earthquake shook the “post-Eurovision” news feeds, as “modern” (as written in brochure) Aeroexpress raced-screamed at 46 km. per hour, showed me my impartial Navigator.

Squeaky trucks are an obvious inheritance of age-old backwardness in the design and the breed was desperately shaking Yes were rattling at the joints, and I read as “we still showed the world that we have the stage of the world level!”. Yes, and Fig have with her, I thought in their hearts, it would be better, as in Stockholm, silent trams-garmoshechka (just a work of art!), “rustling” on the rails, metro, trains-bullets, and everything is certainly within walking distance even on the most remote outskirts of… About sore, miles sorry…

Yet just such a snail’s fashion they reached the white stone, was surprised to find, browsing Facebook-Twitter-istogramma that a lot of people, who damned the “Eurovision” were quite as I thought, adequate, sane, friends with taste and steadfastly survived the blows of the other information cannonading, also began to quietly go crazy. Some kind of brain virus directly! And took, therefore, not only the TV Studio of the Ukrainian channel with the “Eurovision song contest” Yalta”…

Protests, petitions. To review the results! Banish the winner Jamal (not – illegal imposter!) from the palaces of the Kingdom, to select the crystal microphone! Well – reviewed, abolished, taken away. Then the Australian DAMI Im should become a newly minted Queen of Europop-2016! She was the second! Remember?

Lazarus is going to be a bummer, but with your petition. The country of kangaroos will tell us “thank you”, inasmuch as they are up to such a trick even thought of, although also have every reason to overreact. Well, I don’t want to prove “all the world” his greatness and uniqueness, though you burst. Don’t get up, unhappy, with his knees, groaning and cursing. Just live and enjoy…

“The peoples of Europe” (about televoting, where Lazarev was in the first place) voted for Russia! A repulsive, mean, and so-called “professional” jury, “it is not clear from whom and how made collected”, and even sometimes points were not given “is clearly one of the best numbers of the competition” – written by people, about the musical tastes and professional chistoplyuystvo which I thought was quite complimentary.

Here we need to understand more, after all. Who are the judges, you ask? Yes, the same Stotsky! Good was in the jury! Amused all trenchant any Serduchka! Our judges also did not give any points Jamal with a song “1944”, clearly one of the best offer and contest (this is purely my private if you want an opinion). And therefore not given that it was “politically motivated, and we had a love song,” the unblinking eye explain to me pravdoljubtsa and spravedlivosti.

Sorry, once again! Where were you when the Armenian Geneology group on “the Eurovision” last year, clearly and unequivocally sang about the genocide of 1915? Turkey then all conked out in the protests and the indignation! You say, zealots and guardians of the purity of the competition rules, where were you? You are not “motivated” interests, and its specific focus, which, as you drummed it into my head that “extremely anti-Russian”. Jamal and the cake can hurt himself, explaining in an interview with “MK” (and not only), that personal story forced her to generalization of humanistic nature (freedom, happiness, price of pain and suffering) that it was its own “Schindler’s list”, but you will still have to see the world only in the linear dimension.

Armenians, by the way, last year, the regulatory Commission of “Eurovision”, examined the claims and objections, was allowed to contest for the same reason that Jamal did not find the song “explicit and unambiguous political declarations or appeals” that do in the contest is prohibited, and the song is indeed “devoid of evidence” for after all it is a parable, not a pamphlet.

Who actually said that “non-political” status involves only reckless and false TRU-La-La, dedicated to the mythical girl that no one in the afternoon with fire not to find, and hardly ever find? If it is not, of course, Lera Kudryavtseva… At the “Eurovision” was largely won after all the songs are sincere and personal attitude.

Meanwhile, the Georgian group Stefane & 3G in 2009, was from the contest just dismissed with a song We Don’t Wanna Put In ” just because “game of words” with meaningless verb do called straight “politically motivated” Association. Watch over all the same, whatever you say…

And now, in fact, “clearly the best song and the number that could not log in at least ten” from the professional jury. This jury was “activated” in the same 2009-m to generate aggregate estimates of the performances (along with televoting), in order to calm the fans ‘ passion and the so-called “neighborhood voting”, which became to suppress all life around after the dramatic expansion of “Eurovision” because of the new Eastern countries.

Besides, if you give everything on the repurchase of the fans, then triumph will always be just “Tender may” – remember what it was like at the turn of the eras, to the horror of all more or less respectful of the music of a people? Needed a “counterweight” for a more balanced assessment.

Yes, members of the jury, as fans, are just people and can be not only objective, but also subjective, and even politically motivated. But this is their point of view, and it also has the right to exist. We do not like, we don’t like… besides, we’re always “multi-vector” international relations, for the fact that there were many of these “centers of power”, isn’t it? Or is not it?

And what to do by a professional jury, if it sees and hears that “bright room”, clearly speculating on the fan omnivorous, infinitely secondary, is in fact ottengono the mapping version of the old staging, already seen in the “Eurovision”, it seems that in 2007-m to year, and the Greek composer Kontopoulos, tortured by years of producer Kirkorov “evroprominvest”, just drowned in their own samopovtorov? To do what? And why, then, is “CLEARLY” the best room? Who clearly, when clearly?

Say scary – if I were on the jury, it seems, too much would doubt, and without any political motivation.

But Serezha Lazarev is our good example to follow – Dima Bilan. Stubbornly went to the goal and came! The first time lost, second time defeated, and at the same Kirkorov, who, by the way, then in Belgrade (2008) for Ukraine with Ani Lorak. It turns out – against Russia, or what? The horror! Why are all silent?!

By the way, it would be possible in this second Europoid take advantage of the practical advice of producer Ivan Shapovalov, who reasonably said that his t.A.T.u. in 2003 in Riga were the only Russian participants of the contest who sang in Russian. This could be a good move, especially for “Eurovision” in Ukraine!


The sadness of the whole story is that the generals were celebrating the victory even before the battle, before the main battle. So convinced the citizens of this shamanic hysteria in a future victory in “Eurovision” that citizens from all over the country now can’t afford to lose, without losing face. Although the win is also necessary to be able to adequately. Neither, it seems does not work…

This is the press in England every year laughing at the “Eurovision”, calling it a “frikovaya contest”, otherwise the unfortunate the house of Lords every year would create a Commission, finding out who, how and why I voted against the great Britain at Eurovision, where she remains for years with the nose with all his pop music is really world class! Otherwise, not all politically motivated! But they drum! So she and England…

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