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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Turkey is bound to create its air defense system with the Armenian genocide

Turkey has again postponed the signing of a contract for the purchase of air defense/missile defense for almost $ 4 billion. Previously, Ankara has made its choice in favor of the Chinese counterparts of the s-300, and the NATO partners said that decision will be made on the basis of the position of Europe on the issue of the Armenian genocide. This requirement is recalled almost catastrophic disagreements between Turkey and the U.S. and the revival of regional powers.

Awesome and mysterious, when viewed from Europe, the event: NATO country links the creation of an independent air defense system/missile defense system with the rating of the tragedy a century ago by the European States are also NATO members. However, the serial position on the recognition of the genocide of the Armenian people of the countries concerned has only France. If the demand of Ankara directed against the French proposals for the tender for air defense, it shut-off requirement, since the proposal of the French-Italian consortium is not the first in the list, but just the second after Chinese.

“You only need to learn to count the turns of the historical identity of the Turks. Not to be mistaken, when talking about Kazan will go”

But the Turkish national consciousness is much more historical than the average European. For the Turks the realities not only of a century ago, and two hundred and three hundred years have not gone away, sometimes they define practical policy even more than the current state of things. From Paris and Brussels it is very difficult to understand how do not understand in Europe and the passion of the Turks to the printed word and the role have been driven underground dervish orders. Because the appeal of Ankara to the ideological arguments in economic matters does not seem quite so extravagant.

The requirement to map the position on the Armenian genocide with the profit from the contract for the supply of air defense systems – it is ideological, not political. The events of 1915 – a painful point is not so much the external image of Turkey, as its internal identity. Ankara’s struggle against recognition of the genocide is for the Turks almost the key point of identifying its own identification. No foreign policy of a regional power with historical understanding of their role (up to Egypt in the South and Hungary to the North) is impossible without moral Foundation. For example, Turkey for several decades, a deliberate program to restore the cultural and historical influence in the Balkans, Napier built by sultans-caliphs bridges, roads, palaces, baths and mosques. Along with the cultural influence gradually comes to both economic and political, but more precisely here the ideology of the new Turkish Renaissance, and not of pragmatics in its purest form. From the outside it really difficult to understand.

The European way of thinking suggests that it is uncomplicated way to put pressure on American and European companies. After all, the only argument in favor of the Chinese company – the low cost, the ratio “price/quality”. At first glance, this approach seems to be objective and pragmatic. China announced a lower price in the open tender – what more could you want? Second to finish came the French-Italian consortium Eurosam with its Aster 30 system. That is, if the deal with the Chinese will not take place, the contract will be concluded with European manufacturers. But to the European manufacturer, and presented asymmetrical ideological requirement.

Turkey since 2009, five times postponed the final date of the completion of the tender that it already looked strange. The deadline was 31 December last year, and the current postponement of the decision on April sixth. The chances American suppliers Raytheon and Lockheed Martin seem insignificant, and from the Turkish “special Committee” established for a decision on the deal, there were even leaks that Ankara is “ready to formalize the negotiations with the French-Italian consortium. But now, suddenly if the French government decides to hold a memorial event to mark the centenary of the genocide, Turkey would cross out the Europeans from the tender, and in their place by the Americans. But it is, by the word.

From a purely military point of view, it is an unexpected move. The country is a NATO member with the largest army in Europe and the middle East, with the territorial claims for all around builds its own system of air defense/missile defense long range, refusing the help of the military unit, which consists almost since inception. At the time, Turkey was kept on its territory missiles with nuclear warheads and was an active participant in even the Korean war, not to mention the other “integration” projects of NATO. In Brussels perceive the current behavior of Ankara as a clear threat to the cohesion of the unit, especially on the background of chronic kapriznaya Eastern Europe. And this led to the Turks by no means sluggish confrontation with Greece and not even the war in Syria, in which they are actively involved, namely the ideological position on the “new” independence and the founding of the country as a regional power with historical ambitions (which, incidentally, annoys not only the command of NATO, but Israel, which until relatively recently was considered a strategic ally of Ankara).

