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Friday, March 16, 2018

Jodie foster: Now in Hollywood are worse than ever

Even exchanging sixth decade, she still attracts men’s attention, even though she is a couple of years ago legalized relationship with a woman. Her smile lives in the same mysterious, as in the iconic “Silence of the lambs”, made it famous all over the world and which brought a second Oscar. Started acting in three years, from the actress she is, having achieved success, has grown into a Director who has managed to break stereotypes about the role of women in the film industry. At the 69th Cannes film festival, which is taking place these days on the French Riviera, she presented her new film “Financial monster” (which involves neither more nor less George Clooney and Julia Roberts), and the closed chamber after the meeting on the Cote d’azur shared memories of his almost half-century career and the difficulties she faced during this time.

photo: youtube.com

Jodie, it is estimated that women took just 9 percent of all movies last year, and U.S. Federal Agency even checks the charge of discrimination of women Directors in Hollywood. Many Actresses — such as Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence complain about the pay differences of women and men in the movies. Only one of the blockbusters of this year, a woman plays a major role. So what happens in Hollywood?

— I’m in the film industry for 50 years. In my youth, I’ve seen women only as assistants on the test scenario, gamers and fellow Actresses portraying my moms. At that time the set was full of depressed men with problems. That all changed when at the shooting area made women. Women brought their daughters, sons. The atmosphere was more family. The only thing that hasn’t changed is directing films for a mass audience. Positive developments are very slow, especially on large film studios, where they filmed blockbusters. In European countries there have always been women Directors. Only America was the last in the mainstream trends.

— Maybe men are just afraid of losing their jobs if in large quantities will allow women in cinema?

— Yes, guide studios just afraid, that’s all. I think this period in Hollywood history — the negative with respect to the preparedness to take risks. These periods were before, but now so much has changed in terms of economy, technology and the organization of the studios that women were in the category of highest risk. Now in Hollywood filming an expensive kinoserialov-militants and so-called walkers (big budget films, film companies compensate for the cost of less profitable films. — Approx. ed.). And it’s bad for women, because it is no longer removable romantic Comedy or a mainstream drama involving women Directors. Another difficulty is that the spectators continue to buy tickets to see these fine men, heroes in the movie. However, much can change. Each film is like a new invention. We don’t Shoe factory, which for years produces the same shoes. The rules need to change. Dialogues need to be the most difficult to really touch on the crucial problem. And these problems very much.

— What exactly would you like to change as a Director?

— Now the Studio are making a huge bet on new technologies and art forms, directing major resources to wide-format projects about superheroes with lots of special effects. It’s like betting in a casino, but this is a dangerous game for all. Nobody knows whether a film successful at the box office. However, such tapes are changing the habits of people who go to the cinema. Now they see one type of film, which you get used to, and did not expect anything else. All other types of movies being marginalized. Honestly, I don’t know where it will lead. Maybe all will be well.

— What does this mean for you? Because you make films that no one else does?

— You need to be as flexible as possible. You need to convey your story to the audience through any technology. If you can do it on the big screen is great. Using smartphones great. You are keeping pace with the times, adapt to what is happening, and your product has value to the consumer.

— Let’s return to your career. You became an actress in three years. When you realize that you can make a career on the other side of the camera making movies? What attracted you to this profession? Because you have not been examples of women working in this case?

Yeah, I didn’t know any women Directors. But I knew one actor who became a Director, and felt that I also want to do it. I was raised by a single mother, and although I have always said that women Directors are very few, I decided to become one of them. I had my reasons, and I did it.

— Quite amazing that you starred in only one female Director — Mary Lambert in the film “Siesta” in 1987. What attracted you to this project: what you’ll be working with a woman, or material?

— When you’re young you first get acquainted with the script, and then watch who will be the Director. I wasn’t trying to avoid Directors-women, all depended on the script. I starred in the film Mary, and it was a wonderful experience. Mary has a very strong visual perception that was felt throughout the cinema. She was a very experienced Director and was removed by the time lots of videos. And yet… I was 23-24 years old, I behaved badly and someone had to force me to change my behavior on the set.

