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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Germany is fighting off blackmail Turkey, “moral cudgel”

Germany seems to have found counterplay in response to the ongoing blackmail of the President of Turkey about refugees and visa-free regime with the EU. The German Parliament is preparing to make a gesture, which is extremely angered Ankara to recognize the Armenian genocide. “Berlin shows who’s boss”, commented the analysts.

According to the newspaper Financial Times, the German Bundestag is going to recognize the term “genocide” in relation to the mass killings of Armenians during the First world war in the territories controlled by the Ottoman authorities, and to formally condemn these actions. The vote is scheduled for June 2.

“To keep at least some balance in its relations with Turkey and to create a kind of “moral cudgel”, Berlin went on such a step”

According to the newspaper, the initiative for the recognition of the 1915 genocide can not only hit by Chancellor Angela Merkel, but to anger the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which in turn threatens to derail the deal between Ankara and Brussels on migration crisis.

As explained in comments the newspaper VIEW Director of the German-Russian forum, German political scientist Alexander Rahr, the initiator of the resolution is the opposition green Party, which supported the ruling CDU-CSU. One of the authors of the initiative, leader of the green Party CEM Ozdemir, the son of a Turkish immigrant Circassian origin, author of several works on the situation of the Turkish community in Germany) allows for the emergence of problems in relations with Ankara, “but the Bundestag is not going to be blackmailed to such a despot as Mr. Erdogan”. According to him, after the adoption of the resolution, “Turkey will be much harder to deny the Armenian genocide any longer.”

In turn, the leader of the parliamentary faction of the Social democratic party of Germany (SPD) Thomas Opperman recalled the “special historical responsibility” of Germany as a former ally of the Ottoman Empire.

“The actions of the Turks was called “massacre”, not “genocide”

In 2005, the Bundestag unanimously adopted a resolution on the commemoration of Armenians on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the massacre. However in that document the events of the last century in Ottoman Turkey was not characterized by the term “genocide”, therefore the resolution has not caused complications in the relations between the two countries.

Last year, in the hundredth anniversary of the Armenian genocide, the German Bundestag held a heated debate on this issue. The Merkel government managed to fend off the initiatives of the opposition green Party and to remove from the agenda the thorny issue in Germany, where about 4 million people of Turkish origin.

“The German Parliament has already adopted resolutions in relation to the events in the Ottoman Empire in 1915, but did not sound the word “genocide”, the actions of the Turks was called “massacre”, – says Alexander Rahr. Today’s resolution contains the term “genocide” and, and it will probably be accepted”, – said the analyst.

As mentioned above, the initiative was supported not only by the representatives of the CDU – the party of Angela Merkel, but also the social Democrats. This means that, in the case of support of the SPD parliamentary group in the Bundestag, resolution likely to be adopted. Deputies do not hide the scepticism towards cooperation with Turkey. In the Bundestag unhappy, as developed in “the case of Bemelman”- the TV presenter, speaking with a provocative satire on Turkish President.

“To create at least some balance”

The meaning of the resolution is that the German leadership realizes that he will have to follow the tastes of Turkey on some issues. Erdogan demands a visa-free regime, a lot of money from the EU because it will keep the border closed and will not allow the refugees pour into Europe.

On visa-free regime remains a lot of questions.. German politicians insist that Turkey must first comply with all the clauses of the agreement, including the reform of anti-terrorism legislation, and only then the visa will be cancelled. In turn, Erdogan threatened to re-open the Turkish border for refugees on their way to Greece if the decision of the question will be delayed.

But in order to maintain some balance in relations with Turkey and to create a kind of “moral cudgel”, Berlin went to such a step as the adoption of the resolution, which happened to Armenians in 1915 is referred to by the term “genocide” – said Alexander Rahr.

Rahr stresses that Berlin shows who’s boss and that the ball is ruled by, certainly not the Turks. “The Bundestag is affected by the resolution on the policy and behavior of Turkey. I’m sure this resolution will pass and will be adopted by a majority of German MPs. Germany will have a serious moral pressure on Ankara”, – concluded the expert.

Trap for Erdogan

Director of the research Center “the middle East-the Caucasus, Turkey specialist Stanislav Tarasov said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW that the German resolution would be a terrible blow not only for Turkey but also for Azerbaijan, which for some reason always saw Germany on its side in the conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh.

“It’s a European trap for Erdogan. The Germans promised to introduce a visa-free regime for Turkey, should Ankara block the flow of refugees. Moreover, Brussels has put forward five conditions for Erdogan which is, frankly, impossible for him. In a word, is between Turkey and the EU is a complex political struggle. The Germans are tired of Erdogan and his demands and blackmail”, – said the analyst.

The source noted that Germany and other leading European countries are not going to accept Turkey in the EU and trying to balance the pressure, which is having Erdogan on the entire European continent. “Erdogan puts pressure on the EU, using its channels and opportunities. Europe in the person of its leader, Germany puts pressure on Erdogan and Turkey, using its” – said Tarasov.

Along with this, Erdogan finally became completely shake hands with the man among the world leaders in the EU and in the West. “Turkey’s reaction is bound to be. Turkey finally distanced himself from the EU. Erdogan leads his country to a geopolitical disaster. Erdogan began to use in Europe including Russia, the term “onlar”, which means “they”. It is obvious that the West reacts”, – concluded the expert.

Tarasov also noted that this resolution also will hit Azerbaijan. “Germany is now the Chairman of the OSCE. On Monday, a meeting of the presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan. Baku for a long time hoped for Berlin in the issue of Nagorno-Karabakh. Now all these hopes have become meaningless,” concluded the source.

Increased recognition

According to the Armenian and European, including German, researchers, during the genocide of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire in 1915-1918 killed up to 1.5 million people, more than 800 thousand have become refugees.

Armenia insists on the recognition by the world community of the Armenian genocide in the Ottoman Empire. Turkey traditionally rejects the accusations, claiming that the victims of the tragedy of 1915 were Armenians and the Turks.

The fact of the Armenian genocide in Ottoman Turkey, the first in 1965, acknowledged Uruguay, and then about 20 States, including Russia, Canada, France, UK, Brazil, Argentina, Australia. The genocide was also recognized by Vatican, the European Parliament and the world Council of churches. Of the 50 States of the United States officially condemned the genocide of only 42, the US Federal government does not recognize the genocide.

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