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Monday, March 19, 2018

Putin failed to learn how to run it “may decrees”

A meeting of the Commission on monitoring the “may” decrees of the President is not made clear in the way in which these decrees are executed in reality and whether there is at least some hope for the remaining year and a half to reach installed them in socio-economic indicators. Not to look a non-commissioned officer’s widow who flogged herself, the Ministers of the government of the Russian Federation, responsible for the occurrence of a “bright future”, he hastened to kill Vladimir Putin with a huge number of numbers from all possible areas – from demographics to housing. Truly important issues, including the level of salaries in the public sector, pension reform and debt of regions can not cope with the burden of the “may decrees”, has remained outside the public debate.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The “may” decrees adopted after the inauguration of Vladimir Putin in 2012 and recorded the main promises he made during the election campaign. In particular, they ordered the company to significantly increase productivity and share of investment to GDP, improve the quality of education and health services, and most importantly – to raise salaries in the public sector and the incomes of pensioners. These promises were given with the price of oil of $ 113 per barrel and amid forecasts of economic stability and sustained growth of incomes of budgets of all levels, including regional, which has been the basis of the implementation of the may decrees.

However, in the middle of last year the experts (and the chamber) has warned that things did not go as expected power. The economic situation in the country deteriorated, the subjects of the Federation, in the promotion outlined in the decree, the order had to go into debt. More than half of the regions the national debt by the end of 2015, 50% exceeded the level of our revenues, and in seven cases was higher than 100%. Agency Standard&Poor’s has predicted that the financial condition of regions will continue to deteriorate if the government in 2016 will not relieve them of the burden of implementation of the “may decrees”. “It is fraught with including in light of the approaching parliamentary elections, which will take place against the background of declining incomes”, – stated the experts.

However, Vladimir Putin, opening the Commission, said that the authorities ‘ strategy does not change and there are no exceptions for anyone will not be done. The tasks set in the decrees, he said, must be implemented throughout the country. “We have taken on a great responsibility to the citizens and to work today without reference to the complexity and external constraints,” he said.

In these words the most astute officials heard the soft reproach to sitting next to Dmitry Medvedev: last week the Prime Minister just said that the problems in the economy have complicated the implementation of the may decrees, and the ministries and departments have to adjust their plans in accordance with their respective capabilities. The government itself reported on the performance of 88% of the President’s instructions: was 218 — left 64. But Putin didn’t like it.

– The results should be judged not by the number of removed from control orders or the volume of the written reports that we have to do – chided the President, People must feel the real changes for the better.

That is for change, Putin, and with it the entire country, has decided to recall four speakers. Labor Minister Maxim Topilin said that the Russians were able to Express their opinion on the work poliklinnike, schools, kindergartens and libraries. Somewhere a system of independent evaluation covers 70% of representatives of social facilities, around 20%. But in General the task is done — decisions to improve the quality of service will be accepted taking into account wishes of citizens. Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova described the positive demographic statistics and progress of the program “Zemsky doctor”, which allowed to increase the number of health workers in rural areas. The head of the Ministry Alexander Men told about the first results of the licensing management companies in the housing sector(of course, also positive), and economy Minister Alexei Ulyukayev invited Putin to evaluate in practice the activity of one of the 2500 multifunction centres (MFCS), forcing journalists to think — and what kind of service could really take advantage of the President? May be, to issue a passport? Or hunting license? Because the maternity capital and the improvement of housing conditions is clearly not for the head of state.

Each of the officials traditionally have filled up the Board a huge number of digits, starting from lifespan and ending with the number of accidents in communal networks. But neither of the salaries of state employees (and they are in accordance with the may decrees of 2018 is expected to grow 1.4 to 1.5 times, or about the retirement income (pension size should be 2.3 the subsistence level), nor even about the debts of the regions in their reports is not even mentioned.

However, Vladimir Putin promised that the situation with labour remuneration in the budget sphere will be discussed at a meeting with members of governments.

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