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Friday, March 23, 2018

Daytime sleep was fraught with the development of hypertension

American experts from the Mayo clinic in Minnesota, and urged people to ignore the opportunity to sleep for a few hours after lunch, no matter how attractive a chance like this sometimes never seem. According to experts, the NAP can lead to hypertension, and as a result, a number of cardiovascular diseases and other problems.

photo: pixabay.com

The scientists collected and compared data of nine previously conducted studies, which together have received more than 112 thousand people. As it turned out, people who slept during the day, with marginally higher probability (by 13-19%) suffered from hypertension, high blood pressure. At the same time those people who worked the night shift and whose “main” dream I had on the day, the relationship between short nocturnal sleep and changes in blood pressure were observed, writes The Telegraph.

Experts say that for a more accurate understanding of the role and consequences of NAP it is necessary to conduct a number of additional studies — in particular, to check whether the effect of sleep duration, as well as diet, level of athletic training and the health status of the person. It is also worth noting that the experts did not revealed only the relationship between hypertension and NAP time, so we cannot exclude the possibility that daytime sleep is not conducive to the development of hypertension, and people suffering from hypertension, are more likely to sleep during the day.

As the authors of the study, hypertension can be a cause of other health problems, including heart and kidney. Their results, scientists reported at the annual conference of the American society for the study of hypertension.

Earlier in another study, a group of scientists from Harvard medical school concluded that women who worked night shifts more than three times per month for five years, significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, however, further transition to a more normal schedule normalizes the situation.

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