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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Pamfilova “rebooted” Churov

The forum of public observers was held at the weekend in Moscow. The result of two days of discussions on issues of election monitoring in Russia and proposals for their solution, which the representatives of the nonprofit “Voice”, “Citizen observer”, “Sonar”, etc. will announce on Monday at a meeting of the Council for human rights. The same observers had planned to meet with the head of the CEC and convey to her their point of view, but to wait for the meeting had not: Ella Pamfilova herself unexpectedly arrived at the forum. “Guys, it was a bomb,” wrote then one of the participants, and in this opinion he was not alone.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The fact that none of the predecessors Pamfilova such activities community members have never visited. “It is difficult to imagine that the forum would come to Vladimir Churov”, — noted in conversation with “MK” co-Chairman of Association “the Voice” Grigory Melkonyants. With the previous leadership of the NDA have developed an uneasy relationship: Vladimir Churov repeatedly said that the Association cannot be considered independent, since it receives money from abroad, and in 2014, the information Department of the CEC issued a call for regional election commissions to prevent the plots of the representatives of NCOs — foreign agents. All this happened despite the fact that “the Voice” declined foreign funding in 2013 and even received presidential grants.

New CEC Chairwoman Ella Pamfilova called its task, on the contrary, the change of stereotypes of perception of observers. “We need to treat them as allies to ensure the elections”, — she explained.

Grigory Melkonyants told “MK” that the presence Pamfilova on the forum — it’s kind of a “reboot”. “First, it is a signal to observers that the CEC will be to interact with them, and secondly, the signal of lower election commissions that need to interact with the observers.” According to Melkonyants, the perception of observers as partners will increase interest in the elections.

Hope to facilitate the cooperation of the new composition of the CEC with the NGOs also expressed the head of the Commission for the election of the HRC Ilya shablinski — he also attended the forum. He explained “MK”, what to expect from CEC the issue of recommendations and explanations for lower commissions on a range of issues. Recently, the law introduced the rule that the removal of the observer from the site possible only by court order. “Most likely, the chairmen of the sections will say: you removed, go to court, when the court will make a decision, then come back,” he told “MK”. — We want the recommendations pointed out that before the court decision, the observer needs to stay in the area”.

Shablinsky also explained that will advocate for the simplification of accreditation of journalists in the elections. Under current law, the list of documents required for registration of a journalist consists of nine items.

“Such an extensive list of documents makes it difficult to check the journalist in the elections, — said the “MK” shablinski. — We want to prove that the contract with the journalist may be concluded in oral form, you don’t need the work book, certified by the editor” (such proposals, the CEC has already expressed at the meeting on may 11. — Ed.).

According to Shalinskogo, so far it seems that ahead of the effective interaction of public associations with CEC. What’s next — we’ll see.

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