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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The new rector of GITIS: “I like the reputation of the conservative-conservative criticism”

In the Russian Academy of theatre arts, GITIS is known to all, — by order of the Minister of culture appointed acting rector (then it needs to be approved after the elections the scientific Council). Karina Melik-Pashaeva, former rector, retired by age, her place was not an actor or Director with the name, as is customary and known theatrical critic Grigory Zaslavsky. However, his candidacy will surely cause a storm in a critical environment, which does not want to live in peace: Gregory is in contrast with recently established by the Association of critics, the initiator of the reform of the theatre award “Golden mask”. Member of the public Council under the Ministry of culture and has always actively defended its position, even if it is at odds with the majority opinion.

From the file “MK”: “Grigory Zaslavsky in 1993 graduated from the theatre faculty of GITIS. Critic, journalist, presenter of “cultural enlightenment” radio commentator “Vesti FM”. Candidate of philological Sciences. In 2011 she defended her thesis on “becoming a hero on the example of the tragedy of Jacob Knyazhnin “Rosslav” (this is the first Russian play in which the hero says he’s Russian)”.

Explorer “MK” has reached new rector.

— Gregory, how suddenly, you had an offer to become the rector of GITIS? And when it happened?

It was over in 3-4 days, once quickly and unexpectedly. But, oddly enough, I wasn’t surprised. Maybe because I have lately been feeling the need for change in life. And this proposal seemed absurd though, but acceptable for me. I recently very much get to the theatre, think about the loss in the theatrical business. And such a possibility — to try to change something — seemed a happy chance.

The more I think about it, the more I think rightly so, that agreed. And it’s not that I’m afraid of coming in GITIS outsider, for example the Director of the Institute. Likhachev Arseny Mironov. Moreover, I see that the Ministry of culture no mood to lead in the field of outsider, and also know that the candidate for the role of the rector searched in GITIS Academy.

Critic, the journalist responsible for themselves, and the position of the rector requires a lesser degree of responsibility for a large team. Requires management experience.

— Responsibility I will learn. As for organizational works, I have some experience: about 10 years I headed the Department of culture in “Nezavisimaya Gazeta”, where he headed the information service at radio “Mayak-24”. I have experience in conflict resolution and reconciliation.

— In the professional theatrical community you’ve got a reputation, and making you rector your colleagues-the critics clearly do not like.

— Yes, you can say that I have a reputation as such a protective and conservative criticism. On the one hand, I find it funny to hear that, and with another — if to speak about educational process, I like this characterization. In the educational process, I believe, should not be revolutions, here the main thing — to preserve and pass on traditions that evolved over the years and even centuries. You know, I want to live that image.

— You presented the academic Council. What are the first steps you intend to do: reshuffle or maybe someone fired?

— I am not going to change, and even more to dismiss. I have been living by the principle to give people the maximum number of opportunities to show their best side. I do not consider myself an ideal candidate, but I think that I have the opportunity to benefit this institution. They’re taught by great masters, teachers I know, respect and appreciate.

I much of what I want to do, can explain, for example, know why you want to cancel the order issued some Pro-rector, he forbids the students to lie down in the corridor after class choreography. I can explain why rehearsals are to begin at 9am and why would you need a Smoking room. Here I was told that my predecessor — Karina G. Melik-Pashayev, left in the Desk for the man who will come after her…

— …The instruction manual?

— No, not the user manual, and documentation. She hands me GITIS in perfect condition I mean all the documentation — several months ago, she received accreditation — carried out repairs. She evicted some of the tenants from the Taganka, purchased new musical instruments.

— In the new history of GITIS has a dark and troubled page — the murder in 2000 of the rector Sergei Isayev and history with the new building of GITIS on Garibaldi street. The murder was solved? The issue has been resolved?

— With the new building, as far as I know, a lot of things solved, but still there are courts in the basement. As for the murder Isayev… it’s not solved. For the last three days I different responsible people were asking several times the question: why was killed Isaev? No answer, the cause is unknown. I only know that it was very expensive the killer shot five times in the dark in the window.

— Concrete-the material: about the salaries. They say that at night they are small.

I was told that they are great, but I taught at GITIS and know that they are more than modest. You have to understand that such staff, like accompanists, working with students from morning to evening and should receive a decent money. But you’ve got to understand. I think that in the early days I’m gonna sit with the accountant and will take in uninteresting, but to do it with interest.

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