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Friday, October 28, 2016

The first U.S. transplant of a penis was held successfully

64-year-old Bank employee Thomas manning became the first man who was implanted with the transplant of a penis in the United States. The operation was held in Boston. Previously, Manning had to be amputated male organ because of the threat of the disease. For transplantation were used the penis of a dead donor.

photo: pixabay.com

Thomas manning took the decision not to hide the fact that he will have surgery to people, who because of injury or any other reason, you will need similar assistance, knew that such a transplant is feasible, writes The Guardian.

The experts conducting the operation, the cost of which is estimated at 75 thousand dollars, claiming that he expected her with “cautious optimism”, as informed in the country penis transplant wasn’t carried out never. Training was conducted over three years, and as a result, as far as you can judge for yourself the experts, their work has been completed successfully. In the coming weeks, Americans should fully recover normal urination, and after a few months — and sexual function. In the hospital the same operation waits for another man, but at the moment not found a suitable donor organ. Subsequently, as suggested by physicians, such assistance will be provided to the victims in the fighting American soldiers.

Although U.S. transplantation of manhood was held for the first time, informed about the success of similar operations, said experts from China and South Africa, and South American patient subsequently was able to conceive a child.

In March of this year 44-year-old Briton Muhammad Abad, lost his penis and one of the testicles at the age of six, first to use bionic prosthesis in order to engage in a sexual act. Bionic penis is a structure of tubes and a tank with a special liquid, which can “pump” organ.

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