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Thursday, March 15, 2018

NATO intelligence has intensified in the Northern borders of Russia

On Monday it became known about the next flight of the reconnaissance aircraft of NATO along Russia’s borders. While in the past such cases have been recorded mostly over the Black sea and the Baltic sea, now appears the Murmansk area. Military analysts remind about the risk of confrontation in the Arctic.

The road to the North

“Well, they want to demonstrate their power, let fly, let, as they say, wasting your fuel”

Strategic reconnaissance aircraft RC-135 of the U.S. air force, departed on Monday from the British airbase “Mildenhall”, is sent to the coast of the Murmansk region. The scout flies on a mission to the Russian border, accompanied by a tanker aircraft. The total duration of the flight considering flight refueling will be 12 hours, of which seven hours it will be above the water area of the Barents sea, reports “Interfax”.

In recent days, came a whole string of these messages.

On Sunday, military transport reconnaissance aircraft RC-135V US air force approached the coast of the Kaliningrad region.

May 13 reconnaissance aircraft number and call sign 62-4131 TANGY18 also close to the borders of the Kaliningrad region.

May 10, to the coast of the Kaliningrad region with the next mission flew strategic reconnaissance aircraft the U.S. air force.

On 29 April a Russian su-27 flew by in dangerous proximity from the American RC-135 over the Baltic sea. The incident occurred in international airspace. As noted, the Russian pilots performed a maneuver of aerobatics.

On 28 April it was reported that Russian fighter-interceptor MiG-31 caught near Kamchatka and accompanied at a distance of 15 m reconnaissance plane of the U.S. Navy P-8 “Poseidon”.

A similar incident occurred April 14, when su-27 Russian space forces intercepted over the Baltic American reconnaissance plane RC-135 and fulfilled over him aerobatics – barrel roll. In Moscow explained that the scout was flying towards Russia.

“Attempts to demonize Russia”

“I don’t think they are the first time there flew (over the Barents sea). We all just lately began to pay more attention to it, more to write after the interception began to fly our fighters. By the way, unfortunately, our media get their information about such cases from the Russian Ministry of defense, and from the reports of foreign Newspapers,” – said the newspaper VIEW military expert Viktor Litovkin.

In General he does not see the actions of NATO members something dangerous: “Well, they want to demonstrate their power, let fly, let, as they say, spend your kerosene. On the other hand, we too are watching them. So everything is fine: they’re doing their job, and we have ours”.

Litovkin also commented on the “unprofessional intercept, which Russian fighter jets allegedly creating the threat of NATO air and naval forces. “All these attempts to demonise Russia or lead to nothing, – he said. And complaints of “unprofessional intercept” not worth a damn. Interceptions are performed by our highly professional pilots and very good fighters.”

Litovkin added that the military “competition” between the two powers was before, but now it’s coming out in a public plane.

With regard to surveillance of the Russian military in the North, in the Barents sea (previously NATO was active mainly over the Baltic and Black seas), the expert also does not see the new: “This is not the first such situation. Suffice it to say that in our combat training ranges in the Barents sea constantly monitors the Norwegian intelligence ship “Marjata”. Also in this region there are submarines NATO. “The current flight of the same series,” concluded Litovkin.

“They gently sting us in “underbelly”

Associate Professor of political science and sociology REM them. Plekhanov Alexander Perendzhiev has associated the recent reconnaissance flights by NATO aircraft from “the normal situation, when they watch us, we watch them”.

“Why is now the border of the Murmansk region, the Barents sea? Because it soon will primarily focus on the battle for the Arctic. The fact that they gently sting us in the “underbelly” of the West, in Ukraine – it’s flowers. This does not mean that the direction of the main blow will be there, it’s just pulling our resources to eventually go to an open confrontation in the Northern region,” he said.

Perendzhiev recalls that this reconnaissance flight over the Barents sea. “In these waters all my life the observation was conducted. Let us remember the sunken “Kursk” still me till the end, it is unclear what happened to him and could a boat with someone to face”, – he stressed.

“The official position of the Russian defense Ministry about these cases is: do not want you being intercepted, do not fly close to Russia’s borders, or at least enable the transponder to not need every time to raise to the sky fighters to intercept unidentified potentially dangerous object”, – concluded the expert.

We will add that on Thursday at the former air base at Deveselu in southern Romania, earned the first object of a missile defense system of NATO in Eastern Europe. And on Friday, NATO members began the construction of another such complex in Poland.

Interviewed by the newspaper VIEW, experts do not directly link the missile defense system in Romania and Poland with intelligence work in the Barents sea. But the confrontation between Russia and NATO last few years is not disputed, it is obvious.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov stated that NATO’s actions concern not only Moscow, but also its immediate neighbors: “both Russia And Belarus are not supporters of such a confrontational line,” he said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday that the installation of US missile defense system in Poland is a violation of the INF Treaty and could be used to place missiles and medium-range.

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