— What have you done?

“I won’t tell you, but Marie took me to the side, as would a good parent, and said, “You can’t do that, it’s disrespectful, you’re forced to wait for a lot of people.” It was very unpleasant. At that age, I really heard it, the more I never did and was always grateful that the Director talked to me as a person. In my life there were other Directors, already men, which also was sensitive to me and acted like parents. But the most effective parenting provide Directors were women.

— A good Director can simultaneously play the role of a good parent?

— Yes, I think so. We are talking about leadership style. Our leadership skills inherited from their mothers and depend on the upbringing, culture, from, what school we went to. Therefore, women have a different leadership style, depending on the origin and upbringing. Sometimes I bring the people into confusion, being very direct in communication. I can not stand when I’m being attacked, she can on someone you want to mess with. When people bully someone, expect retaliation or fear them. Not in my nature to do neither one nor the other. And this leads people into confusion.

— But if it’s acting man, it does not lead to confusion. We see all the time that men just say what they want — and people listen and follow their instructions. But in women it does not pass.

— That’s it. Then there comes a time when people on the ground check that they can get away with and what is not, and how you will behave next. Men often confuse women who do not follow traditional roles in the conflict. However, all they need is to communicate more with these women. They just are stuck in traditional models of behavior, but I want to avoid them. However, they don’t have enough experience with women to do this.

— The irony of the situation is that soon Hillary Clinton will be a candidate for the presidency of the United States. And Hollywood still has not solved the problem of Directors-women. But if a woman can become President, why not let her make a movie?

Producers know that if you hire a woman as a Director of your film, you hire someone who will replace you as leader. The vision of the film will be one hundred percent her, whatever you do, do you agree with this or not. There are two options: to accept it or to exert pressure. If this is the first directorial experience, the situation is tense. It seems that there are good ideas, tenacity, but as soon as the shooting starts, all your assumptions disappear and there is a lot of problems, which you didn’t expect. I knew one Director, a very smart guy who spent the whole time in the bathroom, calling to his wife. This should not make a movie. Sometimes Director, sometimes actor, and then somebody has to replace him when he is removed. And you have no idea when this might happen. These are the problems I see beginners. Maybe both. I once starred in a very famous Director who was a terrible bore, don’t remember the names of the actors, and the film turned out excellent. Such things are impossible to predict. So if I was the producer and the agent brought me a Director, which I would have to pay 5 or even $ 100 million, I would have chosen the most promising, in which you can make a bet not to commit the cardinal mistake.

The first role. A scene from the movie “Taxi driver.”

— Do you think that we need special courses for those who are trying to break into the film industry, which could teach women to achieve success?

It is a good idea, especially for Directors. The only people on set who know my intent is cameraman and actor. The rest are in the dark. You need to explain to them what is happening, involve them in the process. Courses would be very useful, although I never finished anything. For women also important comfortable atmosphere and a sense of belonging.

— Why many projects run by women, mostly shifted to the TV? Why do women have more opportunities on the small screen both behind and in front of the camera?

TV is traditionally more open to women, because from a financial point of view, it is less risk. And when the risk is lower, people are more willing to go for it. Today TV — provider of real stories that have meaning for the viewer. It is psychologically easier to say that you have an amazing female Director, who is making family movies and movies about the real issues.

— So it was your TV series “Orange is the new black” on sexual minorities. This topic was never raised on TV and never been so transparent.

— Yes, I was lucky.

— A television history more interesting now, than of the story?

— They are not interesting, but more meaningful.

— As a mother of two boys, how do you combine career and parenting?

