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Monday, March 19, 2018

Latvia finally gave up the Kalashnikov assault rifle

Ministry of internal Affairs of Latvia stated that definitively breaks with the Soviet past and refuses Kalashnikov rifles and Makarov pistols, which still stood there armed. Instead, the Latvian police will receive the weapons, corresponding to NATO standards – pistol-machine guns MP5 and Glock pistols. Such re-equipment will cost the Latvian budget of €4.8 million, but the ideologically correct weapons here decided not to save, despite the fact that martial characteristics, it has already felt, the Latvian military is much inferior to the usual Russian model.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

Together with the Latvian police re need and the Latvian frontier, which in the event of armed conflict becomes the main reserve of the army of Latvia, which means as well as the National armed forces is simply obliged to conform to NATO standards.

According to the report of the report of the Latvian Ministry of interior, state of the police gun will now become the model Glock (Austria), the purchase of which will require a €3.98 million €0.9 million will have to allocate for the gun-machine guns with a folding stock MP5 (Germany).

I will remind, Latvia became a NATO member in 2004, but its law enforcement agencies and border service until now still use old Soviet weapons. However, the Latvian army in the late 90’s, even before joining NATO, but under the pretext of compliance with NATO standards, has begun to rearm on Western models. Moreover, this re was associated with many curiosities.

Initially, the Latvian military decided to replace the Russian “Kalashnikov” rifle of the Swedish AK-4. Apparently by coincidence, at the same time the Swedes have purchased for themselves, as they thought, more than a new rifle, the AK-5, so its junk im not sorry to share with future brothers-in-arms — the Latvian military.

But, as it turned out, although the rifle AK-5 at the time and was a novelty for the Swedes, actually it was just a modernized version of the old German G-3 rifles, standing on the arms of Germany already since 1959. The German military did not suit her combat performance, as a result, they rejected it and after some modernisation in a variant of the AK-4 was sold to the Swedes.

For myself to replace the G-3 in the 90 years the Germans have created a new sample — G36 assault rifle, which soon entered service with the Bundeswehr. G36 was widely advertised as one of the best in the world. Marketing efforts — numerous of the video games, kinoboeviki, where super-heroes fired from her right and left — did their job: G36 assault rifle for the army and police forces purchased about 30 countries. Including in 2006, bought it and Latvia than, of course, was very proud of.

However, it soon became a nuisance, it turned out that this rifle is advertised it is impossible to fight: made of very fragile plastic, after a few shots it need to be cleaned. But most importantly during intensive firing the G36 was heated like a stove, which, after shooting a couple of shops along the rifle could jam the cartridge. Besides, initially the developers stated about the effective firing range to 800 meters, and in fact, in goal it was difficult to get already after 100-200 meters.

In short, in Germany for this reason, a scandal erupted, had to conduct additional testing of the G36, after which the German defence Minister had to admit that “this machine due to its design, there is no future in the Bundeswehr”.

But it turned out that a wonderful future for the G36 assault rifle is in Latvia. After all, this country is now a full-fledged member of NATO, and in service it has not only some Swedish junk, like a rifle, AK-4, and take the above — the old American: the M-14 rifle, which in the States was used in the 1950-60 years. And, of course, for either military depots, nor the military budget of this Baltic country could not become a burden to the party-nobody needs another German rifles. Because the Latvian government decided to buy the G36 not only for its military, but also for border guards.

Well, we wish the Latvian Riflemen to aim more precisely “the Apple”. For Russia it is, in General, very well. In any case, such a defense strategy proves once again that despite the constant intimidation of its own population, the Russian military threat, Latvia itself at war with us not going.

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