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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

NATO acknowledged the supremacy of Russia in Eastern Europe in case of war

In the event of a military conflict between NATO and Russia the Alliance at first will be not able to give adequate resistance, as in Eastern Europe at the military-political bloc is not strong enough.

photo: Ignat Kalinin

The number of rapid reaction force does not exceed five thousand people and they are too vulnerable in case of their deployment in Poland and the Baltics to counter Russian aggression”, reported The Financial Times, senior sources in the Alliance.

NATO said that the deployment of the Russian forces in the Kaliningrad region will lead to the fact that the rapid response of the Alliance would have defeated before they will be deployed to the East of the German border.

The sources pointed out the presence of Moscow anti-aircraft anti-ship missiles, sea-and land-based, as well as combat aircraft in the Kaliningrad region and other regions that are able to cover huge areas.

In this context, NATO will have to keep on the Eastern borders of a large number of troops. The first step in this direction could be the deployment of four battalions in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland. A decision may be taken in July at the Alliance’s summit in Warsaw.

Note that last week in Romania took place the solemn opening of the American ground-based ballistic missile defense system (NMD) “aegis”, which caused irritation in the higher echelons of power in Russia.

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