“I’m lucky. Being a star of A-list, I had the wonderful opportunity of choosing a role. Sometimes between roles as the years passed by or I agreed to the projects in new York or Los Angeles, where someone could be my family. I could withdraw every three years. To be an actress I was much easier than Director. When the children were young, I did not take off, although some of my fellow filmmakers succeeded. I chose to wait 12 years, until the sons grew up. Maybe I was detained and that I psychologically didn’t want to part with their children. Yes, we have to make a difficult choice. Men had to do it throughout the history of cinema. They barely saw their children. I saw how much that hurt me. These were men of the technical staff, when I was a child that spent 6 months on the filming and did not see their children.

— What attracted you to the script “Financial monster”?

— This is a film for a mass audience, and at the same time, there are interesting characters. Most of all I was attracted to this story the relationship of three characters-men who are struggling with a heavy feeling that they are losers, and trying to find themselves in the world of money and Finance.

One of them is George Clooney, who plays a financial guru who gives advice on how to get rich on television. But there is also the heroine producer in the performance of Julia Roberts. You wanted her image was deeper?

— Her image was quite well written, but I really always want to shoot in the style of auteur cinema, where the characters dominate the plot. The heroine Julia is shown as the most appropriate person in an emergency situation, which is particularly evident in shots where she is in touch with the hero and Clooney is trying to control the situation. She did it better than the police. It simultaneously performs several tasks. It wasn’t in the initial scenario, but it happened during the filming. We create deeper characters because women take off is better. We do not charge a flat, one-dimensional characters.

— What would you say to people who believe that the audience does not want to watch movies about women?

— I know these people. They have no choice, because, firstly, I’m a woman, and secondly, we are 50 percent of the population (the assertion is very controversial. — Approx. ed.). I make films about women, about men, about children. I don’t know why someone uninteresting half of the world’s population.

— Why you never shoot a sequel to his films?

— I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I don’t think anyone wants to watch them.

— You would like to correct something in the past?

— Very much, but I’m not obsessed like regret. I don’t care about movies, I’m more worried about hairstyles.

— For what?

For example in “the Accused”. Had to give her more attention.

— If you have enough time and energy on just one activity, what would you choose — to make movies or be an activist of the feminist movement?

— You need to be yourself. Some people are more suited to social work, and the other active classes such as photography. I’m only interested in shooting, but if my name is to speak, I’m talking mainly about the movie. You just need to do their job even in the toughest conditions.

— Before Hollywood filmed great movies with women in lead roles. They were complex characters, often they were separated, but the movies were very successful. Why not now?

— You know, when I was a kid, I was told that for 40 years I won’t be able to do it anymore. So I tried to work as much as possible. But with me this did not happen. I know that when you’re forty, starts a decline, difficulties arise which are not know men who are over forty. World writers is a very strange place. There are more women than men. Same with producers. Many of them women, but they are in no hurry to help representatives of their sex. I can assure you that there are a lot of scenarios about divorced women, but they do not reach the shots. This is the place where art and Commerce, Commerce wins.

— How does the fact that you are a woman, the choice of script and shooting themselves?

— Everything that makes creative people, is determined by the culture in which they grew up, parents, relations. And it affects everything: the choice of the light, shooting angle, the instructions to the actors. My interest in heroic men, may be due to the male side of my personality.

— How do you distinguish male from female side?

— No way. I have two boys, I work with forty boys, the producers, and I really like it. There are a lot of stereotypes, which, in the opinion of the women, they must comply with. I used to imagine himself as various characters. It seems to me, must be done by all the Directors. Directors-all men-are turning to the same source of motivation heroines — violence. Why she had her eyes on a wet place? She had been raped. Why she doesn’t get along with the boss? She was raped, and he found out about it. This is just ridiculous! The behavior of the heroines are always motivated by violence. Men believed that you can not pass by such dramatic events and do not use it in the film. They were not interested in complex emotions, it was not interesting what happens in the mind of the heroine. They couldn’t put myself in her place and think of any other motivation, such as the rivalry with the mother. So I would argue that Directors need to be great parents. Parents can understand what is going on in the mind of their children. And women — genetically — that is easier to do.



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