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Friday, March 16, 2018

Why doesn’t it work?

For 25 years, as immediately after the bourgeois revolution or bourgeois revolution, does not matter) and there appeared in Russia the opposition. The opposition has scored two significant dates: reddish brown 1993 rebellion and the rebellion of the urban intelligentsia (the self “the creative class”) 2011-2012.

Dates are prominent, but they are evidence of violent injuries. Why the opposition does not work? Why no red-brown, nor the ultra-creative class never seized power? At least for a short time.

Call two groups of reasons:

1. Notesnote, primitive opposition

2. Unequal power capabilities

We will not dig deep into the Story, let’s cut the bull by the horns. I will be on the next only years: 2014-2016.

Spring 2014, Krymnash. The fatal fault of the ultra — rejection of the fact that Crimea is ours, while the people, indescribably vast majority applauds the reunification of the Crimea with Russia.

Not for the first time, but for the first time in this popular form demonstrated absolute contempt for the urban intelligentsia, that is actually the liberals, to the people (rural liberals also exist, but in very modest quantities).

Moreover, the Bolshevik truly demonstrated a willingness to re-educate the same people, the willingness to step over his interests, willingness to detract his mind.

While the government has demonstrated a desire to please people, his psyche, ultra with hatred and curses lashed out at the people.

The people welcomed Krymnash why?

Our people liberals attributed to greedy the desire for creature comforts ravenous appetite for a “worthy” life and it turned out that he was and is not our people.

It turned out that on the first place among his aspirations — the pursuit of greatness of the Russian state. Here’s a surprise! That’s a poisoned gift to you, the wrestlers with the power of the people!

Since 1991, the national team has undergone suffering from the loss of prestige and greatness. Over the years the psyche of the people was dealt a traumatic blow. People were gloomy and dull. To exist as a third-rate power, everywhere to sacrifice national interests to undergo visible and not visible humiliation from Europe and the USA, to pretend that the dismemberment of the Soviet Union was a fair, a whole quarter of a century, was unbearable. And Krymnash!

The people have demonstrated that for him the prestige of his state more important topics such as: the lack of political freedoms in the country, or inequality, or corruption. He is willing to forgive the lack of political freedom, to forget about the authoritarian regime in the name of this ancient and proud “Krymnash”. They, the people, the face brightened, his eyes sparkled after Krymnash, revived all cheered!

“The creative class”, but rather, it is a small part of why did not take Krymnash?

Because 25 years of liberal propagandists and we are “friends” outside of Russia claimed and insisted that Europe, USA and Russia the same characters, the same objectives and, accordingly, the same enemies.

That European civilization is our heavenly homeland, and Russian bast is something that should be overcome, something to be ashamed of.

The result was the same the whole class, is extremely small in comparison with millions of people, who thought their Homeland of European civilization. And it became the opposition to Putin is also right. Managed to create alienation from country, state and nation urban intelligentsia, which terribly frightened the authorities, but then was broken herself, not acknowledging the obvious: Crimea is ours.

And here we have what we have.

The urban intelligentsia versus the People. Both groups are bristling, only urban intellectuals, militant and loud, woefully small in comparison with the people.

From whatever side you look, the confrontation with the people — a depressing idea. The character of peoples varies centuries a millimeter, so hope to redo — idea, frankly, not smart, and crazy.

And the election! You, good Lord, I thought, and joined the European demand for Russia to give back Crimea, you are setting yourself up for a crushing defeat in any election in Russia?

Then how are you going to come to power?

You are not going to come to power!

The Maidan in Kiev has led not only to Krymnash, but also to the Russian uprising in the Donbass, which the liberals condemned with even greater fury than Krymnash. And condemned, still further estranged from the vast majority of the population. To such a degree estranged that they used steel definition “traitors” and “fifth column”.

Well, even if it is unpleasant, but Association with Europe and the United States may be regarded as a betrayal of Russia.

Kiev Maidan as a phenomenon misled, and divided, and not only the Russian right-wing but also left-wing.

Part of the Russian left were fascinated by the word “Revolution” and perceived the Maidan as THEIR long-awaited revolution (including as a revolution against Putin), forgetting that revolutions are not only Russian, and not only socialist.

On independence, in my opinion, really was a revolution, but the Ukrainian nationalist, but still anti-Russian revolution. The majority of those Russian citizens who have a heap already got out of there, or moved to the side of Donbass, but the left-wing movement, and so a reasonable split of the Communist party, who took a comfortable position of power partner in crime, has suffered badly.

Well, the Russian nationalists beguiled, not really realizing that the nationalists of the two neighboring countries, having each other’s territorial claims, can not fight on the same side. Well can’t: either you’re a Russian nationalist or Ukrainian. Those Russian Nazis who are serving in the “Aidar” and “Azov”, had long been Russian Natsik, and sided with the enemy.

Happen. In the Great Patriotic war this happened.

However, I, being a member of the opposition, I am convinced that the rejection of the thesis Krymnash and concepts of the new Russia urban intellectuals, the creative class is not just stupidity, and blatant national scale crime.

Suggest them to understand that during the violent division of the inheritance of the USSR, Yeltsin and his team just let themselves be fooled (was in a hurry to bury the USSR, to bring up Yeltsin’s Russia), agreeing to a dismemberment of the USSR administrative borders, and if you understand and accept this undeniable fact, the reunification of the Crimea with Russia there is a fair correction of errors made in 1991.

Now, about the unequal opportunities.

The opposition may not produce the same impression on the Russian citizens, which can produce power. She has no possibilities. (In prison often use this simple and peremptory formula: “can I Borrow some tea?” — “I’m sorry, brother, no way!”)

The government is building a bridge across the Kerch Strait.

Except that the opposition can build a wooden bridge across the Creek near the village of N.

The power is connected the fourth line of the power bridge to the Crimea.

The opposition is nothing of the kind could not even dream.

The authorities sent fifty convoys with humanitarian aid to help the rebels Donbass. Tens of thousands of tons poured into Donbass, greetings from the Russian authorities.

Citizens, we collected money and clothes for Donbass, but we, with our capabilities, faded look on the background of the generous assistance of the Russian state. We do not have such opportunities.

What to do with the opposition?

To grow, to progress, to get rid of the dope, to treat people as to the arbitrator, and not be forced to teach him Western books.

Change of erring leaders of the opposition parties on more than smart and strong, and preferably with a clean reputation, to avoid been in power of the nobles. I’m talking about one of the cutest of the opposition parties.

Today, the opposition killed itself. Plus all forms of public protest made the government ineffective (laws, effectively banning public expression of protest). But it has happened, and the authorities should not delude ourselves. About a hundred years ago, the authorities have already drawn attention to the fact that it happens when legal and fluffy, the opposition reappeared in secret society of professional revolutionaries.

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