Meanwhile, U.S. and NATO commanders in the last couple of months a lot of effort and money is spent precisely on the strengthening of unity and vertical control. Within this now there is the new command centers in Eastern Europe, which are designed to eliminate inconsistencies in the management of local national armies, where not yet fully switched to the NATO standard weapons and strategic planning. And then suddenly the Chinese missiles. Thank you, that is not Russian, but Rosoboronexport was eliminated from the tender at the initial stage.

And it’s not just the missiles and launchers for them. It is also radar complex, and, as the missiles based on Russian technology and looks like a “chain Mail”. If all this is somehow integrated into the Turkish armed forces, they will get separate from NATO air defense systems long range. However, to put, for example, a Chinese software into the overall system of air defense will be, to put it mildly, uneasy. Not to mention the fact that the risk of occurrence of such a “hybrid” system viral technologies, is a threat to all of NATO. Chinese cyber espionage is now the number one fetish, more terrible than al Qaeda and Russian mafia. And then in the Holy of holies NATO air defense system/missile defense, long-range – will be introduced to some electronic gizmo with the words made in China, while other strategists are already equipped with Wi-Fi Chinese coffee makers suggest to be wary of.

NATO all last year seriously pressed on Turkey, arguing not financial losses for Western companies, but just that. Ankara repeatedly warned that if it is something China will buy, you will lose the possibilities of further cooperation with countries in the bloc not only in the military, but even in many civilian areas. And the U.S. Congress and is slashed with an axe by adopting a resolution according to which anyone who cooperates with Chinese manufacturers of missiles and radar systems, is deprived of the possibility of funding through any of the American funds.

Afraid not all. In cheap Chinese systems were still interested, and Pakistan and Thailand. Islamabad even started preliminary negotiations, but there is a General trend to gradually get rid of American dependence in armaments.

Defense Minister of Turkey Ismet Yilmaz in the end, finally explained that to be created jointly with China’s air defense system “will not be integrated” into the overall NATO system and the “decision not yet finally decided.” But the questions remained the same. If it is not integrated into the overall NATO air defense, as generally it will function, how it plans to interact with the system block, at what theater? Because the cross still have.

In the end, it is necessary to call a spade a spade. The Chinese system is a downgraded s-300, produced by obsolete technology and to maintain it, it will be necessary to cooperate not only with China but also with Russia as the primary source of technology. Yes, the Chinese missiles are flying, hit the target, the screen is still lit and colorful winks, but it’s still the technology is that cheap. And Turkey has enough available funds to not be greedy on the defensive and to let them buy more expensive, but the “brand”. An independent system of national defence is still not the Chinese tea to the country. In Turkish “special Committee”, the decision-maker on procurement, composed of such people that the element of corruption is eliminated completely. Therefore, the decision is still, for reasons ideological, conveniently coinciding with dumping proposal from Beijing. However, “price fixing” that facilitate the dominance of ideology, as times possible. The Soviet Union of all weapons by the ton gave, if only Marx and Lenin to the place quoted.

For Russia, by the way, the creation of an independent Turkey air defense system/missile defense system on the basis of Chinese poses no threat. The Chinese system is able to intercept ballistic missiles at ranges of from 15 to 25-30 kilometers (not to be confused with the range of the aircraft – up to 200 km) and, therefore, no relation to the Russian nuclear and missile programs are not, by definition. Rather, it is another indication of “disloyalty” Ankara imposed by the U.S. missile defense program in Eastern Europe. The Turkish system is really aimed at protecting the sky from, say, Iran, which is perceived as a potential enemy, and not distracted by something Russian.

In the near future, we have not once, not twice surprised to find the unconventional steps of Turkey on regional platform, due to purely ideological and historical reasons. While this is all well and aligned with Russian interests, ranging from the gas transaction and ending position in Ukraine. You only need to learn to count the turns of the historical identity of the Turks. Not to be mistaken, when talking about Kazan will go.

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