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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Dorenko suggested to burn his books in the centre of Tallinn

Chief editor of radio station “Moscow speaking” Sergei Dorenko commented on own radio the possible removal of their books from Estonian shops. He said that applauded this decision and suggested ways for further developments.

photo: Sergei Ivanov

The conflict arose after the Estonian book stores Apollo and Rahva Raamat” was a RAID of a local “Congress of Ukrainians” in search of publications that “offend the dignity of the Ukrainian people and the honor of the Ukrainian state”.

In a list compiled by community activists included not only the book Dorenko “Russia, rise up! Riot Defrocked”, but also the works of Yevgeny Satanovsky, Eduard Limonov, Nikolai Starikov, Alexander Dugin and Dmitry Rogozin.

Read about the banning of these books in Ukraine.

In the end, according to “Moscow speaking”, part of the books was withdrawn from sale, it does not specify whether the injured circulation Dorenko.

He himself, however, claims that his book also fell under the exemption, but noted that glad. From his point of view, this incident is kind of advertising, brings happiness to Ukrainians, and Estonians allows “to prove their Europeanness”.

At the same Dorenko believes that his “Rebellion Defrocked” (a pseudonym of the journalist in the Network — ed.) does not offend people, and in the book he only “says the deconstruction of the Ukrainian state”, which is held by the Ukrainians themselves.

Note that in the Preface to the text Dorenko expressed support for the “Russian world”, about the inhabitants of the South-East of Ukraine refused to support the breakaway Republic, speaks as of “dark hamlet with the population consciousness”, accusing him of unwillingness to make history, and calls for “attack America”, even “symbolically”.

Commenting on the seizure of his books, Dorenko suggested that the citizens of Estonia to burn the circulation on the Central square of Tallinn to the happiness of all Estonians, Ukrainians, and me (again — ed.)”.

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