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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The hysteria surrounding the “Eurovision” in Ukraine, Russia useful

The Deputy of the Turkish Parliament from the ruling party Shamil Tier reacted to the defeat of the Turkish club our team in the basketball Euroleague range “to shoot down another Russian plane”. And the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada Deputy Anton Gerashchenko promised that the Eurovision song contest-2017 will be allowed only one representative of Russia, which considers the annexation of Crimea to Russia a “crime”.

photo: Alex geldings

Gerashchenko and Tier — members of the secret brotherhood politicians, which meets periodically somewhere in the middle between Kiev and Ankara and is experiencing some particularly downhole experimental Smoking blends? For all the appeal of this explanation, it is too beautiful to be true. The truth is that, despite the official spells “sport and culture out of politics, sport and culture have always been, are and will be is the policy.

Two classic examples — one with a minus sign, the other with a plus sign. June 26, 1969 in the capital of Mexico in the qualifying round for the world Cup soccer match took place between the teams of El Salvador and Honduras. The previous two games between these teams the winner is not revealed, but it led to many bloody clashes between citizens of El Salvador and adored in Russia of the state of Honduras. This time El Salvador won 3:2, but their victory on the football field is not satisfied. First, this country severed diplomatic relations with Honduras, and then used against him in a military aircraft. The war lasted only a few days. However, it was sufficient for the death of about three thousand people.

After coming to power in China in 1949 the Communist party between Beijing and Washington in over two decades there was no official relations. But in 1971, during the Japan world Championship in table tennis one American player was late for training and missed the bus of his team. To the amazement of the American, on his bus ride courtesy of the Chinese players. This led to the official invitation for the entire American team to China. And next year, on the wave generated by this episode of good feelings in Beijing on a visit granted himself the then US President Richard Nixon.

So, under the moon in reality is nothing new — one only well forgotten old? That’s probably true. But how should we interpret that well-forgotten old, which we now faced? Immediately derive the brackets of the episode with the Turkish people’s representatives. Shamil Tier has already said that he was joking and really do not understand how someone could even take the joke seriously. The explanation, of course, himself — even the naughty fourth grade students come up with better excuses. However, let’s pretend that we have this explanation for granted and focus on the country, whose Deputy didn’t take back his words — in the Ukraine.

At first glance, the situation with Ukraine and the Eurovision song contest there are no special reasons for optimism. But have you paid attention to the fact that the phrase “at first sight” usually means: when a “second opinion” situation is perceived quite differently? It is the case in our present case. I see two causes for optimism.

Since the spring of 2014, already mentioned above, Anton Gerashchenko, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Oleksandr Turchynov, Andrei paruby and thousands of other Ukrainian politicians and propagandists in the daily regime has brainwashed its people, strongly producing in him a burning hatred for Russia. And this is the striking result of all these efforts: at the Eurovision song contest 2016 Ukrainian audience gave their 12 points to the representative of the country they are in theory supposed to hate Russia.

For me this fact is more than compensated for the fact that our country was not able to win the Eurovision song contest this year. Of course, these Ukrainian 12 points does not mean that on the other side of the Ukrainian border have already forgotten about the Crimea and the Donbass, and only crave of reason with us again to fraternize. Persistent rejection of Russia among a significant part of Ukrainian population is, to my deep regret, not a myth created by figures like Anton Gerashchenko.

A powerful anti-Russian sentiment in Ukraine — it is the reality we have to live many more years, even decades. 12 Ukrainian but these points clearly show that finally bridges between Russia and Ukraine have not yet burned. At some deep psychological level, the spiritual kinship between our two peoples is maintained. And this makes me insanely happy. Happy much more than I could please first place our Sergey Lazarev — forgive me, this is quite a decent singer.

And I was paradoxically very pleased with the above-mentioned statement by Anton Gerashchenko. And no, I’m not too hot in the sun and did not become a hidden supporter of Ukrainian nationalism. It’s much thinner. I believe that the more phantasmagoric ideas Gerashchenko and the like will pile on each other about Eurovision-2017, the better. These figures in fact dug a pit not for Russia. They dig a hole for themselves.

A couple of months ago I had a pretty Frank conversation with a prominent Western diplomat. Among other things, my interlocutor said, and this phrase: “the Annexation of Crimea by Russia has put an end to the romantic period in our relations.” It seems to me that the romance has disappeared from the relations between Russia and the European Union long before the spring of 2014. But that’s where romance is still clearly present in excess amounts, so it is in the Western perception of Ukraine.

Politicians and diplomats from EU countries in the mass, refuse to see that Ukraine, which really are. They stubbornly look at this country through rose-colored glasses. Westerners do not want to accept the fact that, in breaking the power of political expediency, long-term relations with Russia, the official Kiev is de facto committing economic suicide. Westerners stubbornly cling to the illusion that in Ukraine there is a democratic process and “the flourishing of civil society”.

They diligently do not notice that with the dissidents — dissidents in terms of relationships in Russia, all the rest in Kiev dissent have not really considered — in the Ukraine now being in the spirit of the most brutal dictatorships of Latin America in the second half of the twentieth century. Of course, the process of getting rid of the romantic veil in Europe is. But is slow — it is unacceptable now. Further scandals regarding the format of participation of Russia in the Eurovision song contest 2017 the process will accelerate. Will accelerate, perhaps not very much. But in this noble cause “any kopek-rouble”.

Will there be the representative of our country at the European contest in Kiev in 2017 is, from my deeply non-musical perspective, minor matters. But the fact that the organizers of Eurovision have to face with the Kiev “collective Gerashchenko” – it’s just wonderful. The fact that Ukrainian officials had to say about the format of participation of Russia in the Eurovision song contest-2017, in terms of European standards, is a complete nonsense.

And variants here only. Or Kiev “collective Gerashchenko” to bend under the pressure of the European officials. European officials will bend under the pressure of Kiev “collective Gerashchenko” that would mean their demonstrative moral defeat. In both case, Russia would be a moral win. That’s why I am convinced that the Eurovision 2016 won not only Ukraine.

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